Welp...just found my boyfriend's online sex hookup profile. - how should I handle it?

Welp...just found my boyfriends online sex hookup profile. - how should I handle it? I feel dumping is going to happen no matter what, I am looking for how to bring it up or how to tell him


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  • I've been seeing allot of these lately and lately I'm wondering...

    Why are you on dating sites looking for his old profiles? Does it say when it was made or when he last logged in (unless you hacked into his computer and logged in it might be a good way to tell you he hasn't used it in a while)

    I have like 5 old profiles on different dating sites that I rarely use and I would hate if I had a girl friend who found them and broke up with me for trying to find a girl when I was single. actually I would want her to break up with me for I don't want to go out with a girl who's an idiot and thinks I'm still looking.

    also I want to know if you have ever used a dating site before your current Boyfriend and how would you want him to react if he found them?

    some dating sites have options where you can say looking for a friend so I would like to know what it says on his profile.

    sorry for going on a bit of a rant but I'm tired of these questions here on GaG.

    • She didn't catch him on dating site, she caught him on an online sex/hookup site. There is a huge difference. You're rant means nothing.

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    • Looking for the sake of looking, Mr. 156 I think you would be a terrible boyfriend you should break up with her first.

      Regardless you're wrong read the QA's update.

    • it doesn't show any updates (she may have blocked me) I just have trust issues due to past experience and would never invade her privacy and would hope she wouldn't do that to me.

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  • The main question here is how current the profile is. If it's current, then he may be looking to hook up with other girls. Of course, there's always the possibility that he's just looking at eye candy, but that's not the likeliest of scenarios. You need to have an open conversation with him about what you found and hear his explanation. If you're not convinced, break up.

    • it says he signed up last March and last logged in earlier this week.

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    • I can't find that out...I created a profile and looked at his, that how I know the timeframe, but I can't tell his activity on there.

    • The other thing you can do is put up a fake picture of another girl and try to tempt him. See how he reacts. You can even arrange to go on a date with him. He'll be very surprised to see you there.

  • When you're both at the same house open that page and then ask him to come over to check out one thing at the computer...

    By that time you could film his reaction.. and then you have a legitimate reason to murder him.

    ..you could film the actual murder as well!

    • I was snooping his phone and found it...do I have any reason to feel guilty?

    • I guess the end justifies the means.

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  • I would confront him about it. Explain how you found it and how him having an online sex hookup profile has affected you and what you are going to do about it. He doesn't deserve to have a girlfriend if he is trying to go behind your back and hookup with random people.

    I agree that you should dump him!