My boyfriend met with his ex behind my back?

He asked for space and time

I gave it to him, didn't see him in a week

Then he calls me in the middle of the night saying his wife wants to kills him

That he wants to call policr and put him in jail again

I rushed at 3 a. m. i asked what happend he said they spwnt 2 days toghether (those days he didn't talk to me at all)

He said she came to smoke crack at his house and he wanted to be friends with her for the sake of ther common daughter

I got angry but i rushed him to police station and he made some warning or whatever it is called so she cannot come near his house

Is he a liar about not having sex with her? or its bullshit? he said they smoked pot and she smoked crack then started to act all paranoid

He showed me their text messages and she knows he has a girlfriend

What do you think

My boyfriend met with his ex behind my back?
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