How do I get men at work to respect me and take me seriously?

I've always had this issue working in a male dominated industry but now it's took one step further at my new job.

Most the people are lovely and there's a good mix of female and male staff the only issue is we have a lot of different people from different countries at my work.

Most the men are extremely hard working and kind but the younger ones and... How do I put this without upsetting people a lot of the Romanians are difficult to like. Especially the men. a lot of them are intitled, lazy and sexist but not all I'm sure I've came across some who were just nice normal people but unfortunately a lot aren't.

I've recently been trained into a new department. I'm doing well but my conference lets me down at times. a lot of the younger men don't like but I was trained and not them but there's a lot of reasons why I was and they weren't. Firstly I've made myself known positively by mangers. I always say hello and make a effect with them. Secondly I've worked my arse off and not had one day off. Thirdly I'm not agency like a lot of them. Forth I don't go home early a lot and Im always in work half a hour early. I always keep my head down and do what's asked of me and I'm more reliable than them and a lot of them like to mess about and think the company is a summer camp but a big company that needs its staff on the ball 24/7.

Whenever I make a mistake it's ten times worse then everyone else mistakes because it's me and I'm a girl so of course if they did it they'd do it better even though they can't actually do it themselves. They all stand there and stair at me , roll there eyes and such whilst I'm trying to work to try and intimate me.

Some even go as far as thinking it's funny to mess with my work and equipment and play it off as a joke or they will follow me around whilst I'm working trying to annoy me. I'm too nice and I'll just try and make a joke of it but I actually wish they'd fuck off but I feel like I can't say that.
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I was driving my tipping truck the other day and one lad thought it actually be funny to hold on to the back of it whilst I was driving which is extremely dangerous. I wish I'd stopped and gave it what for but instead I stopped driving and said 'oh no what are you doing ". The thing is I want to be liked but I also want to be respected.

I'm 5ft and very cute looking no one even takes me seriously when I do put my foot down and it just makes it worse
How do I get men at work to respect me and take me seriously?
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