Working In Customer Service Is Hell


Customer Service Hell

Working in customer service is hell. Anyone with even a week of experience will understand where I'm coming from. Now, let me make this clear - I am not a teenager who just got a part time job and recently introduced myself in the whining club, I'm a long and experienced member. I've been helping out my parents after school for years at their typical Chinese restaurant (no, I'm not paid), where people treat me like old garbage. I've ecountered countless shitty people throughout these years I can't even remember most of them. Maybe that's a good thing.

Now if you're thinking about getting full time work, or part time work that has to do with anything involving people, I'm here to tell you - people are shit. You can have 30 good customer streaks one day - feel on top of the world only to have one rotten person ruin your entire day.

Maybe you've lived your life thinking that the community you live in ain't that bad, but you're probably wrong.

What is this myTake? It's me whining. Here are my horror stories, I was wondering if anyone else wanted to share, so we can cry in a puddle of our own tears for collectively hate on rude people.

"I want a refund!"

Understandable if the food you got was shit or contained any type of shit, right? This lady, around her mid 20s, who looked goregous, sat at our seats for a glorious 10 minutes, until my mom asked her if she was going to order or pick up an order, she replies with, "No, I'm just waiting for a friend." Fast foward 20 minutes, she comes up to our counter demanding that we refund her for her order. In which she pulls out her credit card and we promptly tell her that we're not an ATM machine, it does not work like that, I know she was trying to scam us. I pull out credit card reciepts - which contain no private information that would allow her to steal their credit card numbers, and I ask her to find hers. She goes straight for the bottom credit card reciept - which is from the morning - it was around noon at the time of her unbecoming. I told her the last 4 digits of her credit card didn't match up. In which she throws a fit, walks out the door and yells, "FINE, I DON'T WANT MY 10 DOLLARS ANYWAYS, KEEP IT." I look at the credit card reciept - look at the total, and inform her it was 15 dollars. Crazy, or scammer?

"I didn't like the food."

The man told us after he finished eating and decided he didn't want to pay and threatened to call the cops for bad service, since we didn't have waitresses and he seemed to have missed the huge, "ORDER HERE" sign on our counter.

"You didn't inform us you had this coupon, that's bad customer service."

Summary, lady didn't know we had a 25 over - free crab rangoon COUPON that came with our menu. She told us that the fact we didn't tell her that there was a coupon was very unprofessional, demanded to speak to my managers (my parents) and in the end, my mom urged us to deliver the free crab rangoon to her. So we did. She implied that we scammed her out of free crab rangoon, a coupon is a courtesy. A coupon is a courtesy.

"We ordered a shrimp with broccoli, not chicken w/ broccoli."

At first, I didn't understand what she was telling me, we did not charge her for a shrimp or chicken with broccoli. So I inform her we didn't charge her for it, if she got it, we must have put someone else's order in by mistake, so that one would be free. I spoke to her husband saying that I repeated the order twice back to him, in which he promptly responded that I only repeated it once, so he was obviously listening. I told them that if they did have a chicken with broccoli it was most likely put their as a mistake - and it was already free since we put an extra order in there. My mom takes over, and she comes in to trade off her order. When she arrives she puts the free general tsos chicken (orders over 45 dollars can get a free general tsos chicken if they ask for it with the coupon). The general tsos chicken has broccoli in it. She denied getting the coupon food and demanded we give her shrimp with broccoli. It's on the coupon, printed on the coupon. I cannot.

There's been worse, but those are the ones I vividly remember. Since the last one actually happened today. Anybody else care to share their horror stories, if you've ever worked customer service?

When has it become the norm to be rude to someone offering you assistance? I'm not a rude person, nor a violent one, I'm apologetic as hell, but some pepole really get on my nerves.

Working In Customer Service Is Hell
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