My parents don't want me to go away for college. What to do?

This subject has just been really stressing me out so maybe I just need to vent but any advice you might have is appreciated. Sorry this might be really long but please stick with me.

To my parents I've always been the fragile one out of my siblings. I'm small and I don't have a lot of physical strength. I also haven't always made the best choices. Unlike my older sister who has always done well in school and been good at sports and always made the right choices. So you might see why my parents don't want me to be in the world by myself.

My thing is though that I want to get the full college experience and go to a university, live on campus and just really be involved this is because I don't go to the best highschool. I go to a rather new highschool which is great education wise but when it comes to social and extracurricular activities like clubs and dances it lacks. It is also a K-12 highschool which means there are children everywhere which makes me feel like I am still in 8th grade. So I guess I want to make up for my crappy highschool experience by going to a regular university.

Now I know I could just go to a university and commute but I have my reasons for not wanting to do that.
1) The commute would be really long and my parents don't even want me to drive because they don't think I would be a good driver.
2) My older sister commutes and she hates it. She isn't involved in anything and does not have many friends.
3) I don't have many options when it comes to commuting. I have maybe 4 options. 2 of them being universities and the other 2 community colleges. Anything else would be longer then an hour commute.
Just my parents keeps telling me to research schools like what for? I'm not going to go to them because they are too far away. I only really have like 2 options if I want to go to a university.

My parents don't want me to go away for college. What to do?
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