What it's like working in a pharmacy right now!

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I'm a pharmacy assistant and can tell you that the last three weeks we have been flat out because of people panic buying. We've gone from filling 300 to over 500 scripts a day. My Co workers are getting so stressed they are either having panic attacks or snapping at each other.

All brands of paracetamol, vitamin C, zinc, any kind of immune booster complexes, toilet paper, tissues, baby wipes and hand sanitiser are either in short supply of out stock.

OMG I had a lady accuse me of hiding the toilet paper from her and not wanting to sell it to her after she asked me if I had any and my answer was no.

😱 I had a customer try to ring up her own sale on my till because I was busy serving someone else and she didn't want to wait any longer. I did tell her off and she just looked back at me blankly.

But it's not just us that'll have to keep working through this mayhem it's also our suppliers and delivery drivers.

This is the number one question atm.
This is the number one question atm.

OK I don't mind people asking me once but when they ask me twice, three times or even four this is when it becomes annoying. I walk away from these people while they're still talking to me because my answer hadn't changed and I have heaps of other people to attend to. Some people tell me their story and why they need it but it's not going to make it suddenly appear in my hands. We've even had to hide our counter sanitiser because people would help themselves and top up their own small bottles.

Signage has not stopped people from asking.
Signage has not stopped people from asking.

There are some measures being put in place to try to stop the spread so hopefully your local chemist is doing the same.

No medical certificates

No signing prescriptions

Clean counters at least every 60 minutes including Clinic Room. Use the sterilising solution in the spray bottles Lyn made up today and paper towels.

No AIA health checks

Remove the scales from the clinic room

Clinic room is only to be used for vaccinations as we want to keep it as clean as possible. Keep the door closed.

We will do BP checks only on patients who have not been overseas or in contact with a COVID positive person.


Some customers just dont understand.
Some customers just don't understand.

This is a big deal for me because I take a medication that lowers my immune system to keep my ulcerative colitis under control. A mild coughing cold that I caught from my son a while ago got so bad for me that I ended up with chronic vertigo called laberenthitis and no I didn't get to meet David Bowie. I couldn't walk properly, I couldn't drive, I had to sit on a chair in the shower and when people were talking to me I could hear them but I couldn't comprehend what they were saying. This lasted for around 6 weeks.

We have no face masks to aid in protecting us, we haven't been able to get any for months. We have nothing to protect us apart from the measures that my boss has set and it really is starting to worry me.

If you are working in health care or a supermarket I'd like to hear from you in a MyTake.

Chillin on mums lap b4 she has to go to work.
Chillin on mums lap b4 she has to go to work.

This picture of my dog has nothing to do with this Mytake.

What it's like working in a pharmacy right now!
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  • I'm sorry you have to deal with all this fear and panicked irrational behaviour.
    Yesterday I was in the grocery store and the toilet paper and canned goods were the empty shelves. It's almost gotten to the point of mass hysteria. And yet, it is probably justified. There is no end date to all of this. Lives will be lost, jobs for sure, and I fear we're in for a legit recession now. Very tough times ahead.
    I am always organized and wasn't low on any supplies, so no need to buy or hoard. (And those dispicable people who are buying to resell and profit off of this - disgusting.) Have you heard Amazon is hiring 100,000 new workers? Yeah, that's not a typo.
    Anyway, I think this is an important mytake to spread around. I hope calmer heads will prevail, but sometimes I definitely wonder. Look at what a mess politics and the 'gender wars' are right now. And they are not the immediate threat that this is. Well, maybe I should be optimistic and say that people do often come together in times of crisis?
    You make very good points, and yes, this is life-threatening. You are on the front lines, and that is not good with your immune issues. You hang in there, and I'm wishing you all the best. Fingers crossed you don't get sick, and there is a speedy recovery for all.
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    • DianaWest

      yeah, like those deepshits who bought all the N95 masks, surgical masks, and hand sanitizers en masse and selling them for quadruple their price. low lives, seeking to profit off of people dying. how can you live with that conscience knowing that your greed deprived someone of potentially life-saving equipment?

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  • monkeynutts
    Hugs. Keep up the good work. Try and help people make informed choices about their purchases. Otherwise just kick their arses out of the shop, and call the cops if they start being rude, and the only things I buy are aspirin, and ephedrine, I'll stick with what works, not stupidity.
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    • Goodwifie

      This is terrible 👇
      We haven't been abused like this yet but I'm thinking it's because our male pharmacist are quite tall and fit. Hard to intimidate someone when they are much bigger than you.

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  • EmmaMary
    I think it's only right and proper to thank you on behalf of everybody here (GaG) as well as all those that you see daily, in doing such a fantastic and stirling job in these extremely unprecedented times.
    Please do take care and stay safe yourself.
  • GraveDoll
    you poor thing. My sister a nurse and she been working double shifts and my other sister The head pharmacist at the hospital and she ready to pull her hair out.

