I Don't Need To Wear High Heels To Do My Job

I Dont Need To Wear High Heels To Do My Job

Obviously in recent times, we've heard a lot more about the injustices done to women and some men in work environments due to sexism and harassment. You would think with so much policy on book, and trainings that happen to help tamp these things down, that no one would try these things or be so completely ignorant about sexism in the workplace but it happens.

In one of my first jobs ever working the Christmas rush as a young teen, I worked in a big box retail store kind of like a smaller scale Wal-mart. Our required uniform was a white company polo, khaki pants, and white or black shoes. When I applied for the job, I actually applied to work freight which was basically getting stuff ready and out of boxes in the back to be put on the floor. Despite there being no real qualifications needed for the position other than ability to work legally and lifting 30lbs, I was basically steered directly towards being a cashier as my only option by the hiring manager. Fine. I needed the money to save up for college.

I Dont Need To Wear High Heels To Do My Job

I got the cashier job, along with 3 other girls quickly noting that only women worked the floor and all the guys were in the back or maintenance or in tools. The job was just non-stop, all day, customer after customer. We had to stand on our feet all day, we could not lean on anything and we were not allowed to sit during our 8-10 hour shifts. I would come home and just soak my feet and lay on my back because even being young, just being in that fixed position all day was a lot.

I Dont Need To Wear High Heels To Do My Job

So imagine our surprise when we had a morning meeting and it was announced that beginning the following week, all female employees would be required to wear knee length skirts and high heels to further help us create a more professional look. WHAT?!? I had to take a physical step back up and out of my body, because this guy was telling us we looked unprofessional which was definitely ironic considering we were wearing the same exact uniform as he was and ALL the male staff were too, so if we looked so unprofessional, what did they look like, and why did their uniforms not change to I don't know, a suit?

Even back then, I knew this was clear sexism, and not only that, this guy having never presumably worn a pair of heels in his life, had no clue about how painful that would be to do for 8-10 hours solely on your feet. Not only that, we worked in a booth...all....day....long. No one even saw us from the waist down and at various points in the day if no one was available, we had to climb high stair ladders for customers to get down items on high shelves which would be very awkward in a skirt.

I Dont Need To Wear High Heels To Do My Job

Knowing that I could potentially be fired, I talked this over with my fellow cashiers, all of whom were female, go figure, and basically rallied the troops for safety in numbers. It was a do or die thing for me to not have to endure even more physical pain for LITERALLY no reason other than I was a girl. So the next day, I went into the bosses office and I broke it all down how it was completely unfair (I refrained from using the sexist word) and that it made no sense given all that I explained and yes, even pointed to HIS uniform. I even said if need be, I would contact corporate to explain all this because I assumed (rightly or not) that this had not come down from the home office. I couldn't tell if he was paying attention or cared or was readying to fire me, but after me, a few other girls went in with the same complaints.

Three days later, we were no longer required to wear high heels or skirts to do our job and I learned a very valuable lesson about what can happen if you don't allow things like this to stand when you know they are wrong. It is a lesson that has helped me out in so many areas of my life because if no one says or does anything in these situations, you, not them, are allowing them to continue to go on unchecked, and who does that end up hurting?

I Don't Need To Wear High Heels To Do My Job
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  • FlirtyShadow
    Holy shit, LOVE THIS 🙌🙌
    Go you, and your team! Utter BS about not being able to work out back, but it is what it is, and when you need work, Yes you tend to take whats on offer no questions asked!
    (Now im no crazy feminist) But Its still a little crazy how in times like these there still tends to be roles where woman are deemed likely not able to do...(I defs believe there are roles for men, and roles for woman depending what it is) But to say work in warehousing, its predominantly a 'male' job. And the whole legal amount you can lift is annoying AF, as please, some woman could put men to shame at how much they can lift, and that doesn't even mean you have to work out! Just giving us a chance before assuming we A. dont want to do that work or B. Apparently can't because were female?
    Anyways, again love this and how it worked out in your favour, because you went about it the right way!
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  • lumos
    Ugh. I'd probably walked in there all like "I'll wear high heels if you will too". That would probably get me fired on the spot but I'm not sure I'd want to work at such a place anyway. I'm glad you were professional about it though, it takes strength to stand up for yourself against people in much higher positions.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Anonymous
    So instead of going on twitter and crying victim, you were professional and constructive, used their system, and challenged your managers to justify their position. When they could not, they backed down.
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  • ThisDudeHere
    It has been a long while since I saw a woman have a valid complaint about actual sexism, instead of the rubbish prevalent everywhere nowadays. Good job!
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    • Anonymous

