Spider-Man Far From Home Review: Trying Not To Pull a Tom Holland


You might look at the title and think: 'What?' So, here is the reasoning behind the title. Tom Holland is known for not trying to spoil things in movies but spoiling them anyway and in this review, I'm not going to try and spoil things but probably will end up doing so, hopefully, nothing major, just minor spoils. So not trying to spoil the film, but spoiling things in it anyway is pulling a Tom Holland. :P

I actually have a little bit of a reputation for spoiling movies myself, I spoiled Iron Man's death for about half of my friends by accident, but that's a story for another day.

So, Spider-Man Far From Home: Free of Spoilers-ish review!

Spider-Man Far From Home Review: Trying Not To Pull a Tom Holland

The Story

Okay, so this technically isn't a spoiler because Tom Holland said something similar on the Graham Norton show. A vague outline of the story is Peter Parker wanting a break from being a superhero, but soon realizing, he can't take a break because you never know when the world will need to be saved. Because Peter has great power and (wait for it):

With great power, comes great responsibility

I think they go about the story pretty well because you really get that Peter has the same struggles as a typical teenage boy, i.e. being too shy to straight up ask the girl he likes out and just wanting to have fun with his friends.

I mean and as a teenager (myself included) we've probably all had some kind of responsibility which we see more like a chore than anything else and we run from it. Okay, it might not be as big as saving the world, but we've probably all tried to run from responsibilities so in my opinion, us running away from the small little responsibilities we have compared to Peter actually makes up feel sorry for and empathise with Peter. I think they were pretty smart about that.

As for the Peter and MJ love story, I think that played out pretty well. In fact, this is my favourite Spider-Man love story compared to the other movies. It was just so much more of a realistic love story which would involve teens. Both teens were shy and awkward and had quirky little perks about them. The love story didn't develop straight away, but it didn't just smack you in the face at the end of the movie. From the beginning of the movie, it was evident that Peter liked MJ but was just too shy to say it. As the movie goes on, their relationship slowly but surely develops and I love how Peter remembered little details about her. Way before the end of the movie these two was together and can I just say the ending scene was so adorable. I almost spoiled that for you but then I realised. Phew.

I'm not really say anything else about the story itself because I'm scared I'll end up rewriting the script or something.


1) Peter Parker

Peter Parker played By Tom Holland
Peter Parker played By Tom Holland

So, he was definitely extremely child-like in Civil War, Homecoming, he made a good point or two and a mature decision to help Tony Stark fight Thanos in Infinity War, but I think he came across as more child-like towards the end when you know, THAT happened. We didn't see too much of him in Endgame, he did his job helped out enough seemed somewhat childish but we didn't see enough of him to comment on his attitude as a whole.

At the beginning of this movie, Peter is childish in the sense he doesn't want to step up to his responsibility, and he is really naive and too trustworthy for his own good. But he grows as a character becomes more mature (but still childish in a fun way), and he realises no matter how good people seem you can't trust everyone at face value.

There is even one point in the movie where even though he's being beaten down he's still too trusting for his own good.

Again as a teen, I see a little bit of that too trusting naivety in myself and people I know, it actually reminded me of myself and a few people I know.

There's also a little hint of jealousy in Peter Parker concerning MJ, but make of that what you will, and let's just say he does something really careless, and stupid because his relationship with MJ was at stake. Classic Peter, but he's just a kid at the end of the day, I don't think I'd exactly be smooth with the whole "I might be the next Iron Man" kinda weight on my shoulders.

And also there's a sense of sweetness in Peter towards MJ, he tells her she looks nice a few times and doesn't make any cheap comments towards her, the kinda comments I hate like: "You look so hot" and "sexy", and I actually found that really nice and I think the guys and girls who make the cheap comments should take a leaf out of Peter's book.

As ever, Tom Holland delivered another brilliant performance as Peter. This movie changed like the wind in terms of emotions, and each time Tom Holland played a different emotion he made it believable, and much like in Homecoming he was a believable teenager, I know his youthful looks had a part to play in that, but I didn't think of him as a "manchild" or anything I just thought of him as a "teen" or a "child" and for someone who's just left school and went on a school residential myself earlier this year, I think he did a pretty good job of playing a kid on a school trip and I can imagine on my school trip if I kept on having to go to secret meetings and whatever, instead of just chilling out with my friends I would've been annoyed too.

