Freelance job or full time worker?

I’m currently working as a freelance worker and at the same time I’m selling second hand clothes.
I quit my previous job because of anxiety that made me couldn’t sleep at night ( I tried not sleeping for 5days and I did went to the therapist. Said it was anxiety and depression. Now i managed not to take any medicine.)

so the thing is…

Today i got message from a company saying that I’m hired (as receptionist in kid center ).
I’ve been thinking about that but the freelance jobs +selling can surely afford my living and even more than how much I earn before.
Should I still try the new job? I thought of working all these three things tgt so I can earn more but I worry that the anxiety will come again.
3 jobs
Stay the same
Try new job , give up the others
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Freelance job or full time worker?
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