      I always try to give someone the benefit of the doubt, but considering all official messaging from corporate always came on official letterhead, I think this guy just decided on his own that we ladies needed to dress more for his liking. Thinking about this as if it were a literal court case, how does one justify saying that the women alone were unprofessionally dressed when we are wearing the same exact uniform as the men, and not just the ones off the floor in back, but the few in tools who also worked the floor yet he made no mention that their uniforms would need to change. Then you go to, what is the purpose of changing a uniform if no one can even see the change as in from the waist down, our legs were always covered up by the booth, so if we looked unprofessional, shouldn't the complaint have been about something you can see from the waist up---which was a company mandated ironed work shirt. He would have definitely lost in court!

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  • John_Doesnt
    One thing I noticed about your story: all the ladies worked in the air conditioned store just standing around (in high heels), while the guys had to work outside doing hard manual labor.
    Wanna switch? Sure, I'd gladly wear high heels and work in a nice A/C environment instead of lifting heavy boxes and sweating my balls off.
    • JimboGB

      Exactly πŸ˜†"injustice" at its finest

    • jmstarling

      She was pretty clear that she wanted the manual labor job but that the hiring manager would not consider her.

    • JimboGB

      @jmstarling Maybe he had better options?

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  • errorgoodnameunfound
    High heels suck. I honestly despise both men and women that have any appeal towards them, as I read the history of them and from what I know, they weren't even meant for women originally but actually for Persian princes and stuff to better control horses or something like that. It wasn't till later on that MEN tried to get women to wear it and it became a fashion thing.
    Huge fuckin mistake and for BOTH men and women that high heels are still a thing.

    For women
    -Can damage the feet
    -Slows them down, speed wise
    -Can be expensive, yet often remain a requirement
    -Can feel objectifying
    -From what I know, was specifically turned into a thing for women, sometimes required, because men wanted it so, not because women did, at least at first.

    For men
    -Men are sometimes the ones to have to cover the costs of those sorts of shoes AND any damage they cause

    -Makes women seem taller, even though they aren't, so like makeup, it's fake looks that treats men as stupid as if most don't know it's fake.

    -Speaking of height, if it's true that some gals are SO picky these days on looks to the point of demanding a certain height WHILE WEARING HIGH HEELS... yah, as men, ticks us off quite a bit, as why should women get that society acceptable looks boost that only adds to the cheating of makeup and such?

    -Seriously, I don't know a single guy who wouldn't be annoyed as fuck because they have to walk slower, because the ladies near wore high heels. Men who are OK with it must have quite the patience, but that doesn't always mean more intelligence

    Just like I support women on wearing whatever the fuck they want without judgement (as long as guys can too!), I hate that high heels are a thing and like makeup, wouldn't mind it to die out. The problem is I also have a strict, capitalist mindset, so I'm 100% against outright banning it, as:
    -consumer choice is consumer choice
    -I do consider the possible job loss that would maybe result
    -There are people that genuinely like them and
    I am in no position to tell them what to do with their life.

    However, I would not mind seeing more men and women speak up against high heels and if consumers in general show little demand for the industry, at least we can let it crash naturally, which I am much more OK with than I am banning.

    Personally, I hate high heels and I actually consider men or women who like them out of choice perhaps illogical, just as I do people that genuinely like cigerettes.
  • Bananaman177
    I've never even heard of anyplace forcing women to wear high heels.

    Sounds like the owner wishes he was running some kind of bunny ranch boutique.

    I would just quit if I was you. It's better to work at McDonald's than put up with that bullshit. If this is what he dreamed up for today, you probably won't like what he'll dream up next any better, lol.
    • Anonymous

      There are plenty of places that require women to wear high heels whether implicitly or not, but you tend to take on the job knowing that. No different than being hired as a firefighter and knowing you will be wearing 60lbs of gear in the heat---knowing that, you do have a choice to take it or not. As someone who has worked many jobs and gone to school almost entirely wearing someone's uniform, it's part of the gig, but not one that should be enforced to the detriment of their employees in a sexist manner and for absolutely no reason.

    • I meant at regular jobs, not the Bunny Ranch.

    • Anonymous

      I didn't think that's what you meant, but um, okay.