Peter can come across as just a tad bit selfish in the sense the whole world is at stake and he's just bothered about going on his school trip but think if it was you. You're a teenager, you've just spent some time in the quantum realm which feels like it's been 5 minutes but in reality has been 5 years, someone really close to you has died in front of you, you haven't seen any of your friends or family, even though you've done it you have to redo the whole school year again- wouldn't you just want to focus on things which make you happy? Whether it be spending time your friends, or the person you like, wouldn't you just want to move on and put everything behind you? Unfortunately, the world isn't as simple as that and Peter soon comes to realise that.

Overall I really liked Peter in this movie. He learned a lot and showed a lot of himself, and overcame his fears and really grew as a character.

Oh and nothing to do with Peter as a character BUT I thought I'd just add, when we went to the cinema today, I was wearing a NASA jumper and in the movie, Peter was wearing a NASA t-shirt! My best friend said to me "you should have seen your face" when I saw that. Looks like we both have good dress sense. :P

MJ aka Michelle Jones

MJ aka Michelle Jones played by Zendaya
MJ aka Michelle Jones played by Zendaya

One of my most favourite parts of the movie! Seriously! MJ is my favourite Spider-Man love interest as of now. I had a feeling I'd love Zendaya as MJ and she proved me right.

Firstly, I know I've said it once, twice, many times, but I'll say it again because it's true, the most realistic Spider-Man movie love interest I've ever seen.

MJ in the original Spider-Man Trilogy was the worst, most useless, part of the Trilogy. All she did was giggle, scream, complain, whine, do nothing to help herself, she didn't really help anyone else either, cheat on Harry with Spider-Man complete stranger who she just met a couple of times, she didn't know who he really was, then cheat on that other guy she was with, in the second one, on her wedding day with Peter, and cheat on Peter with Harry Osborn in the third one. And the acting like the sweet innocent girl who wouldn't even say 'boo' to a ghost? Please.

Zendaya's MJ, was smart she helped Peter figure things out, she figured out Peter was Spider-Man when disaster struck she didn't stand there and scream, she ran and hid smart move. When something was about to attack MJ came up from behind and attacked it with a mace, not only saving herself but her friends too. Even when seeing Peter at one point in the movie she brought a mace just in case anything happened. She didn't rely on Peter to just swoop in and save her she relied on herself. She even showed she was knowledgable on some other things and was witty at times.

She lied about one thing, her feelings for Peter because she said she hadn't had the best luck when it comes to getting close to people.

Zendaya's MJ had a personality, a sense of humour, a sense of bravery about her, she was mostly honest, said things how they were, was really smart in more way than one, and did things to help herself, and others her looks were just a bonus and I liked that they didn't cake her with makeup, because in reality a lot of girls who are of that age in real life don't wear as much makeup as the movies really suggest. And she was a character which many young girls in high/secondary school could identify with and see some elements of themselves in.

I feel like Kristen Dunst's MJ was only there to give male viewers an image of an "idealistic" "perfect" girl. She didn't have much personality about her, the only thing she really has over Zendaya was she looks like MJ in the comics and Zendaya doesn't.

I loved the way Zendaya plays this MJ, when she lies to Peter you can tell she's lying and she's trying to hide something, again the emotion in her character was evident when she had different feelings and I know Zendaya has played an American high school student before, but not one like this. Even though people doubted her, she delivered and I loved her.

I can't wait to see Zendaya as MJ in the future!


Mysterio played by Jake Gyllenhaal
Mysterio played by Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal was epic as Mysterio for starters!

Mysterio definitely brought a shock to people in some instances, when I say people I mean me and my best friend because all the other 5 people in the cinema seemed emotionless. It was obvious at certain points in the movie, Mysterio was made to get different reactions out of people and I don't think I've ever had so many different reactions to just one character like I have Mysterio.

