Should I write again after 14 years?


When I graduated from High School, I knew what my dream-real job was. Writing Children's books. I did three writing classes. One from Writer's Digest. The others from Institute of Children's Literature. It was hard. Once done, I had 3 degrees of writing.

Writing Children's stories was hard. I knew what I needed. Character, plot, the end. The first, middle and End.

Should I write again after 14 years?

Once I got my stories done, I sent them to right publishing houses. In the mail, my stories were REJECTED. First letter got me sad. But I tried again. When a writer is rejected over and over, you're still a writer. You still have to put your stories better.

Sometimes there's the evil for the writer. WRITER'S BLOCK.

Should I write again after 14 years?

You can't write anything. You're brain is playing the PONG game. Writer's can't think what the hell to write. I always remember. Be calm, hear what kids say, walk around for the next story to pop into yourself. You won PONG.

Should I write again after 14 years?

Yet, writing so much got me rejected too much. I didn't care. Keep writing. I tried but my stories were crap. I read the new children's books. How the stories had the First, middle/the plot, and how it ends. I was like, "I can write a story like that. But I was Rejected. I stopped.

I saw my computer not on anymore. It was now a dusty crap computer. Still I think, should I write or not? Kept thinking, nope.

Should I write again after 14 years?
Should I write again after 14 years?

So what do you think? If you did something great then stopped after so long. Try again?

Should I write again after 14 years?
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  • hellionthesagereborn
    Go for it. Worse case scenario your no worse off then before. I believe most writers get their books rejected far more then what your suggesting. I know that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (creator and author of Sherlock Holmes) was rejected from hundreds of publishers and in fact it was the very last attempt that they actually accepted it. Then after that others read his works and loved it and then they started demanding more. The problem is breaking into it, getting it published and getting yourself known. Most publishers get so many stories that they really don't bother reading them all and most don't like to take chances on unknowns so it takes a lot of effort. Just keep writing, learn from your mistakes, study how others do it, see what you can do better yourself and continue to try and master the craft. As I said worse case scenario you are no worse off then you are now.
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  • CassMi
    I have been trying for art jobs for the past 10 years, I'm not giving up. My dream job is to work in animation, something like Disney or Pixar it is probably an absolute dream but I'm not going to stop trying for it.
    You probably feel too old now but I wouldn't say age us a factor is something creative you can be creative at any age. JK Rowling for example I think was a little older when she originally wrote Harry Potter I wouldn't stop trying. I would start small and build up, I was always told less is more. Write something small and see how people react then build up from there before you know it you'll be a household name. Go for it, I have faith in you 🙂👍
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    • Keep going, dude. Animation is my favorite in shows and films. That's all I watch. Watching cartoons in the past, watch and get new ideas for a children's book.

Most Helpful Girls

  • lumos
    Go for it! Life is too short, and you've already made it this far. Self-publishing is also a thing nowadays, you don't even really need to send your script to a publisher anymore if you really want to write your own book. It costs more money of course, but if you know how to market yourself and where to sell your books, you could get it done.

    I've also dreamt of writing my own children's book. Well, actually, it's less about writing, more about illustrating and drawing. I love Beatrix Potter's books, and I'd love to do something similar in a style like that.
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    • Jamie05rhs

      I like her, too. She's a great author.

  • Anonymous
    Why not! I used to write all the time as well, I just had stories coming to me from I don't even know where and so I wrote them down... I was labeled the writer of the class in school etc lol. I've also sent a short story to a publisher and they didn't reject, said it was good but needed some work. I am still working on it on and off, my focus is really bad these days so it's hard but I don't think you should give up on dreams.
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  • Jamie05rhs
    Thanks for this question. It got me thinking. Maybe I should start singing again. I used to perform in church. I auditioned for American Idol but I bombed because I had a sore throat because I was working an overnight job at the time AND going to college. I had to wake up at 4am to go to the audition and I was a mess. Also, I didn't pick a good song and I didn't practice hard enough. But I got pretty depressed after that and I didn't sing much again. But maybe I should get back into it.
  • Nicolette777
    It’s never too late. Look at how many times JK Rowling got rejected and now she has one of the best selling books EVER! If it is your true passion, you should pursue it. Do what sets your heart on fire or you may live a life of regret. It’s never too late. Just keep writing and writing and never give up
  • itsmeamy
    I just saw a thing about Stephen king when he started wrighting he put all his rejection letters on a nail in the wall soon the nail fell out and he had to get a bigger nail but that dident stop him
    • I kept my rejection letters too. Put them in an envelope. Back then, I was happy. Another Rejection letter. So what, I say. Then write again.

    • itsmeamy

      I'd say keep wrighting even if its only for friends and family and when u get a rejection letter at u know someone read it

    • I already wrote again. Squirrel and the Black bird.