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  • winterfox10
    I figure that dress code issues basically come down to whether or not it bothers the person you are placing the code on. Making a woman wear heels for a job where she is standing and walking around all day isn't practical.
    • Anonymous

      Absolutely. I've worn uniforms for school/work most of my life and I've had uniforms change long after being hired but they were for legitimate reasons. Like when I became a manager, we used to wear these colorful happy polo shirts and khaki pants, but our CEO thought, when staff calls a manager, they want someone who looks very serious and professional, so we switched to like a suit pant (no mention of having to wear heels!) and a more professional blouse with the company logo, and it absolutely was necessary and helped us project a more serious image to guests, but this was pointless, sexist, no one would even be able to see the change being in a booth, and we would have had to climb ladders in skirts---how is that practical?!

    • It's not practical at all, and that's your point. Guys sometimes forget that women will put effort into how they look without any sort of prompting. If what you want is a look up a woman's skirt; just tell her she can wear whatever she wants and don't be creepy about it.

    • JimboGB

      The dress code is based upon the effect it had on consumers not staff.

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  • Hannahm67
    Good for you standing up to your boss. A big problem for women working is that we tend not to ask for things like raises or whatever like men do. The scenario you were in is crazy I can't imagine working somewhere that I had to be on my feet in heels for 8 hours everyday.
    The two worst times/places I have worked the first one were I once worked at this high-end women's clothing place and we had to wear clothes that were being sold there as models. So we would come in the morning and put on what the manager wanted for the day. Some times we would have to wear heels but it was no common since our manager was nice. We got to keep most of the clothes if we wanted them which was nice except we were not allowed to resell them or would get fired if they found out.

    The worst part about working there, however, was that customers could "rent" the girls working for $250 an hour and we would have to try on any clothes they wanted. It was for the men who came in shopping for their wives and some women would do it shopping for their daughters. Most of the time it was fine we got to keep $100 of the 250 plus any tips but some times a man would come in and just be a little creepy. One repeat guy who was older but had to be very rich would come in shopping for his new younger girl every few weeks and he would ask things like "could you try this on without a bra since she never wears bras" or the same thing about underwear or just a lot of inappropriate questions. We shouldn't have put up with it but he was known among coworkers to tip a lot so when I would help him I just went with anything and answered everything how I thought he wanted. Like he would ask " so I heard girls are no wearing panties as much anymore, IS that true for you?" and I would say "I almost never wear panties it makes me feel so naughty" lol I am not proud but tips of $500 were worth it.

    The second worst time I got this temp job at this Santa display at the mall. It was paying really well since no one wanted to do it. Basically it was like the 3 weeks leading up to Christmas and we had to work 10 hours from noon to ten 6 days out of the week. The worst part were the outfits I was an elf helper so we had these green dresses and black boots. That would have been fine but the dresses were for winter and they were made from this thick sherpa/teddy fleece and were very warm and then on top of that were like extra tall Uggs with fur sticking out the top and a full fur lining. So that with moving around a lot helping kids and I got hot. Apparently what happened from a coworker was that the year before they had the thing outside the mall and all the workers got cold so they had to wear coats and stuff over their costumes. So this year they got much warmer costumes. The problem was that they change the location to inside when the room came available at the last minute so thats what we got.
  • Brownisback
    Took my time to read yours.. now hear me out..
    It seems that step wasnr sexist at all.. it was simple marketing that that sorta look attracts customers... anyways.. once u gals explained the situation.. they did revert back didn't they... i dont see it as sexism.. when obviously they didn't know the whole situation of that being uncomfortable as hell..
    • Anonymous

      Thanks for reading all, appreciate it, but how do you explain telling us we looked unprofessional, women only, if we all wore the same uniform? If, as he claimed, this were true, than the edict would have been everyone's uniform needs to be changed. Add to that, you say "that sort of look attracts customers," we aren't models in an agency, we aren't on the floor selling cars, we are cashiers whose only goal is to ring up your items and hand out a few discounts. I also mentioned we worked in a booth that surrounded our entire legs----so what is the point of looking any type of different way from the waist down if literally no one could see it. This is the very definition of sexist behavior when you only create rules that specifically target someone because of their sex.

    • I knew i didn't explain all n 2as expecting these points in response.
      Okay so surely u dont think men n women should wear same dress? I mean.. lets say some place prefers crop tops on women.. could guys pull that off.. pumps.. look good on women while sneakers in men.. its just how it is..
      Now the reasons they gave about unprofessional look, mustve come from some idiot looking to make his name high up by giving unnecessary changes..
      Furthermore, even if u r behind desks n not selling cars.. a customer walking in.. maybe he does see u gals walk about for some reason... its just gives a nice over all look to the place..