His backstory is also really interesting and it makes you feel kind of bad for him as someone else involved in his life was kind of harsh on him, which was in my eyes really unfair on him.

Nick Fury

Spider-Man Far From Home Review: Trying Not To Pull a Tom Holland

As always, Samuel L. Jackson adds an element of comedy to the movie, with those memorable one-liners which make you laugh and simultaneously think: "Oof that was harsh."

I feel like Tony Stark acted more as a father figure to Peter, whereas Nick Fury just seemed to be more of a mentor. Nothing against that, just my opinion. I just feel at times Peter and Tony had a way more personal relationship (father-son kind of thing) than Peter and Nick. But I suppose that does have time to develop, or maybe Peter has been through enough to now not need a figure like that in his life, maybe after having been through everything he went through in this movie, he'll be strong enough to not need to be mentored. Who knows?

I feel like Nick Fury gave Peter the kind of tough love he needed to understand that:

With great power comes great responsibility

And when Peter pulled through in the end, he got the praise from Nick Fury he deserved.

Other Characters

Ned Leeds played by Jacob Batalon
Ned Leeds played by Jacob Batalon

Ned - I just love how he roots for Peter constantly and always has his back. I wonder what it would be like if Ned met Harry Osborn when MJ figured out Peter was Spider-Man and she told Ned she figured it out, Ned seemed a teensy bit jealous because he was all "Well I've known for longer, but whatever, it's not a competition". I found that pretty cute, maybe Ned felt less special to Peter because now he's not the only kid in the class who knows, or maybe he feels like Peter and MJ are going to spend more time together and he'll be left in the lurch? I know it's a small thing, but I just thought it was cute, and put an even larger emphasis on their friendship if that makes sense. We all need a friend like Ned in our lives seriously I have my Ned my best friend who I went to go see this movie with today. :P

Betty Brant played by Angourie Rice
Betty Brant played by Angourie Rice

Betty - Okay so, Betty and Ned get into a relationship. The trailer already showed that so don't shout at me for spoilers. You know those really cheesy romantic couples? That was Betty and Ned they were literally sat next to each other on the bus texting how much they missed each other. Usually, that kinda stuff annoys me, but it was obvious that relationship was slipped in for comedy plus I kinda expected it as Ned and Betty dated in the comics. Betty was also a friend of MJ's, by the looks of things but I don't think I can really say a lot about Betty, there's still plenty of room for her to develop as a character.

Brad played by Remi Hii
Brad played by Remi Hii

Brad - I'm not gonna lie, when I saw this dude in the trailer I thought he was gonna be Harry Osborn but no, he was a dude called Brad. UGH. This kid was so horrible! Annoying! He did something really shameful to Peter, really it was awful, but let's just say when he called Peter out for being (quote him) "shady" MJ handled it pretty well. Gotta give it to Remi Hii, the guy who played him though, he did a pretty good job of making me hate him, in the cinema my best friend even whispered to me: "That kid's a d-head" Only she said what "d" stands for and I agreed.

Flash Thompson played byTony Revolori
Flash Thompson played byTony Revolori

Flash - So I know Flash is usually a bully, and in here we did get that bully aspect of him slightly. It wasn't a physical kind of bully, but more of an "I think I'm smart, and I think you're stupid so I'm gonna us my apparent intellect to bully you" kinda thing. But Flash in a sense was actually a huge help to Spider-Man in a way (again trying to spoil things) and turns out he's a huge Spider-Man Fan (no, he ain't me) himself and as he was fanboying over Spider-Man he referred to Peter as a d-word. Which was funny. They kinda did the whole "rich-kid on social media" thing with him, which worked pretty well, and though I know those things are kinda annoying it came across as comical. Tony Revolori, again, was able to deliver the comedy pretty well, the intellect bully side just came across as someone who was annoying and arrogant- what most intellect bullies are so again, he played the role well.

