How is the employment currently in the USA for foreign people?


Is it easy or hard to find jobs? My questioned is based on a friend who currently travelled to the USA to work as a nanny. My friend is from Costa Rica and she had been unemployed since 2021 and so far she could nto find a job so through soem old American acquaitance, she found her a job just like 2 months ago as a nanny in the USA. My friend is almost 50. She left yesterday to the USA for that but I doubt she flew with a work permit or work visa cause she told me she had to return to the country on August 13th and this is the first time she is flying to the USA for a job reason, she had travelled before to the USA many many years ago but for vacations. This lady was selected out of 4 other candidates"

I asked her until when she will be coming to the country and she told me this: "I dont know. Im going to try and see" I have a return fly ticket for August 13th, If i dont feel good, I return to the country"

So my question is if she stays after August 13th because she likes the job, do you think now is easier for foreign people to stay for a job, even if the job itself do not require much experience anyway. I mean this friend has a adult son living in the country, but does not live with her anymore, she is divorced, she doe snto have much personal income, the reason she had taken this job opportunity to see if she can stay longer inthe USA with this job if she ended up liking it. My friend is also an assistant but she will work there as a nanny to begin with.

Are job requirements very restricted at this moment in the USA and for the foreign people who wants to work inthe USA, regardless of the type of job. even the simplest one out there who do not require many skills or education or experience?

Do you think my friend could have a shot in end up staying in the USA for a job or it can be hard for her.

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Imagine that I was born in the USA but I dont live there, I have even have relatives who do live in the USA and I had never looked for jobs to fly out there cause I think it is difficul, too much restrictions I assume.
How is the employment currently in the USA for foreign people?
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