High Schools Are Banning Yoga Pants

High Schools Are Banning Yoga Pants

After outcry from students and parents last year, the Kenosha School District agreed to let girls wear leggings.

But the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) claims that the ban is still being enforced, resulting in one girl being sent home twice this summer.

The school told local media the new policy "has been going well".

A Kenosha High School Student is pictured from a peer whom took a picture, adding to the sexualization of high school girls.
A Kenosha High School Student is pictured from a peer whom took a picture, adding to the sexualization of high school girls.

After outcry from students and parents last year, the Kenosha School District agreed to let girls wear leggings.

But the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) claims that the ban is still being enforced, resulting in one girl being sent home twice this summer.

The school told local media the new policy "has been going well".

According to the Kenosha Unified School District's dress code - published online by TMJ4 News - leggings and yoga pants of at least mid-thigh length are permitted.

Tank tops are also allowed, as long as they have a strap at least one inch (2.5cm) wide.

But ACLU Wisconsin lawyer Asma Kadri Keeler told local media that some school staffers are still carrying out the old ban - and it apparently resulted in one girl being sent home from summer school twice for wearing leggings.

Ms Keeler told WISN-TV: "We can talk about items of clothing and we can talk about decency and all that, but the bigger picture is that girls are being pulled out of class and losing access to education at a rate that boys aren't."

She said under the policy of barring leggings and bare shoulders, some girls were missing full days of class just because of their clothing.

Tanya Ruder, chief communications officer for the district, said in a statement that the school "has taken reasonable steps" to ensure the dress code is "fair on its face and in its enforcement".

"In spring 2018, the policy was reviewed and approved for rollout to students and staff at the start of the 2018-19 school year and has been going very well since the opening of school."

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGESImage captionThe school says it has updated its policy towards yoga pants and tank tops
The school has not responded to the ACLU.

During the last school year, the district's policy banning form-fitting leggings and tank tops had been called sexist by the ACLU and a group of students and parents.

They pointed out that the equivalent athletic looks for boys - sweatpants and basketball shorts - were allowed.

One high school student told TMJ4 News earlier this year: "It's not a comfort issue, or a 'not-formal-enough clothing' issue. It's a form-fitting/body issue, and that's not fair to girls. It's sexist."

Local media report that parents remain divided on the issue, with some saying public schools should not dictate what students wear, while others say the rules are just to ensure children wear appropriate attire.

High Schools Are Banning Yoga Pants
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Most Helpful Girls

  • CarpetDenim
    It’s not sexist wtf. It’s literally just trying to get underage girls to stop wearing clothing that shows off so much of their asses that they might as well be naked in a formal, educational setting. It’s disgusting that people are trying to make this seem like an issue of discrimination against women, it’s not. Young girls shouldn’t be allowed to and shouldn’t even want to be revealing themselves and their bodies like that, and young boys shouldn’t be forced into an environment where all the girls around them dress so provocatively that it disrupts their focus and ability to concentrate and learn.

    The entire yoga pants trend needs to die anyway. They’re not even comfortable, women just like look like they’ve painted their clothes on and show off their asses.
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    • designer1

      This particular girl would probably look the same in skinny jeans tho. Tbh I don’t know why these things are being banned, just require the people wearing them to wear underwear lol

    • vivmatt

      Girls with big butts look that same way in skinny jeans. I personally love leggings. In this world of thongs and tube tops, let's at least give girls permission to wear something comfortable that covers up

  • mariaboulos
    I still don't get it why they ban all the clothing that girls like. Ok but what if some girls aren't comfortable wearing jeans are they obliged to do so just because the school is banning it for sexist reasons. Let girls wear whatever they want and stop sexualizing it!
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    • They don't want women to stand out as women. And what better way to enforce that, then to enforce it to children?

Most Helpful Guys

  • dragoblack
    The reason they do it is because it is skin tight and looks like you're wearing almost nothing and therefore considered indecent and a distraction for school. Does it seem like body shaming? yes, but the point they do it is so you're not distracted from learning and can focus only on your studies. In a school for of hormone raged teenagers with high sex drives, it emphasizes the body then they are focused on that and not their studies
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  • Syrian_survivor
    So it's a bad thing if girls miss school days cuz they broke the dress code rules

    But it isn't bad that many guys completely lose focus at school because of it and go back home without knowing wtf they took because they were distracted the whole time?
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    • _Jay_

      Its guys fault for being unable to think. I mean i dont lose focus when i see a half naked guy so you should up your game a bit

    • They're teenagers, and they're guys as well, our sex drive is over the roof especially at this age, you can't expect guys to not be distracted by it.

      While girls can control what they're wearing, so which side would you prefer? Putting many guys' education at risk because of their natural urges or terminating the issue by banning something a girl does completely on purpose and can avoid and replace?

    • _Jay_

      Well guys can control themselves. Why should i do something about my stuff if its bothering you?

      Its like saying that a person you dont even talk to has to change their perfume because you dont like the smell. That sounds pretty stupid. But the situation is same.
      You are distracted by strong perfume scent and want the other person to stop using it.
      But the problem here is you. You are the one who has issue with it.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • vivmatt
    Girls love wearing yoga pants. Guys love it when girls wear yoga pants. It's a win win. The 50s generation just wants to make young girls feel ashamed of their developing bodies. Which is extremely harmful to a teens self confidence
    • kingBroffe27

      Nice idea 👍🏽

    • Anonymous

      Actually, I hear more young women complain about other girls wearing yoga pants than I do with older women.

      I don't see elderly people body-shaming.