    • emmily2396

      The social expectation for women to wear heels itself is sexist because heels are bad for you. They were also not necessary and it could put the employee's health at risk. Try wearing a pair of heels for 1h, then imagine someone having to wear that for 8h

  • MsLexiD
    good for you !!

    What anyone wears, within reasonable boundaries, is their choice ! Personally I love heels,, like how I look in them, have a whole closet full of them - but a) I'm sitting down most of the day, b) if I know I'm going to be walking very far I don't wear them and c) it's my choice to wear them. No damn way I'd wear heels if I were standing 8-10 hours at a time.
  • hellacray
    Well that was a long time ago I'm assuming.

    Doesn't make sense to require a cashier to wear skirts and high heels. You can't even see them since she's standing behind the counter the whole time.

    Makes more sense if she was a waitress since then you can at least see the entire body. But... High heels and serving food doesn't sound like a good idea either.

    Lol who invented high heels anyways? Why do women even wear them when they hate them so much?
  • Oram52
    In sales that might've been understandable, sexist or not. There is necessity to attract customers & aesthetics matter, for both men and women. However what makes either gender aesthetically appealing is different, by and large its women who look as biologically they attract mates, so heels and make up are attractive on women, feminine on men.

    However in this case it was sales job, not only would it be problematic to stand in heels 8-10 hours its also dangerous to climb things. So I can definitely agree, and it does if I be honest is sexist. It was clearly manager who came up with it over the weekend probably for his amusement too. I've never seen cashier's wear heels, and attire is same for both men and women.

    Other than heels are sexy!
    • Anonymous

      I think people think I may have been naive enough not to think that, well, sex sells....but keep in mind, we were young teens, and we were not salespeople. We weren't trying to get people to buy anything. We were the people literally at like "a Target" at the register---those people, and us, do not sell products so the need to look sexy and attractive was senseless, and as I said, we were in a booth where you couldn't see us from the wait down all day---so what is the actual point in changing a uniform into something that no one will see? I honestly think telling him we'd call corporate to inquire about these so called changes, made him change his mind because all company policies always were written down on company letterhead not just told to us in a morning meeting.

    • Oram52

      Yes I agree especially teens, not to mention it is baffling why would you want to in retail, its also dangerous like you said it yourself. It was definitely him from what you have mentioned so far.

  • t-8900
    this sounds unconstitutional, especially since upon the hiring they never mentioned any of this in the policy. Sounds like work place abuse. I myself as a youth worked for ACME. Oh those delightful 12 hour shifts on the hard floors without the ability to sit. It's time for some changes in the labor laws me thinks. Sorry you went through this, you are not alone.
  • MissDawn7961
    if a woman is told to wear high heals to work or no work then no work ! males may think they can wear women's high healed shoes but men who think like this are to ignorant to even know what sex they are , ha , ha
  • Reaperbot666
    • sounds like it could have gone over much better.
    • if instead of making the uniform changes required.
    • they made it an optional choice.
    • provided the clothing was within company guidelines.
    • where it was nothing to reveling but also looked professional.
    • because then it gives the workers more flexibility.
  • jshm2
    This is why you should always join a union. If none exists, make one.
    • zagor

      Actually a lot of unions introduce ridiculous rules. A guy I knew worked at a place where each worker in his job had to produce exactly 30 units a day (I forget what they actually made), no more, no less. And they couldn't leave after reaching 30, they had to just tidy up their work area or whatever.

  • genericname85
    well if high heels belong to your uniform, yes you do. nobody forces you to do that job. so i don't get what the fuzz is about. if you don't wanna wear high heels all day, don't do a job where that is required from you.
    • zagor

      That is ridiculous. There are plenty of professional-looking women's shoes that don't have high heels. Such requirements are absurd and actually impede the ability to do the job. Can you imagine a workplace where they required all short men to wear heels?

    • @zagor if such requirements are absud to you, don't go fucking work at that place. nobody forces you to do the job...

      if there's a place that requires short men to wear heels and you don't like that, don't work there. easy as that.

    • zagor

      So you think regulations that cause health problems and confer no benefit whatsoever are acceptable for employers to implement? I agree that I wouldn't take such a job - just like I won't take one that requires a tie. Fortunately, until Covid anyway, the labor market was tight enough that stupid regulations like that were being done away with.

