What would be a good career option?

For me personally, I been interested in careers such as working in a medical office, or a clinical medical assistant, cosmetology, and or massage therapy. The only thing wrong with that is im not good with communication, like trying to explain things that people will understand. I get queazy when I see something medically horrible and I don't like to work with blood, needles or specimens. I'm not excellent with attention to detail.

Cosmetology I went to school for but it wasn't my passion but I liked doing the basics. I was good at it but i didn't eat, sleep, breathe like most people say. if I decided to go back I have to pay 20,000 for beauty school. I could work in a shop as a intern I'd have to find the right salon to do that.

With the medical field I was helping my grandma with her medical things, everytime I went to her doctors I could give you all her meds names everyone that changed, the dosage and her doctors were impressed by that although sometimes it was hectic and a lot to remember I did. On several occasions her doctor would say have you ever looked into doing nursing i told her I have before and I referenced why I was unsure of being one from what I stated earlier. Then she said there are careers in nursing that don't involve blood or gore. With most classes you have to practice it. I appreciated her telling me what potential I had but, then I thought my grandmother was only one person could I take on hundreds of different people a day.
What would be a good career option?
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