How should I handle this?

So I work a part time job from time to time because I mainly have a full time job that keeps me busy all week so I only come into my pet time job when they request me to.

One time when I came in to my part time job we had new people there one of which was a girl (a) who I got good vibes from and she was nice.

After work I added her on snap and we talked for a bit then just randomly she stopped talking to me. Usually I would just say ok and move on, but to me this was weird because it was just mid conversation. I find out a few days later that she stopped responding because of my other co workers (b) also female suggested that she stops talking to me and brought up a fight me the coworker (b) got into over almost 2 years ago.

I found this out because I ran into coworker (a) while out shopping, and that’s what she said and I confirmed it with one of my close friends that works there more than I do. I should also add for context that at one point while I’m pretty sure she was joking that she liked me so later I sent her a picture that said “I like you” aswell to humor/poke fun at what she said because it sounded very sarcastic when she said it. I’m unsure how to respond to both coworkers when I go back to help out my part time job.

Coworker (A) I feel like I should just move on and take the L I only wanted to be friends nothing more, but I can’t be mad at her if she doesn’t want to talk.

While for coworker (b) my blood boils that she even brought up our fight to her because she constantly, when we were fighting, would say how I need to be “mature” and I thought we’d buried that hatchet but I guess not. I haven’t lashed out to her yet because I promised coworker (a) that I wouldn’t mention it because she was worried it would cause problems at work for her and coworker (b). I’m just confused on how to handle it I don’t want to make anyone mad I just don’t want any drama.

Any ideas on how to handle this is much appreciated thank you.
How should I handle this?
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