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  • worldscolide
    i really dont understand why women wear high heels at all, they look so damn uncomfortable.. My wife.. She wears the most uncomfortable things because she thinks they look cute.. im sorry i go for utility and functionality over looks any day..
  • ronny212
    Im sorry to go though that and i would be the type of guy that would massage ur feet after work and make sure u had a bubble bath when u come home from work and im glad u did stand up because that was wrong of him trying to do that
  • ThreeSheetsToTheWind
    When was this? It sounds like something straight out of the last century.
    • Anonymous

      Literally it was.This was in '99 but this happens even today. There is nothing that is going to ever truly stop the "-isms" of the world from happening because there will always be that person or people that thin what they are doing is okay.

    • I would have thought it was more like 1950 but I can believe that. Good on you for taking a stand.

  • JimboGB
    😅😅😅😅 injustice lol that cracked me up something rotten lol
    • JimboGB

      You basically we're talking about a dress code "injustice" πŸ˜† you made me chuckle this morning. "we've heard a lot more about the injustices done to women and some men in work environments due to sexism and harassment." I'm not surprised you have πŸ˜†

    • JimboGB

      After reading such articles you have to wonder if many women are ready for work-life πŸ˜†

    • lumos

      So if you were told to wear high heels at work whereas none of your other co-workers had to, you'd do it with a big smile on your face?

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  • Flower7
    Having to wear heels while standing all day sounds unbearable! I'm glad the job didn't go through with forcing people to do that.
  • pleasestopthis
    Thankfully I chose a healthcare career so I wear scrubs and sneakers.
    It sucks to have to wear heels. Isn't it possible to wear cute flat shoes instead?
    • Anonymous

      Every job I have worked at has had no mandatory requirement to wear heels of any kind.

  • ElizaPam
    Lol that’s what you get for having an office job, college kid.
  • hahahmm
    Then a country where women are required to wear flat shoes & burkas woulld be llike heaven for ya
    • zagor

      Obviously she was complaining about inappropriate regulations so your comment makes no sense.

    • hahahmm

      Oh, look, it’s a white knight

    • zagor

      No it's a logical person, which may seem foreign to you.

  • Rocco7070
    Sorry, but I bet you never complained especially on pay day, no really I know what you mean.
  • Warrior_Nun
    the knee length skirts and maybe a white blouse certainly but the high heels should be optional
  • jennifer_bloom
    Yeah. I heard Boston Pizza used to force all their female workers to walk around in 5 inch heels.
    • Anonymous

      What a nightmare.

  • Definitely
    Ah, yes, the "injustice done to all the women, but only some guys", of course I heard about it.
    I also heard that people don't read your mind to know what you want to say, unless you speak up.
    I'm not even sure what you're complaining here... About the person hiring because you were not given the heavy lifting job, maybe because they were planning to have someone much stronger to lift things that they didn't want to say to not give a bigger salary?
    Or maybe because someone took a bad decision and then refuted it after people pointed out the negative things about it?
    In case you didn't know, at work people don't care about you. They only care about profit. That's regardless of your gender.
  • islandiced_tea
    Heels do look more aesthetically pleasing than regular ol' flats or bulky tennis shoes. Appearance plays a big part in salesmanship. Who would you want to serve you a fine meal: a guy with his shirt tucked into some freshly ironed pants or a guy who looks like he just woke up from under a bridge?

    I understand your point of view as well. I just don't think you'r boss had a sexist mindset when making that decision, just a business one.

    However I am glad the women where you work are not required to wear heels anymore because there are a lot of health disadvantages when it comes to them.
    • emmily2396

      The social expectation for women to wear heels/something bad for their health is sexist.
      Plus, heels don't look better than flats to everyone. I personally had big chunky heels.

    • emmily2396


    • Well, we can agree to disagree on this matter. 😊

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  • BazookaTrouper
    >So imagine our surprise when we had a morning meeting and it was announced that beginning the following week, all female employees would be required to wear knee length skirts and high heels to further help us create a more professional look.

    Ever since I learned in my World Civ class in community college that high heels originated from Louis XIV (a man of all things, albeit not the most masculine in my opinion) wanting to appear taller than his peers, I can't help but find situations like yours highly ironic.

    Who was it that made that a requirement? Was it the manager you went to, or senior management at a higher level?
  • certifiedalphafemale
    I only wear heels during formal presentations. It's so painful when you wear it everytime, it's like walking with rollerblades.
  • MannMitAntworten
    I am surprised during the meeting you all didn’t walk out right then and there. As for the standing all day, you could become a Flagwoman and get paid a prevailing wage for just standing with a stop or slow sign which would earn you about 30+ bucks an hour. At least being required to stand and not allowed to sit - lean, maybe - would be worth your while at that wage.

