Should I try to get him fired?

I work for this internship or at least used to and the guy from there is super bipolar and will often go on anger rants and will take it out on all of us in the group chats. I guess his problem most the time is that he feels like some people aren’t properly doing their job but the internship is unpaid and I do all the work that I’m given.
I know he’s gone through stuff but he has episodes sometimes and I’ve seen him lash out on people in the group chat. Other than that he’s down to earth and stuff like that but that part of him is annoying. We have weekly Monday meetings and I have two jobs and am also a college student. I’ve never missed a meeting. There was one I missed at the beginning because I had an important event but I let him know and most the time the topics in the meeting aren’t even relevant. Most our assignments come through email. So he puts a poll in the group chat weekly where we can vote if we’re going to the meeting or not. I voted that I wasn’t this week and afterwards I think he immediately Unadded me from the groupchat. I’m honestly kind of in shock and can’t believe he did that.

I’ve seen him unadd other people but never thought twice about it. He never texted me to let me know or anything he just simply unadded me and I never heard anything back from the internship. It’s been a couple of weeks now. I’m tired of this and I think it’s so unprofessional. I want to text and ask but I’m afraid he’ll lash out again. What do I do?
Should I try to get him fired?
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