Spider-Man Homecoming; Such a Messed up Film!

Spider-Man Homecoming; Such a Messed up Film!

Just watched Spider-Man Homecoming, and I've got to say... I'm glad Sony is taking Spidey back. This had a glaring black hole of lousiness that bugged me so much.

In short--all the men are idiots and weak. Except for this guy.

He's here to raise today's boys. Or kill everyone. Whatever needed.
He's here to raise today's boys. Or kill everyone. Whatever needed.

Yup. Bad guy who wanted to cause mass casualties for fame and fortune and power? Sure. And the only non sorry excuse for a man in the movie. The only actual male role model for Spidey or anyone watching the film. The only male character who does a good job of being calm, confident, mature, ambitious... anything.

Think back. Yes, literally every female character we met besides Janice (who really doesn't count as much of a character) was fairly strong, smart, calm, collected, confident.

Aside from being not nearly as hot in the film she definitely was a pretty strong character with her act together
Aside from being not nearly as hot in the film she definitely was a pretty strong character with her act together
Busy trying to keep Spider-Man's act together and keep her flings from catching feelings on her
Busy trying to keep Spider-Man's act together and keep her flings from catching feelings on her
A calm, confident, veteran soldier.
A calm, confident, veteran soldier.
Even this twerp does a good job of keeping it together even in the face of death.
Even this twerp does a good job of keeping it together even in the face of death.

Now. Let's compare.

An obese idiot comedy figure. Okay...
An obese idiot comedy figure. Okay...
Another overweight comedy figure who professes his love for Aunt May, only to be told he's just a fling and they're friends.
Another overweight comedy figure who professes his love for Aunt May, only to be told he's just a fling and they're friends.
Spider-Man Homecoming; Such a Messed up Film!
Former Spy. Now relies on kids for help. Gets totally duped by villain. Thinks a construction zone is Interpool.
The two professors. Nerdy comedians.
The two professors. Nerdy comedians.
And don't get me started on him
And don't get me started on him

Think about that. In this superhero movie, in this age of equality, "progressive" now means "all women are strong and the only strong male role model is the villain."

Aren't you glad we're becoming so diverse and progressive?
Aren't you glad we're becoming so diverse and progressive?
Spider-Man Homecoming; Such a Messed up Film!
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  • Venture
    This reeks of fragile masculinity. If those are the ideas you you to force into this then either we watched different movies, or you were just looking for some place to bitch about these "issues"'. Also if you are worried about weak men, there are many different ways to embody masculinity and to be a man. And being scared or smart or happy, and not buffed out on roids doesn't make guys weak? I have no idea where you got that idea, and most of the guys in to movie ended up stepping up to the plate, acting with bravery, and making it through situations they have never been in before. It's good that plots are moving away from the gruff power fantasy male stereotype, it gives room for more diverse and developed characters. And the women weren't idealized for the purpose of progressiveness or feminism either. Literally the only difference is that none of them were damsels. "Most of the female characters were fairly strong, smart, calm, and collected". Yeah, that's also most WOMEN. I literally don't now how you managed to turn this into a gender thing, and especially as a criticism.
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  • Deathraider
    I think it’s a pretty good non-avengers MCU movie. I do like how they used Mysterio. Most of the Spider-Man villains we have seen in the movie were more of tragic villains. Like in Homecoming, the Vulture became a villain once he was fired. Or Sam Raimi Spider-Man 2. Dr. Octopus was a villain who became such after an accident. But Mysterio, he’s someone who just doesn’t care how many people he has to hurt to get what he wants. It sort of plays on our expectation and the movie still felt like a Spider-Man movie.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anna__M
    So basically you didn’t like it because you can’t watch a movie without applying social politics and agendas. I really don’t think it was as deep as you tried to make it. You just can’t enjoy anything because you got social politics on your mind at all times. And This movie was fine, not one of the greatest marvel films but still enjoyable.

    With that said The male characters were fine. Spidey was a dorky teen so of course he seems less strong. 🗣Let 👏🏾him 👏🏾grow. Happy, Ned, and the teachers where all likable so I see no problem.
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    • Edanurus

      Its very hard to not think about social politics looking at phase 4. For those who remember what happened to the comics when they brought in the characters they are bringing in now thats what it was, Unpopular stories that were more about social issues than telling a good story.

      Also likable doesn't mean competent, Homer Simpson is a likeable character but he's not a role model.

      haven't seen Far From Home to be fair so I can't comment on the movies but I do know how it went down in the comics and this lead to the comics today where indy comics are making more than most marvel comics are.

    • Femalesplaining to me about male characters hmm?
      Do tell, besides jake, were there any non bozo male characters?

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  • SpiderManFan2002
    I know a lot of films these days are politicised and I also know this wasn't one of those films.

    Spider-Man Far From Home Review: Trying Not To Pull a Tom Holland ↗
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    • Also... I have a really huge problem with you complaining about Zendaya's character MJ not being "hot".
      She's supposed to be playing a 16 or 17-year-old school girl. So why would you want to perv on a schoolgirl character?

      You're just mad they've stopped over-sexualizing female characters, and they've given the male characters room to be emotional without being made a fool of.