    What is odd is remembering as a kid seeing little stools set inside the cashiers area for them to sit and even work from the stool. I rather my employee at least have that level of comfort. No allowable sitting or leaning seems like a level or torture.
    • Anonymous

      I've seen so many places with a stool for employees at registers, but many more that do not, I gather largely because they are allowed either more breaks or work only part time shifts of 4-6 hours or less.

    • jmstarling

      Aldi does that because they're European, and company policies reflect union demands in Europe.

  • Cryptic-Game
    Very true. Jobs can be done without high heels being worn.
  • mfate76
    High Heels could not possibly be comfortable to wear especially over prolonged periods of time and the likelihood of long term orthoskeletal damage has probably entered and left the building unchecked.

    Add to that the uncomfortable bra and the increase in breast cancer, tight skirts and the sheer existence of discomfort.

    Make up and the rigours of menstruation and pregnancy it's fair for a sensible male to ascertain it's not easy physically being female add to that supersized boobs and back pain.
  • mikeandy
    it is a good thing that you have complained about this , otherwise you will be wearing heals until you leave your job
  • orangecherry
    Honestly I've never had to wear heels for work. I wear heels for fun 😂
  • Hunter7754
    If you were working sales, then I can understand why they'd expect you to wear skirt and heels. Anytime you're in the public eye as an employee, you have to meet certain standards regarding your appearance. For men, it usually means having their hair cut short, minimal facial hair, and for women it usually means wearing a skirt, high-heels, etc.

    In this case though, doesn't make a whole lot of sense since you're unloading boxes and stuff. High heels aren't practical for that sort of thing nor are skirts.
    • Anonymous

      Some people think I don't get what you said, but we weren't in sales at all, just cashiers in a booth ringing up people, never moving except to get items down off high shelves (yet another reason why heels/skirts would have been totally impractical). There is definitely a time and place for heels and skirts, but this just wasn't one of them or necessary.

  • asshole_
    Yet, there are girls out there, who do need to wear heels to do their job
  • lanadelrey25
    Then don't work at a place that requires it
    • Anonymous

      No, I'm rather glad I stood up for myself and the other women there, because the policy was reversed and I would have never taken the job had heels been a part of the uniform when I started because of the fact that we had to stand for up to 10 hours all day long. Had the outcome not been a reversal of this, I would have for sure quit.

  • jmstarling
    I'm glad you stood up for yourself and won.
    • Anonymous

      Thanks. Learning this lesson early on, really has helped me stand up for myself in other areas far reaching in my life and is something I think a lot of people don't or won't think to do when faced with these type of situations.

  • sensible27
    Wth is this now.
  • Kit_Kat88
    I want to do my job and look good in heels
  • Omar5881
    Leave that place
  • tesfey
    Women shouldn't work in first place
  • Sofie_8_6
    I say depends on the kind of job you have.
  • cloud9vortex1234
    Just ring my order up in time and I'm happy.
  • Sylvanas_Windrunner
    Great MyTake
  • Joker_
  • hi_it_is_me123
    You are right
  • Anonymous
    You did the right thing. In Chinese culture until recently, girls feet were broken in half at the age of around 4-5, and then wrapped with a tight cloth that prevented growth. The girl would stay in bed for 1 year or so afterwards without ability to walk or stand. The girl was not given a choice. This was practiced by everyone, from the royal family down to the poorest peasant family. Girls without deformed small feet would have a hard time finding a husband or a suitable husband.

    It started thousands of years ago during the Tang dynasty. A courtesan in the royal court had small feet, and the emperor praised her for it. The concubines heard about this and some bound their feet to try to make them smaller. This trend caught on. When the royal family does something, it's considered "cool" or the "it" thing to do. So it spread to the nobility, then to the rich people, then to the middle class, then to the poor. It began to start at very early age because the parents figured that better results could be achieved that way. Then it got more extreme over time to eventually include breaking the bone.

    I think wearing high heels is not nearly as bad or extreme but it's fundamentally a similar gesture or act. The worst thing is that it's forced on someone sometimes. Fundamentally it has to do with power, and the lack of love or empathy.
  • Anonymous
    TL, DR

    Guys have a dress code and are REQUIRED to live up to it. Our dress codes are way more strict than any female dress code.
    Women have a WIDE array of options which we do not.
  • Anonymous
    Good for you, no woman should wear them ever, they are not healthy, they are unstable and uncomfortable.