  • Sensmind
    Yeah why not if only as an interest and if you are lucky you could make a living of it, bonus - You are older, you may enjoy it even more along the lines of childrens' sport "Its not the winning, its the taking part that is important".
  • taco_truck
    You shouldn’t give up on writing. Because look at J. K Rowling.

    When she first story for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. She immediately got rejected by twelve publishers. Bloomsbury finally accepted the book, but warned her not to quit her day job, since it probably wouldn't make much money.

    Now look at her and what she accomplish when she didn’t give up. Added she was a Single mother with a daughter and was barely making it
  • Taylor_C
    Try again, absolutely. You may also want to attend creative writing classes to get you on track again and possibly increase your chances of getting published. Good luck!
  • OfDeath
    Ah yes. I've seen this problem before. Publisher's never want to take on books from unknown writers. They are too hard to market.

    So this is what you do. Do you have a baseball bat? Yeah? Good.

    Take your next story, or even just a few of the old stories back to the publisher and tell them you want them published. If they say no, baseball bat.
  • Cheetah23
    You should write them as a hobby, send them in for publishing on the side. That way, you're not wasting time & you can get another job for stable cash. If they get rejected, oh well, it was just for fun. And you preferably have your primary job to fall back on.
  • Bananaman177
    If you couldn't handle discouragement the first time, you're in for one hell of a wild ride after 14 years of not trying.

    Everything's going to be 10x harder at first, and it's going to stay that way for a much longer time than usual.
  • Some_Goof
    Do it! That what made you happy right? And as much as i know rejection is very very common in writers life. So don't give up.
  • Your stories can't be worse than any of the lame children books I have seen. Go for it.
  • JackSmy
    I know the Creative Drive, and the BLOCKS, and the IMPEDIMENTS, when you least expect!! Crashes, restarts, and wondering 'Why even TRY' when you think every thing you are creating is SHT!!
    Others keep saying how great, 'amazing' and all that, and YOU JUST WANT TO TELL THEM THAT THEY HAVE NO IDEA!! THEY ARE JUST BEING 'NICE" OR IDIOTS, NOT UNDERSTANDING!!!
    Not a writer, but an 'artist' of sorts, and I think I understand. What works? Nothing, sometimes! What do you do? Drink, a while, and pray for the 'Muse' to return and inspire you? That NEVER works!!
    Where does the INSPIRATION come from? Not sure, but for me, LETTING GO, and leaving it BE!
    Maybe weeks, or months, maybe years for some things. . . It percolates in the subconscious, even when you don't know!!
    When the 'Coffee is Done' the ideas come BACK!
    For me, at least. . .
  • GuidoThePizzaMaker
    Write every day, but write for yourself and set aside time, maybe 30min or an hour.
    Write short stories, children's stories are too simple and need illustrations.
    I recommend reading as well. The more you read, the more you understand good writing.
    Read about history, English literature, science, politics, and incorporate what you learn in your stories.

    Also these past 14 years you probably had tons of experiences, write what you know.
    I recommend Wattpad dot com.
    Its a neat online publisher anyone can make an account and write and publish books.

    Good luck! and dont stress it.
  • DiegoO
    Self-publish your writings. Publishers only go for writers who already have prestige and they always limit you somehow.
  • Andremoso
    You should definitely write again and I also have a feeling that you are going to be a lot better writer than before. Good luck!
  • brokenin45177
    Yes follow your dream and dont hesitate or listen to anyone else!!!
  • 38land
    I saw my computer not on anymore. It was now a dusty crap computer. Still I think, should I write or not? Kept thinking, nope.
  • LMNOP123
    Of course! Do you know how many times J. K. Rowling was rejected?
    Don't give up you ninny!
  • SirBaconAvacado
    Yes. Try publishing through Amazon. Maybe make a YouTube Channel where you read your books out loud. Or have a guest speaker on your show whom audiences would enjoy listening read your stories. Maybe you could do a slide show with your illustrations. Perhaps you could get a federal/ local government grant for writing stories/books that meet specific curriculum requirements. Your ability to write should supersede any contingencies you may fear will hinder your progress as a writer. Build your portfolio. Write 365 short stories beginning today to next year just to express yourself and watch yourself manifest your imagination into a reality.
  • Sierraromeobravo
    YES!!! Do it!
  • Izumiblu
    Self publish
  • hotstuff76
    Yes, follow your heart!
  • KeniKeni
  • Ecologygirl76
    What’s your native language?
  • colin77
    yes u should
  • life0123
    keep trying
  • NobodyInPatrickular
    Do whatever brings you joy.
  • yourfavperson
    do it!😊
  • Anonymous
    Just do it if you like to write