Before You Take Out Student Loans, Read This! (Part 2)


I am continuing where I left off after my last mytake and what students in high school should do now before they go to University or college before they take out student debt.


One regret I do have in high school is not taking math from grade 9 up to 12 doesn't matter if it college or University level TAKE IT. You never know if you change your mind down the road and want to switch careers and you need math from grade 12. But stupid high school you wasn't thinking straight and was just thinking "FUCK MATH" "THANK GOD I STOP TAKING IT". I came to realization how dumb that was because now I am thinking going to do a medical diploma after I finish college and paying off my current student debt. If I could go back and do it again I pick grade 12 math again.


English- try to get into University English level even if you go to college that looks better then College English on your application.

Parenting- I think anyone who want a family in the future should take this course, it helps better understand kids and how to take care of kids and makes you realize how bad some parents are in the real world and how many mistakes they constantly make.

Now in Canada you have to take at lease 3 University level or Mixed level courses to get in college for University it's 6 courses (University level). Check for colleges in your country how many courses do you need to take that are college or University level. I recommended to make your high school experience easily just take the college route and just do 3 University courses that way that prevents you to go to University in the fall that way you HAVE TIME TO REALLY THINK FOR A YEAR WHAT YOU WANT TO DO FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

There too many people just going because they got in a University or people told them too. NO THINK ABOUT IT AND PLAN OUT YOUR LIFE.

Also for science speed it up and do it in summer school so you can take it faster do at lease biology and chemistry.

Also I totally recommended to do co-op for those of you who don't know in Canada there high school co-op basically you work at a workplace unpaid in exchange to get credits so 1 semester of high school is at a bakery for example and that give you 4 credits for the semester. When I went to high school they start rolling out 2 credit co-ops and summer co-ops to do for a summer. TAKE THIS PROGRAM OR ANY SIMILAR PROGRAM FOR WORK EXPERIENCE IN YOUR COUNTRY AND GO AND ASK A SCHOOL COUNSELOR IF THEY HAVE A PROGRAM LIKE THIS AT YOUR SCHOOL.

DON'T DO CO-OP FOR: Desire work careers and retail Why?

I know too many people who kinda regret doing their co-op at law firms, banks,accounting firms etc and can't even find a retail job with that experience. I choose retail for my co-op experience and I see the managers toss resumes out with just law firm experience why? because it's not related to retail and they don't care for that experience they want retail experience mostly. Also, most of these people change their mind and don't want to be lawyers, etc so instead of wasting that time and not being able to get a retail job. Just get experience for your first job as a high school student so that doesn't go to wasted. Now why I said don't do co-op for retail? because retail is dying slowly and is being switch to the internet only just do your co-op in hospitality or restaurants (that's industry really isn't dying) so you can find work after high school at lease.

Second if you do go to University the way only way to pay off your debt is first pay before interest kicks in and DO NOT GO BACK TO SCHOOL TO GET MORE DEBT. Here a good example why you shouldn't do this:

There be more mytakes on this but right now I leave this off here.

Before You Take Out Student Loans, Read This! (Part 2)
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  • Temporal_Ice
    Wow, that sucks
  • Salmon4056
    great mytake thanks
  • Anonymous
    i have no problem taking students loans
    maybe becaue i live in Norway
    • NatashaJ

      Lucky you lol my debt not too bad I was smart enough to drop out after a year before committing myself to a 4 year degree. Actually my school drop me to a 3 year degree and I check and I barely can do anything with it because most employers want 4 year degrees. So I cut my losses and I didn't like the school that much it was ok but not amazing experience.