My Experience as a Call Center Agent


Hello GAG this is my first mytake in a month or so. So I wanna tell you about my job.I am a call center agent for a wireless service company,. I started on June 26th and spent 4 weeks in the classroom, and last week was my first taste of the phones. So I want to tell you some things I have learned my first week on the phones.

1. Your Tone Matters

If you speak too high pitched, too mousy, or monotone it can throw people off.. I have to learn to keep my tone down some because I do have a excitable tone, which unfortunaely can throw some people off. Even if you dont mean it to sound how you make it sound the customers are going to percieve it by how your tone is.

2. Dont take it personal

Sometimes we get rather upset callers, and sometimes I do get anxious or panic when I feel the customer is upset. But i remember that its not me they are mad at or my fault, Its just the situation

whether its a high bill or data charges.

3. You get to talk to all kinds of different people

Where I am at we get calls from about every state just about, and people travelling international all over. Most people are friendly and love it when you ask them about their day over the call you can build a good rapport with the customer.

4. Keep it Simple

When explaning situations I have learned to keep it simple and not use insider lingo or hard words and explanations. keep it simple

This is just a brief summary of 4 things I learned my first month on the job.

My Experience as a Call Center Agent
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