    • "You know this wasn't one of those film" how so, psychic powers? It's fairly politicised.

    • How is having "psychic powers" at all politicised? The only one politicising anything is YOU.

      And actually Mysterio's "powers" were not psychic, he had no powers he was doing everything he was doing, by hologram technology.

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    Far From Home. But similar enough to Homecoming. Once Iron Man is dead, all the men become evil or morons. But they're terrified of backlash if any of the women are shown as being douchey. Funny how when the SHIELD lady asks Peter to undress, she orders him to do so in front of her, in a public spot, and never gets called out for potential sexual harassment of a minor. Or how Peter gets bullied and blackmailed, and the woman gets off Scott free. Or how EDITH is not really all that intelligent, but is very homicidal, and it's made out to be Peter's fault. No one criticizes Tony for writing such a blood thirsty AI. Or such a vague instruction manual. Or May takes advantage of Happy, breaks his heart, yet he's made out to be the putz.

    It's like the whole writing team was sucking on Tide Pods or something. Surprised they didn't tack on some of the anti-Trump hysteria I see in Facebook posts. I enjoyed the video game more, specifically because it wasn't trying to compete in the Woke Olympics. In that respect, Far From Home never ceases to embarrass.
  • HomoFuge
    I don’t think that is what the movie was intending to say. Spider-Man: Far From Home focused more on the aftermath of Endgame. With all the big three gone and the Avengers no longer existing, Spider-Man was the only available super hero which is why Nick Fury was putting so much pressure on Peter to ‘step up.’

    The main villain was pretty weak but this is because the movie was more focused on showing Peter’s growth and wrapping up loose ends from Endgame.

    It is not just men who are villains. You had Thor’s sister in Ragnorak.
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    • 1. I thought the villain was well done. 2. I am not saying it was bad there was a male villain. It's bad that the villain was the only non idiot male in the movie.

  • October808
    Yet you missed the BIGGEST plothole of them all. The Thanos snap. If these people returned to the exact place they disappeared from, all the people that were in airplanes, crossing streets, on ships, in vehicles, on trains etc would all die after reappearing. And the S. H. I. E. L. D. agents are Skrulls. You did watch the whole movie yes?
  • bolverk
    What we the fans have come to expect from Marvel/Disney, Ignore cannon, screw up the story and generally sh*t over the ones buying the tickets, I still think the ONLY reason Captain Marvel was a box office "success" was Marvel/Disney buying up huge blocks of tickets as there were never any lines outside my local cinema waiting to watch any of the showings. Nuff Said!
  • HeavenSentInstrument
    Im not sure you saw the same movie I did...

    You have some really strange and wild views about what happened.

    And by the way...
    Nick Fury wasn't even there. He and both Colbie Smulders' characters were replaced by Skrull dopplegangers.
  • cirno
    I think the spiderman game for ps4 is the best version of spiderman now
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  • Miristheiss
    That is Far From Home... nor Homecoming.

    I didn't care for Homecoming... I liked him in Civil War.
    He was a babbling, screw up klutz in HC and didn't have any control over his powers.
  • MC-Spanner
    I wasn't a fan of the movie but absolutely for not the same reasons. The idea of an imbalance between the men and some didn't even cross my mind while watching it and I feel you're making up the issue just to push your own agenda. That being said, the movie was not good. There were serious pacing issues, extremely forced comedy and overall it felt like the movie had no structure to it. Not a good movie, but not for the reason you're suggesting
  • thecrazystudent
    I thought it was a good movie. Your opinions don't seem to be rational, unlike your username.
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  • BrittBratt2416
    mmm i haven't watched it yet, but my fiance said it was great and that he liked it.
  • englisc
    I watched the beginning of it yesterday with my kids and I thought the same thing.
  • koalakola
    Homecoming. I think you got it mixed up. I don't know who Janice is (the one from Friends?)

    You need to take back on what you said about Fury cause you clearly didn't watch second post credit.

    Also, relax. This isn't a film about social message. It's a film about a kid wanting a vacation and spoof on 'Great Powers, Great Responsibility'. The acting could have been better but I am saying this for it comes right after EndGame. Maybe Marvel wanted to tone down the kind of intensity they left with and who else could do it better than Spider-Man on vacation.

    PS: The buildup in first post credit scene is monumental and makes the movie wholesome. I wish it were part of MCU because that would be something worth watching.
  • CocoBat
    Oh man that's gay, social politics in all the damn movies!
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  • ask4any
    I think you should not be able to watch superhero movies anymore. It's not like they are based on true or actual events. IT'S A MOVIE!!!
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  • Clarke498
    Lol, didn't even think about that. My main problem was that it's not a spiderman movie. It's an iron man movie. With Spiderman where Iron Man should be.
  • Babygirl_S
    I'd take Krrish over spider man any day!! That's the only superhero that I like to watch again and again.
  • Hypnos0929
    Ima be real with you. You sound like a feminist of men, it's not that serious
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  • nicholas197643
    i like the amazing spiderman movies the best that came out in 2011 an 2014
  • JamesRandiDebates
    You're reviewing "Far From Home," not "Homecoming."
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