Mr. Dell played by JB Smoove
Mr. Dell played by JB Smoove

This picture is not from far from home^^

Mr. Harrington played by Martin Starr
Mr. Harrington played by Martin Starr

Mr. Dell and Mr. Harrington - These two didn't really play a large or serious role in the movie, they were there purely for comedy but honestly, it really worked. One of them moaning about their wife, the other didn't know what was going on half the time. They actually reminded me of some of my teachers in the past. These two actors Martin Starr and J.B. Smoove worked "Smoovely" together, (get it? Okay I'll stop.) I think they were a good pair of actors who worked together, more for the comedy aspect of things, I don't know why but the two just seemed to go well together.

Visual FX

The visual FX were stunning, honestly I and my best friend could not stop being in awe in how amazing they were we just appreciated them so much.

I know at the end of Homecoming, when Spider-Man fought Vulture it just seemed like a boring CGI fest or whatever you wanna call it, but I seriously think in this movie they upped their game with the visual FX.

If we saw it in 3D it would have been amazing, but 2D tickets are cheaper, and we didn't want to break the bank or our piggy banks so...

Extra Classmates

Have you ever watched a movie or TV show where the majority of the extras are just one race? I mean in a lot of places these days that's just not how it is.

I loved the fact that even the extra classmates were of various ethnic backgrounds because it just makes it seem more real and kind of reminded me of my old secondary school.

Post-Credit Scenes

If I tell you what they were exactly I'd be spoiling the movie for you massively and you'd hate me so I'm not gonna tell you that.

What I will say is when the credits roll, don't just up and leave the cinema stay till the very end because, trust me, the post-credit scenes will shake you to the core, I swear a mini-earthquake will happen inside of you, just stay until the very very end.

All I'm gonna say is there has to be a follow on movie from this one, I'm guessing summer 2021 because Homecoming came out in 2017 and it's been 2 years.

Was It Worth My Money?

Yes! The story was great, the actors played it out so well, visual FX STUNNING, and even the little details such as casting extras from a variety of ethnic backgrounds made it totally worth it.

To be honest, I think this was better than Homecoming, and not once whilst I or my best friend who was watching the film feel dead or bored we loved every minute of it, we were laughing a lot, we pulled the "oh my-" face a lot, we got triggered a lot, we even felt sad whilst watching some scenes.

It's definitely worth your money and was certainly worth ours because there were about 7 people in our cinema because we went when all the kids were at school, and other people were at work. So there were no screaming children, and we basically got the cinema to ourselves.

Also, my best friend and I were also the people to leave, and we were so happy she recorded me singing the Spider-Man theme song. xD

And can I just say? I predicted one major turning point in the movie! And when I predicted my friends were like noooo, and my brother was like noooo, and when I watched it I was right! I figured it out! I knew it! I knew that would happen because that's what happened in the comics I read from school, and that's what happened in a cartoon I'd watched! I knew it was right, they were wrong and I bragged to them when I got home, like 'ha, remember when I was saying ____________________________" and you told me I was wrong? Well, turns out I was right! My spidey senses didn't fail me!

Okay, brag over, hope you enjoyed this MyTake. I'm sorry I'm not like a top critic or anything and points in this MyTake do seem a little vague, I know but it's so hard not to spoil anything, and remember this is from a 16-year-old girl's perspective not some next level movie critic. Anyway, hope you enjoyed :)

PS: Did I pull a Tom Holland?

Spider-Man Far From Home Review: Trying Not To Pull a Tom Holland
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  • JDavid25
    Great review.. I think that this is the best Spiderman to date really.. I thought the first act Highschool stuff was great and hilarious... I thought the relationship between him and MJ is really cute.. And I liked how it all came together.. I agree the relationship was realistic.. I liked that they was both Awkward... That made it even more cute, and made me root for them more.. The action was great.. Especially the second and third act.. Loved the illusion that Mysterio casted over Spiderman throughout the movie, and the last fight scene between them was fantastic.. I thought a lot of the comedy was clever.. And Jake Gyllenhaal seemed like he was havin a good time with the role.. Dude seemed like he was havin fun.. Overall, this is the best Spiderman movie to me.. Well, okay maybe Into The Spiderverse takes that spot.. But this is second.. I definitely liked this better than Homecoming.. I liked Homecoming.. But I didn't know how to feel about it the first time I watched it.. With this one though.. I knew it was a good Spiderman movie..
    Is this still revelant?
    • I know right! I agree, but I do think this is the best Spider-Man movie, I loved Spider-Verse so I'll let them tie as the best because I can't choose between them now you come to mention it :P

      I mean we were lucky seeing it, considering the cinema was basically empty. But our audience just seemed dead on the inside I was thinking:

      A: "You guys are a lively bunch, aren't you?"
      and B: "Come on guys, at least laugh, we're not at school anymore"

      The most lively thing they did was one of them was running down the stairs and fell. I laughed a little but felt bad afterwards.

