Movie Review: Ant Man

Movie Review: Ant Man

So about a month or so ago I saw this movie you've probably heard of called Ant Man. Just by watching the previews you kind of get a weird grasp on how this movie is going to turn out, and to be honest it was pretty close to my assumptions. But it just peeked my interest so much I had to make a myTake on it. And yes- THERE WILL BE SPOILERS! So if you haven't seen it yet and don't want anything to be spoiled just leave now.

So let's start with the obvious concept- the superhero. He's a freaking ant for Pete's sake. If this movie wasn't by Marvel I more than likely would've passed when my father asked me if I wanted to go see it (he didn't really want to see it either but we were bored and the rest of the family was dying to see it for some reason). Anyways he's basically a normal guy but he has this suit that allows him to shrink down to the size of an ant (obviously) but for some reason he's really strong, even though you can even see him. So consider it getting punched in the face by an invisible man.

Honestly though I find this concept weird as heck. I feel like someone could just step on him and kill him (but then again they can't see him so I guess that wouldn't work unless it was accidental). But whoever came up with this idea has a very..."unique" sense of creativity.

And can we just talk about the name of the movie? "Ant Man" to me just sounds oddly familiar. Kind of like a similar Marvel superhero- Spider-Man! Of course the two heroes are nothing alike. One is a bug 75% of the population is scared of while the other is the bug little kids like to squirt with hoses. But to me when I first heard the name "Ant Man" I felt like it was too close to the "Spider-Man" name. I'm not really sure what else they could name it, though, so I guess it'll have to do.

One thing you easily notice in this movie is that it is not meant to be taken seriously AT ALL. Not even the "large" fighting scenes. I mean for crying out loud in one scene he's fighting the main villain in a freaking briefcase! Of course the producers saw that this would never be taken seriously and actually made it comical, which is good because if they didn't this movie would legitimately be the cheesiest thing ever. But I feel like there's nothing in this movie that CAN be taken seriously.

For example- the one part where he was lost in space or whatever from shrinking too much- was that even supposed to be funny? I'm not sure because I was laughing the entire time anyways. I feel like that was the only part that was meant to be taken seriously, but really you just can't.

Final Thoughts-

Although Ant Man had its weird moments that made you wonder why you even came to this movie anyways (probably because it was made by Marvel) it actually wasn't THAT bad. It was definitely one of the more comical superhero movies, and not necessarily in the cheesy or corny way. It did have a pretty good storyline and the plot had a lot to it. Would I watch it again? Probably. Is it my favorite superhero movie? Definitely not. Out of ten I'd probably rate it about a 6.5.

Thanks for reading! Please tell me what I should do next and I hope you enjoyed! ;)


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  • I liked the movie. I found it fun and entertaining :) ... imagine having sex with AntMan that size hahaha


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  • First off, it was kind of necessary to include Ant Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, since Ant Man is actually one of the founders of the Avengers in the comics, wasn't how it happened in the MCU but still, I guess that's show this character is relevant.

    And second, as ridiculous as this character is, I think they did a decent job to maie it work in film, its quirky humor works for Ant Man the way it wouldn't work for Captain America for example.

    All in all, I liked the movie. I never expected anything from it, and when I saw it I was entertained. That's all I can really say about it. Also, Michael Peña was a good comic relief throughout the film.

    Good review though. Hope you make more of these. Should be your signature!

  • As a Paul Rudd fan, I really wanted to like it.


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