Tims Top 5 Shows to Watch

Only a small take from this time but I hope you all like it.

1. Orange Is The New Black

this show started as a netflix orignal series its since been released on dvd , the series is set to start its 4th season soon , a excellent series simply very good just like the trailer its def funny , Emotional and powerful a superb combination a lot of shows with this skill set often go on for sometime.

2. Grey's Anatomy

Now this has been going since 2005 and follows surgeons of the fictional Grey Sloan Memorial hosptial in seattle (named after the death of Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan in the middle of season 9 following the purchase of the hosptial to save it from bankcrupty by merdith grey , Derek Shepard , Christina Yang , chief of surgery and with the help of the fictional Harper avery foundation. however the hospital was know by other names including Seattle Grace Hosptial.

it merged in series 6 to form a super hospital this was also the first time we saw Lexie Grey and regluars April Kepner who was been fired 2 times once by Dr webber chief of surgery and once by Dr Webber's replacement Dr Hunt at the end of Season 8 a after failing her medical board exam which everyone else passed , April was however rehired in Season 9 April returned after the orignal firing by interim cheif Derek Shepard and then by the replacement cheif Dr Hunt from her family's farm to return as chief resident for season 9 but was eventually replaced by long term series regluar Dr Miranda Bailey. and the firing of Isobel stevens and the death of George O Malley after he saved a girl from being killed by a bus but sadly died later.

the series has since declined in its popluarity mostly after season 8 due to the high level departures of the likes of Derek shepard (died after being hit by Semi truck at end of S11) , Christina Yang (Left to take over from Preston Burke in Europe as Cardiothroasic head of a hospital - there were mentions of meredith talking to her in s11) , George O Malley , Preston Burke , Isobel Stevens.

but its still going all the same and has started filming season 12 which was confirmed by a Twitter message by April kepner's actress which will see the return of much loved characters as meredith grey , April kepner and Derek's sister Amy (Amelia) Shepard who took over from derek as Head of neuro after derek went to washington to work with the president on his sensors for movement.

3. Heartland

Oh this has got to be another of my absolute favorites its a heartwarming series based on the books by Lauren Brooke filmed in Canada , its had 8 seasons and 1 film (a Heartland christmas) shows no sign of stopping , its a series that can be watched by anyone if you love horses then its double the fun. its based around the life of a girl Amy who is trying to heal horses something her mum did before she died some of Amy's mum's skills Amy inherited in her own DNA and has the same ablities in season 7 Amy joined up with a prince and olympic athlete to train his horses Amy's to be husband ty did not like it one bit in season 8 it came out Amy kissed him and it caused a breakup of their relationship.
Its a great watch the chemistry of Amy and Ty grow from season 1 when amy was only 15 and as you watch the series you feel as if you have grown with character Amy (Amber Marshall)

4. Pushing Daises

Now while this series has ended after being hit by the hollywood writers strike a few years ago , it was a funny series that starred Lee pace and Anna Friel who Played The Pie Man and Chuck (Charlotte) i kind of class this show as a bit of comedy version of The ghost whisperer as the pie man had the ablity to find out who killed them by touching them and bringing them back for 1 mintute otherwise someone else died , while the ghost whisperer could communcate with the departed sprits.
unfornately for emerson cod the detective in the show who initally did not like eventually gets on with her , chuck often wastes his mintute by finding out the dead persons wishes and annoy's him and he often responds with comments like "dead girl's wasting my mintute or why is dead girl here" and also the pint sized character olive snook is also rather funny because she cannot get close to the pie maker who only has eye's for chuck its a series that's full of silliness and humour

5. Bar Rescue

Ok stepping away from the fictional series in my list this one is a documentary help show where bar expert Jon Taffer repairs and redesigns failing bar's so they can make profit again by bringing in his own expert contacts usually people like mixologists and expert cooks & Bar staff. some of the epsiodes are pretty explosive and show what happens when people cannot run a bar properly and one episode ended up with his camera crew being attacked by bar visitors after he told them the owners were stealing from them with their drinks being not done properly while others had Jon screaming at how managers and staff verbally abused and degraded women with comments one went as far to try and hit on Jon's wife which sent him into a rage threating not to help the owner.

But its amazing to see what he can do with the bar's when he is invovled.


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