      I was just hyped to go the cinema, the fact we were seeing Spider-Man made me get hyped even more xD

    • JDavid25

      True.. Hmmm.. Its a hard choice for me too.. I loved Spiderverse too.. But this movie was fantastic.. And oof yeah the main reason I like goin to the cinema is to react with the audience.. 😂.. I couldn't sit wit a dead audience.. They sound like they needed to get the stick outta they butts.. 😂.. But yeah I feel you..

    • JDavid25

      Thanks for MHO Spidey!! 😊..

  • Deathraider
    The movie was definitely better than Homecoming and I do like the fact that for most of the movie, it wasn’t the Iron Spider that Parker was using.

    I do also like the fact that the End credit does set up to Phase 4 pretty well.
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  • HorrorFan
    It was a very good movie. There were aspects of it I really liked and aspects I didn't really like.

    I don't like the focus on Peter being an Iron Man Jr. He really should have done a bit more to break away and become his own person and even with that starting to maybe happen towards the end, I guess we'll have to see it happen in the next one.

    The post credit scenes... the first one left me kind of rolling my eyes at what this means for his character going forward. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, but it's not the route I would have gone.

    The second post credit scene to me was lazy and pointless. It takes a lot of suspension of disbelief for that one.

    It's weird to me that the first movie was all about him swooning over Liz but always taking on responsibility. This one was all about him swooning over MJ but trying his best to avoid responsibility. He's been built up in the MCU as someone that is happy to take on the burden of the hero and he really tried avoiding it this movie...

    Anyways, the action was pretty spectacular, the jokes landed well enough and Tom Holland is a fantastic Spider-Man.
    • Wasn't him breaking away from Iron Man Jr, basically what happened on the plane thing where Happy and Peter were discussing being the next iron man though? That's what I thought. :)

      I mean I guess I can understand his reasoning for wanting to go forward with it in Homecoming he hadn't really experienced any trauma, the worst that happened to him was, he got beat by Captain America and Ant-Man.

      In this movie, he probably wanted to run away from that responsibility because he'd been 'bliped', when he came back from the Quantum Realm he found out five years had passed that must've been a shocker, having to help fight Thanos and losing at first, then having to fight Thanos' army of aliens and stuff, and on top Tony Stark died right in front of him. For a 16-17-year-old kid that must've been some kind of a trauma I suppose, so he just wanted to put it all behind him and be what he hasn't got to do for a long time, just be a regular kid.

      I mean and I guess he likes MJ now because Liz left so he has to move on.

      That's my understanding of it. :)

      Thanks for the interesting opinion pal :)

  • RolandCuthbert
    I loved the flick. But that whole plot of tricking Fury and Shield with a sophisticated illusion was garbage.

  • Stingray444
    Wow! This just made my hype spark up by like 10 times to wanna see the movie! 😂😃 Very Awesome review! I think you're one of the best critics in my opinion 😃 Everything you wrote is phenomenal, glad you had fun!

    Can't wait to see it for myself 😁😃👍👍
    • Now the best... I wouldn't say that, more just a little below average kinda critic lol.

      I was so stoked that I was wearing a NASA top, and so was Peter lol

      We really had an awesome time, but we were the only two people actually reacting to the movie, the rest of the audience was just dead like -_- and I was just thinking: "Well, you guys are a lively bunch, aren't you?"

