Close guy mate that takes a liking to fat, manipulative, bitchy cows?


I'm 17 and I have a 19 year old best guy friend (Adam) who is really confusing me at the moment.

Basically, he tells everyone how much he doesn't want a girlfriend, but every now and again he'll fixate on a girl and do whatever it takes to please her.

Here's the sad part - whilst he does have very few friends (mainly BECAUSE of this behavior), he intentionally pushes them away whenever he gets close to a new girl. He even trash talks them behind their back, ignores them, etc.

Again with the theory of that, the nice person always falls for the bitchy person. He's absolutely lovely when he's not like this, yet he always goes for the girls that treat him like sh*t and get close to him because he has money, a car, 2 jobs, etc and want to see how much they can get out of him. Which he doesn't deserve, because he's actually quite an emotional person once you break the barriers down and constantly tell him you can relate to him (we're the only 2 people we know that have suffered at the hands of psychological/social/physical/sexual abuse at the hands of our "parents".) We're meant to be pretty much best friends, and we're even meant to be moving in together in the next few weeks.

Last night he took his latest one, Innika, out lapping (or dragging/racing/whatever you wanna call it), and rather than try and make a good impression to his friends (such as myself, and our mutual friends Georgia, Shanise, and Ricky), she made some rather lewd and inappropriate comments about her sexual history with Ricky, which really angered Shanise as she is now Ricky's girlfriend, and I ended up having to break up the ensuing catfight... which apparently amused Adam.

It just doesn't make sense that he goes for these types of girls yet is really close friends with and apparently "loves" someone like me.

Just a bit of background,

Adam; 19, works 2 jobs (60 hour weeks!), has a new car. He's attractive, funny, smart and (usually) fairly mature. He likes his alcohol on the weekends and video games and technology.

Myself (Courtney); 17, I work a full time job as a receptionist, I just bought my 3rd car (I do them up and sell them as a hobby), I am about to start part time university to get a degree in real estate as its been my dream career for 3-4 years now, I also do part time modeling. I'm considered "one of the boys" despite the fact I'm a girly girl as I'm first up for a 4WDing weekend, and play a bit of sports.

Innika; 18, unemployed, bitchy, likes to start fights and spread gossip, and is well known for being a d***tease and boyfriend stealer. She lacks personal hygiene, commonsense and maturity. And that's from a completely neutral, third party view (my housemate that vaguely knows her).

I told him I don't mind who he dates and that its his business, but I can see this being trouble with a capital T a mile off. So what do I do?
Close guy mate that takes a liking to fat, manipulative, bitchy cows?
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