    • Yoga pants and tights are awesome! I love them! Soo comfy!! They prolly ban them cuz they’re so different not dresses or pants. In a few years once they’re more acceptable they won’t be worrying about them.

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  • leahzrc
    leggings or not, the girl is gonna look the same in any skinny pants
  • naijagurl
    That doesn’t really make sense to me. Any type of form fitting pants are going to have the same effect so while they’re at it they might as well ban tight clothes in general. My middle school banned yoga pants as well and all the girls (me included) continued to wear them.
  • Kas19
    I think leggings are fine as long as they aren't see-through. I wear athletic leggings and I think it's fine.
  • Ellie-V
    I remember I wore leggings and “yoga pants” in school often and it was because I didn’t feel like putting so much effort in an outfit early in the morning (6 am) 😂
  • Lauren-green
    I think it's more when people wear yoga pants and it looks messy, or slightly see through and shit like that. I know many work places that have banned them?
  • WolfsRoze
    Personally I don't like leggings... As a typical guy might think... He'll yeah let me see as much detail as I can, what kind of panties is she wearing? As an adult or parent might think " I would be concerned that my daughter is focusing more on enjoying her sexuality and not on improving her life...
  • Ejeffers85
    Sadly all to often. When a girl/woman wears leggings, yoga pants or thighs they are rather see though.

    While some might say they did not notice it. Other might be fully aware of this. Yet still opt to wear them. Without wearing over top. Like shorts or a skirt for example.

    So they might end up getting unwanted attention from others. Or they could very well want that attention from others.
    • Ejeffers85

      Although I think it is also a joke that boys/men wear the waist line of pants under there butts. Which ends up showing off there underwear. It is almost just as bad really.

  • nerms123
    Jesus. Just make everyone wear burqas. So effed up.
  • Darkening
    I'd be sad if I couldn't wear leggings to school. Their so easy and comfy and I love that there's so much different patterns/colours you can have.
  • MackToday
    Sounds like a good idea, not a good look for school, in fact school uniforms would be a good idea as well. Look like you're a student not hanging at the mall. That can be done after class.
  • lunarmoon
    What about the guys that ware there pants around there ankles i dont feel like looking at a guys boxer's all day
    • Daviid_

      Definitely should be banned too.

  • Sierraromeobravo
    Yoga pants do things to me so I can understand why they might be banned.
  • Cormac995
    Senatorship wonderful idea by the way did you know countries like north Korea also have clothing regulations? Seems to work great.
  • Jamie05rhs
    Doesn't the ACLU have anything better to do? Shouldn't they be litigating against racist cops or something?
  • Rocky_Jocky57
    As long as school ban "sagging" then I'm fine with banning yoga pants
  • FrenchyRomain
    School isn't a fashion show, you're there to learn... i agree that there should be clothing regulations to a certain extent
  • rozydale1
    Well everyone knows when they have something revealing on. But some take it to the extreme. You shouldn't be able to clearly see the fold of
  • itsmeamy
    Lol i don't have the ass for yoga pants but I think as long as your covered they should be aloude
  • Samantha2448
    I don't want to see an underage girls underwear through leggings
  • _Jay_
    Schools should have clothing regulations. Like girls shouldn't wear leggings or yoga pants, nor too revealing shirts and sleeveless shirts. T shirts with big pictures or brand names should be banned and are banned often for goth genders.

    Male students should not wear shorts, sleevless shirts or too tight pants as that is also improper attire for school or university.

    Everythjng with a hood should be banned, similarly to hats and scarves.
    Noone should wear sports shoes at school or university.

    • i'm okay with everything except the Band shirts and Brand names... don't get why that? but the rest i agree

    • muddog

      I'm not sure goth is a gender Haha :p but that stuff used to be everywhere!

    • _Jay_

      O sorry i wanted to say both xd

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  • EMed0550
    My daughter would never wear them that's for sure. Lol
  • StephenCF
    My faith in humanity is starting to restore itself 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • kingBroffe27
    I think ladies dress don't matter but the mindset of these men (can't control é boxer) behind the scenes that matters. Lol
  • DavidLongbone
    These people are oversexualizing a day to day thing we all see, it's no big deal to me but for the people there it must be hard
  • megaman242
    It's a taky fashion tast. Workout clothes outside of working out is just dumb. I don't mind the ban.
  • SassyAzz05
    Joggers are worse but you don’t get dressed coded for that 😂
  • BronzedAdonis
    They can’t stop me from wearing them to class to show off my ass 🍑
  • ChrisMike19
    This is outrageous. Why are you going to school then?
  • sapphire3506
    I don't agree with this
  • Seket
    How we dress reflects how we act, I guess.
  • Apple1996
    They were banned at my highschool
  • Texaskid1
    A sad day for high school boys everywhere.
  • baerose
  • Xlink
    A achools should have uniforms anyway
  • YoursTrulyM
    Should be banned. It’s not yoga class
  • blondfrog
    I think that's a right move.
  • incelposting
    Good, make them wear burkas
  • Daviid_
    I totally agree with the ban.
  • NovissimumVirorum
    Schools need uniforms
  • name_is_eric
    Yoga pants are not school attire. So about time.
  • Spitfire808
    Thats dumb
  • Anonymous
    I'm Modest but I wear leggings with a long top or something.
    It's feels more comfortable and my body really ached when wearing jeans cause they all were for tall women and not comfortable enough.
  • Anonymous
    I agree with this we all know teenage girls dress provocative on purpose they were see through clothes without underwear they are little sluts
  • Anonymous
    They shouldn't be banned