    • Goodwifie

      Had a customer tell me that she thinks it's all a con, now I'm not usually violent but... 😡

    • GraveDoll

      it people like her that delay things. you should of smiled and told her where the sleeping pils was and keeping taking them. dont come outside till she hear the whilst blow and than tap her heels three times to wake up.

      or better told her you had it see how fast she runs from you. LOL


  • SirenDep
    I understand... I'm sick, I take care of elderly and can't find masks or spirit. I refused to bulk buy, like the other idiots. So now I wear the same mask for one week, hope it protect the others from me. I just want life to get back to normal...
  • Koalamate
    Omg i hope you are ok and dont get ill.
    Do you get hassled about people wanting to buy prescriptions in bulk what do you say?
    • Goodwifie

      We will only be doing 2 months supply of meds.

  • bente2
    People hoarded paracetamol here and ours was almost out. My dad takes medication so he can’t have any other pain medication unless he’s in a monitored environment. I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to get any anymore :(. Luckily our pharmacists put the paracetamol behind the counters and people were only allowed to take one per person!
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Hang in there! And, thank you for your services to your community!
  • Redstang88
    My sister is a pharmacy assistant too, she said the same thing. Total chaos
    • Goodwifie

      Yesterday I had a customer say that it's god's will 😡 I wanted to punch him in the throat.

  • N192K001
    Yup, this IS crazy.

    When people are taken-over by fear, the it's like their brain just ceases to function.
    That's why i prefer working in the hospital and trauma ctr. Don't have to deal with those people.
    • Goodwifie

      You'd be under the pump right now or soon if you're not already.

    • Nah. I can handle it. 😎

    • October808

      You will end up in the ICU eventually after working in that virus environment.

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  • DianaWest
    oh, i am totally guilty of pestering a pharmacist about hand sanitizer. to my defence, she was either incompetent or trying to hide it from me since i walked around for a bit and found 6 bottles of hand sanitizer. hmmmmm?
  • FatherJack
    You have my sympathy , I have gone from disliking people in general , to beginning to despise these idiotic , self centered sheeple. And thank you for attempting to help others... even when most do not deserve any help !!
    • FatherJack

      All this stress will also wreck you and your colleagues immune systems too... thanks to these selfish assholes !!

  • gemgem
    I used to work retail and even in normal times people are annoying as shit with asking if you “have any in the back” when the shelf is empty. As if any retailer just leaves tons of inventory out of sight where it will never be sold. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be now.
  • sdrawkcabosmi
    Dude, I couldn't even go buy a bottle of Everclear to clean my bong because everyone needed rubbing alcohol 😆
  • Chris006
    Why is everyone panicking? Not the end of the world.
    • Goodwifie

      It could be for some including myself.

    • Chris006

      No. Live life as usually, take it cool and easy. Just wash your hands properly and eat some vitamins

    • It has been for over 100 people in the US so far

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  • Meatunnel69
    Im sorry i would hate to be in retail or healthcare right now. People think hand sanitizer will save them they should be staying home avoiding people not shopping, breathing, coughing around others
  • scooogy
    Consider yourself happy. Sales people in grocery stores get drowned in stress meanwhile.
    • Goodwifie

      Really I had a lady go off at me because we didn't have any Ventolin left.
      We are coping abuse now because the government put a restrictions on how many months supply of medication one month supply only.
      We are under the pump.

    • scooogy

      So? Should sales people all over the world repent now because only you got to tell about what's going on?

    • Goodwifie

      I know that staff working in supermarkets are doing it tough I wasn't comparing my job to theirs.

  • Reaperbot666
    just put a sign on front door.

    *if its not on the shelf, then it is sold out, sorry for any inconvenience*
  • Thatsamazing
    Aw your dog is cute!

    But yeah, people are dumb. Panic-buying stuff just upsets the local and national economy and does no one any good.
  • Yeah, kind of unsurprising. People are such idiots. I'll give COVID-19 a bit of credit however because it's actually more than 10 times fatal than the joke, that was H1N1 influenza back in 2009.

    This is why I dislike working directly with customers on a personal interactive level. That's why I work in a development team with all the same people I see 5 times a week. It's not like a family but still. Oh well. At least whenever I am a customer anywhere I can always relate to the sales people :)
  • orangecherry
    pharmacists get paid a ton so I don't think they mind working much
    • Goodwifie

      Um nope not at the moment with all this stress and our health being put at risk.

    • I'd trade with you I am poor

    • Goodwifie

      I'm not a pharmacist, I am a pharmacy assistant..

  • OK Stay safe.

    A lot of idiots out there, so take special care.
  • Agape93
    Stay safe love ok?
  • Meropatrick
    💵 💰 $$$$$$$$$U peaches are becoming rich