      What's funny is my hair was kinda like MJ's I always wear it like that, it's either that way or up in a ponytail or a bun and I had a top on similar to Peter's xD

      Hope you enjoy just as much as we did :)

    • You're really good at writing tbh! And Wow, what a coincidence that you were wearing the same clothes lol

      Glad you had fun, but I know what you mean when the rest of the people were like "party poopers" ikr πŸ˜‚

      And Wow again, another coincidence that your hair looks the same as MJs too! πŸ˜‚

      I bet I'll enjoy it, glad you had fun! It's also been a while since I've seen a good teen love movie & plus top Action comedy all-in-one! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • I like to keep humble :)

      And I know right, the thing is that's how I've been wearing my hair the majority of my time since I was about 12 lol, the only thing I've changed recently is putting a clip in it, one side of my hair behind my ear so I don't have to keep putting it there myself xD

      And the action, gotta love the action. ;)

  • Lemia
    Personal I enjoyed the story, it was unique take on two stories in the MCU, using Tony's death and legacy to both Motorative both Peter and Mysterio. Giving Happy a more mentoring role as well was quite good.
  • PokerPlayer322
    They need to just do a Spider-Man TV series give it 22 episodes per season and do it right with none of this PC nonsense and have him older. Stick to the same story as the 90s cartoon it would be tremendous.
  • rubyrose83
    I enjoyed it. I think Zendaya is going to be a huge star. She's already known but she's going to be major...
    • I totally agree, if she stays on the right path and doesn't do drugs or anything she will be HUGE.

  • RoyalFlushAce
    Well that ain't Flash Thompson since Flash always been a white guy and don't even get me started on MJ I am just happy they showed some respect and changed her name. I do not like Tom Holland as Spider-Man I don't like anything about the new films I hated the 2002 Spider-Man also but the Andrew Garfield ones were great except for some stupid stuff in the second one. I just want them to show Spider-Man when he is older which they never do. In Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man was 17 I have seen all of this kinds of stuff they need to make a Spider-Man movie where we get to see Black Cat and his older days.
    • No in Civil War Spider-Man would've been 14 or 15-years-old not 17. :)

    • I could have sworn I read 17.

    • Nah, he was about 15 in Homecoming, so he would've been 14 or 15 in Civil War, In Homecoming, he said he was 15, and now he'll be about 16 or 17.

  • Izumiblu
    Saw it. I enjoyed the way they closed on endgame other than that I was ready to leave at about the mid point.

    Hated mysterio.
    • Oof yeah, he got me triggered but at the same time I was happy because that was what I predicted and loads of people told me I'd be wrong lol :P

    • Izumiblu

      I thought Spider-Man mj storyline was cute Was the only part of the movie I found interesting after everyone coincidentally showed up in Venice

    • What do you mean Nick Fury and all those guys?

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    I took issue with the fact that EDITH is so homicidal. Peter gets crap for being too trusting; but what was Tony thinking making EDITH so quick to assume every command was an order to kill? Or to assume that Peter would use words precisely in the same context that Tony would?

    It seems Tony didn't think of everything as much as the movie wants to pretend he would have. Also, EDITH just waits for kill commands. Karen was at least supportive and nurturing. I'd rather he had Karen back - even if she too has a homicidal streak with the instant kill thing.

    Kinda ties in with the whole thing about Tony's character flaws mentioned all the way in the first Iron Man film, namely, that he's "the world's most famous mass murderer."
    • Tony didn't design EDITH though, Mysterio did.

    • Mysterio didn't write the Edith AI. He programmed his illusion tech into the drones that were added to Tony's network, and to Edith by extension.

  • AlexBlack007
    Tom Holland's not my favorite Spider-Man but I loved FFH. Before this movie I felt like he wasn't getting enough importance in the MCU. I was like "He's Marvel's mascot for f*#k's sake! Treat him with some respect!" 😂

    This movie fixed that. Looks like he's being set up as the head of the next MCU saga like Iron Man was for the Infinity Saga. The Spider-Sense scene in FFH is my favorite Spider-Sense scene so far. Before this my favorite was the one from TASM2 Times Square scene. The mid-credits scene was my favorite part of the entire movie, I think anyone who has seen the film knows why. 😄

    Tom's still not my favorite Spider-Man but I guess the character's future in the MCU looks promising so I'm not complaining. Tom's doing great, he has the best balance between Peter Parker and Spider-Man, but my favorite Spider-Man (and an okay Peter Parker) is still Andrew Garfield. 😁
  • kamalravi25
    Before release i thought MJ was mary jane.
    I wonder where did liz allen go.
    • She left in Homecoming after what happened with her dad.

