How Working in a call center is like "Monsters Inc."

How Working in a call center is like

As I may have mentioned earlier I am a call center representative for a major wireless company In the US. Over my last 7 weeks at the job I have noticed a lot of similarities to the movie Monsters Inc. Of course there's no monsters working there,but this my take will explain how a Disney movie can relate to the real life work world.

1. The calls we receive are like the doors on the Scare Floor:

In the movie Mike,Sulley,Randall, or any of the monsters never know what lies beyond the door of the kid they are trying to scare. In the call center world we never know what kind of call we are going to get from one minute to another. It could be a bill error,a payment, adding a new line of service, Or a tech support call.

2.Agents and teams always compete against each other for rankings and sales Just like Randall and Sulley compete for top ranks:

Agents try to sell as well as give good customer service. We are ranked like the Monsters are ranked in how we do.

3.Even the best training will not fully prepare you for the real thing:

In the movie the monsters are trained in a simulation room and at Monsters University on working at Monsters Inc. However sometimes the simulations and classes don't go over all the details. But do understand that they are only given so much time to train workers.

Monsters Inc is just a movie, but it really does tell some truth about the everyday work life and scenarios. Especially working in a factory or call center.



How Working in a call center is like "Monsters Inc."
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