Commanding Thy self


Just blogging something I learnt today.

Conscientiousness is four things

  • hard work
  • decision making
  • perfectionism
  • planning

Hard work, Im good at that, I dont have a job. But I can work hard as heck. 12 hours in the gym before no problem. Got home from class and helped a random construction worker carry heavy ass rocks up and down a slope.

Decision making, I suck at this by other peoples standard. I decided not to get a job because I need time to think. To feel. To try different things. Perhaps im just crazy enough to actually make my own decisions, though. Most people go to university out of conformity.

Perfectionism. Im good at this. Not that I need every detail right, but what is important needs to be valued as important. Poor performance is only acceptable to a therapist.

Planning. Im bad at this. But you know, I believe this is the most important aspect of conscientiousness. Because planning is how you put pressure on yourself. You can be hardworking but if there isn't a plan to diligently work through, what are you actually working hard doing?

A philosopher I like said that nothing good comes from a volcano releasing its pressure. Freedom, not planning, is for people who can't take stress. I dont believe in this "Dont bottle your tears up" bullshit.

Commanding Thy self
Commanding Thy self
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