What is something you won’t do/change for a job?

My friend and I were talking about this. He said he would never shave his beard for a job. He tried to get a job in a kitchen and they said he has to be clean shaven so he left.

me, I wouldn’t take my piercings out for a job. If you can’t have piercings here then the job just isn’t for me lol. I refuse. And I know you can get those clear nose rings so they aren’t visible but I’m not gonna go through the trouble of constantly changing the rings back and forth

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Someone mentioned smoking weed and that’s another thing I 100% agree with. As long as I’m not smoking and high at work, I don’t see why it’s any of your business what I do in my free time at home. If people are allowed to come home and have a beer or a glass a wine after work then I should be allowed to smoke a joint. Fuck outta here with that drug test lol
What is something you won’t do/change for a job?
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