    • I hope she, vulture, scorpion, n shocker will be back in sequeal sinister six

  • tartaarsaus
    I wanna watch it so badly, but can't for the next month smh.
    • Also, thanks for not spooling it too much. You didn't pull a Tom Holland πŸ˜‚

      Good MyTake. I enjoyed it.

      Anyway, I can't because I have an exam tomorrow. And then after that I'll go on vacation.

    • Oh right, I'm lucky by the time it came out all my exams were finished, we were gonna go see it on opening week but then thought "nah" because of all the crowds there.

      We went today instead because we knew it's a Tuesday and we went for the 11:20 am showing, so most kids will be at school- so we had no screaming children in the cinema, and most adults will be at work.

      There were like two adults and about 5 or 7 kids that looked about our age. We didn't even have to show student ID but we still got a student discount because the woman trusted us! :)

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  • Syrian_survivor
    Am I the only one who thought it was garbage?

    I get the FX and action were really good, but the slow boring start and the pathetic cliff-hanging ending were such a turn off, the plot isn't that strong either, just sounds like an extra because of how lightweight it was, feels kinda stupid for something essentially fake led by passer-by villains to have such a huge effect on the whole new Spider man movie franchise, and for it to end in such a silly way, just shows to me how weak Peter's character is, I felt like I was watching a movie just about a dumb kid making dumb mistakes and trying to fix them with dumb ways, when I compare it to Tony Stark and Thor buisness, it looks like a joke.

    The ending is what triggered all the disappointment the movie built up for me, I don't know man that's what I think at least.
    • What ending?
      Like before the credits or the post-credit scenes?

    • Post-credit scene

      Like "yeah I know I just got my ass beat by spiderman so as revenge before I die I'll reveal his identity and forge some scenes to make him look like the bad guy so we can have a sequel"



    • That triggered me, but I still loved the movie, plus that just showed how much of a d-head Mysterio really was.

  • Iron_Man
    How many of those are they going to actually make?
    • No ideaπŸ˜‚

    • Iron_Man

      We'll enjoy your a Spider-Man movies πŸ˜€

    • Iron_Man

      Disregard the a voice command

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  • Fuentes
    If it ain't Toby Maguire i don't wanna watch it
    • Tom Holland is my favourite Spider-Man if I'm completely honest with you. :)

    • Fuentes

      If you grew up in my era, you'd like the first three Spidermans with Toby Maguire actually love it's just production was alil shittier then of course then it is now

    • I loved the Tobey Maguire trilogy. The only thing I did not like about it was Mary Jane. I loved the character MJ in the cartoons and comics, but I found Kristen Dunst's portrayal of her quite annoying, and as I stated previously I didn't like how she cheated constantly.

      I loved the Andrew Garfield movies too, and I liked Gwen Stacey.

      But my favourite is the Tom Holland movies. And MJ in these movies has to be my favourite Spider-Man love interest.

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  • PrincessGrail
    I can’t wait to see it.
  • Harmseygrace
    I wanna fuck spiderman so bad
  • GD360
    Best spider Man actor. His voice is spot on lol
  • sheepdip
    Jk Simmons at the end, I cheered.
  • TheDarkAngel21
    Great Movie / CGI and VFX was very good
    I say 8/10
  • PoohBoy38
    I loved that movie so much!
    • I did too! And my best friend, when it comes out DVD she's going to buy it and then we're watching it at her place again :P

  • Anonymous
    Who was Mary Jane on this movie?
    • Well, Mary Jane wasn't in this movie.

      Zendaya was Spider-Man's main love interest and she was called MJ which stands for Michelle Jones.

  • Anonymous
    Curious how much social justice feminist diarrhea has infested this script.