The Problem For Students In Schools

The Problem For Students In Schools

#1 We don't want to learn everything.

Kids/Teens/and young adults want to be something. In pre-school you usually have a dream to become something. As these kids get older they get told you need good grades.

Tell me how many will use art and health? In the same future career how many?

Does everyone need to be a good at art or health? No

Why do students in high school need to learn things besides what they need to know?

Students should have enough credits for a few careers, that way they can focus on a few rather than many. I never learned how to manage my money in school and I most definitely didn't learn how to cook. Both of which I know how to do.

The Problem For Students In Schools

#2 Classes

Everyone learns in different ways but having the same schedule for a group of students isn't going to help. In high school how can students be expected to manage one class, let's say history, and then manage math? Doesn't make any sense if you think about it. Classes should be a choice for every student, but yea obviously it has to be reasonable.

The Problem For Students In Schools

#3 Parents

Parents either pressure students to be good at all their classes or not care at all. Students come home late in the day but then they're expected to clean or do homework which is fine. But some students like to do work at night. Parents and Teachers should allow this to be flexible and in high school a bed time shouldn't be early. 11 PM to Midnight is good.

The Problem For Students In Schools
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  • Logorithim
    I think that there is a lot of room for improvement in how kids learn. Should also be more hands-on and vocational schooling.
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  • Anonymous
    They teach us tge things that we will not use
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  • Deathraider
    I think the triple gear image is quite the irony when describing the school system. It doesn't work.

  • sensualquinoa
    Good thing school is almost over lmao
  • Anonymous
    Need good teachers