Full Time job or 2 Part Time jobs, which one would you choose?

I have been out of a job ever since Covid had started eventually I will be hopefully getting back in searching for jobs. Truthfully I want to have financial independence from my family, I am a 23 year old man who still live with his parents. There isn't nothing wrong with my family, they always do help me out, but I also find it extremely hard to live with them. My family is sometimes super annoying to live with but that isn't only it, I have always wanted to control literally everything in my life. So I think still being dependent on my parents and older sister isn't technically helping me feel more independent, I some day want to save up for my own place. But I wonder to achieve such a dream, I wonder which one is a much better route to take.

If you are working or also currently looking for work which one would you prefer to do, would you do two decent part time jobs or just do one decent full time job?
One Full Time Job
Two Part Time Job
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@Lost_in_the_Woods I actually want to own my own Motorhome and wouldn't technically sell it, I actually want to have a motorhome.
Full Time job or 2 Part Time jobs, which one would you choose?
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