The Anatomy of Trust

legalboxers The 3 Elements of Trust

The Anatomy of Trust

So I came upon this article. And they break trust down in 3 categories:

- Positive Relationships.

- Good Judgement/Expertise

- Consistency

Now Trust in the workplace as life, you take a gable with things. Who is going to have your back.

The Anatomy of Trust

For a "Positive Relationship" gives you this:

Stay in touch on the issues and concerns of others.
Balance results with concern for others.
Generate cooperation between others.
Resolve conflict with others.
Give honest feedback in a helpful way.

What is the "key word" here. Others. I before ME. You look out for your own. NO SECRET AGENDA

Next is Judgement:

They use good judgement when making decisions.
Others trust their ideas and opinions.
Others seek after their opinions.
Their knowledge and expertise make an important contribution to achieving results.
Can anticipate and respond quickly to problems

What do we see as a common thread. OTHERS. You seek input from others to formulate a plan which can get you maximum results.

Lastly. Consistency..

Are a role model and set a good example.
Walk the talk.
Honor commitments and keep promises.
Follow through on commitments.
Are willing to go above and beyond what needs to be done

A Leader is there to help your back, to help you achieve, and to do what has to be done under any circumstances.

The Anatomy of Trust
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