My Boss called me FAKE. What can I do?

My supervisor and boss called me fake. My supervisor feels I am fake because I treat everyone the same at work, even if I dislike the person. A coworker (Lisa) and I hardly talk because I caught her gossiping about me in the break room. Then when a new guy at work was hire she called me desperate and fast. All kinds of crap but the guy was into me not her. I can’t help that so, I just kept my distance from her and didn’t say anything but hi and bye to her. I kept it professional.

Some how my boss found out that I don’t like Lisa (I think Lisa told her to be honest) and never to my face always behind my back I found out my boss and supervisor called me fake. One of the reasons being I still talk to Lisa at work. I’m friendly with her just like I am with everyone else. I DON’T hangout with Lisa outside of work were not friends. I don’t have her number.

A coworker had a birthday party and he invited everyone Lisa was there. I didn’t care because I was supporting my coworker so it didn’t matter that Lisa was there. My supervisor found out and felt I was fake for going. He said “I don’t understand why Kim would go to a birthday party if she doesn’t like Lisa to me that just seems fake”. This to me is just annoying.
My Boss called me FAKE. What can I do?
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