Comic Book Trivia: The Amazing Spider-Man

My last one was about Batman. I'm writing one about Spider-Man like I had said.

Comic Book Trivia: The Amazing Spider-Man

10. He was written to be more relatable to readers.

In 1962, Stan Lee was looking for a new superhero idea. He decided to create Spider-Man as a character with whom teens could identify, and even went as far as to make him a geek and a social outcast. That pretty much described the stereotypical comic book reader back then. Comic Book Trivia: The Amazing Spider-Man

The rest of the characters back then were Hulk, Fantastic Four, and Ant-Man. All of them were scientists and were wealthy people though. Even at DC, they had billionaire orphans, aliens, and gods. None of them were as relatable.

Bonus Fact: He was the first teenage superhero that didn't start out as a sidekick.

9. He once defeated Hulk by telling him a knock knock joke to calm him down.

Comic Book Trivia: The Amazing Spider-Man

Spidey is one of the few people who can calm Hulk down depending on how angry he is. Hulk also enjoys being around Spider-Man (more so than he enjoys being around majority of the Avengers).

Comic Book Trivia: The Amazing Spider-Man

8. He wasn't Marvel's first Spider-Man.

Actually, I lied. He was the first but there was a character before him who was a spider that got the abilities of a human. (So I guess Man-Spider?) Comic Book Trivia: The Amazing Spider-Man

7. He was molested as a kid.

This comic doesn't contribute much to the main plot and was published to raise awareness about sexual abuse. It's still canon though. The movies left this out because it's darker and they didn't want kids watching it.

It was revealed when Spider-Man confronted a kid who was being molested by his babysitter.

Comic Book Trivia: The Amazing Spider-Man

He then starts talking about another kid who was in a similar situation. This kid was friends with an older kid named Skip who used to touch him inappropriately. He later revealed that the kid in his story was him. Comic Book Trivia: The Amazing Spider-Man

He revealed at the end of the issue that he's still traumatized by that incident everyday. Comic Book Trivia: The Amazing Spider-Man

6. His parents worked for S.H.I.E.L.D.

They revealed this in flashbacks. The movies left this out because of movie rights. We might get to see it now since he's finally back at Marvel. Comic Book Trivia: The Amazing Spider-Man

5. He has an IQ of 250.

For comparison, Batman's is 192 and Iron Man's is said to be around 220-230. Now I'm not saying that he's smarter than both of them, but he's definitely more well-rounded. He's a good strategist, a good engineer, and a good scientist and has less resources. He once created a time machine using only household equipment. Comic Book Trivia: The Amazing Spider-Man

I do think that an adult Peter Parker is smarter than Iron Man though.

4. His Uncle Ben's death is not what inspired him to be a superhero.

That's what the movies have you believing but the character development was much slower in the comics. After his uncle's death, his Aunt May didn't have enough money to support him so he started using his powers to make money instead. The Daily Bugle immediately labelled him as a menace and people started hating him. Because of this, there were less people willing to pay him. Comic Book Trivia: The Amazing Spider-Man

This is one of the reasons Spider-Man gained popularity. The comics weren't about a superhero but about a kid trying to make a living. I guess this goes hand in hand with #10 since it also makes him more relatable. What really inspired him to help people was the speech that Human Torch gave in his school. Comic Book Trivia: The Amazing Spider-Man

The movies left this out because

• They needed a quick origin before introducing the villain.

Sony owns the movie rights to Spider-Man but not to other characters.

3. He has a way with the ladies.

He's had more than a dozen romantic interests including Marry Jane, Gwen Stacy, Black Cat, Betty Brant, Liz Allen, Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) of the X-Men, and many more. He's only returned feelings for 4 of them though. He's the only comic book character I know of that has had more love interests than Batman. Comic Book Trivia: The Amazing Spider-Man

2. He's arguably the strongest street-level character.

I'm saying this because characters like Iron Man are not street level. Spider-Man could originally lift 10 tons with his bare hands but he's got a lot of feats now which place him in the 40-50 tons range. He once supported the Daily Bugle (which is a a 40-story building) since one of the pillars had collapsed. Comic Book Trivia: The Amazing Spider-Man

He's also one of the fastest street level characters and can run at 200mph. He's 15 times more agile than an average human and his all of his senses have been enhanced.

1. He's Marvel's most iconic character.

Well this one is obvious. He's the most popular one and was the only one most people knew about for a long time. He's also right in front in many of their posters. Comic Book Trivia: The Amazing Spider-Man

I'm currently writing one about Wolverine. I'm probably going to write about Wonder Woman after that :D

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Spider Man was originally never invincible like other comic heroes, and often his girl friend , a stylish, ambitious Fox News type of girl reporter using sex to get ahead, was sleeping with his super-villain. enemies. Sort of humorous, in the original. Remember Spider Man was a nobody, a gofer, abused (not sexually) by his boss.

    The sexual abuse is a recent addition. Originally, it WAS the death of his uncle that spurred him to fight crime, with a guilt complex.

    I think marvel decided that the original story wasn't PC in the modern context of cop demonization.

    He's only become a ladies' man since the movies started... He's no longer the original Everyman kind of character that Stan Lee thought could relate to ordinary people.

    • The first part is actually true.

      "Originally, it WAS the death of his uncle that spurred him to fight crime, with a guilt complex."
      I am indeed talking about the original. Uncle Ben died in Amazing Fantasy #15 which was Spider-Man's very first appearance but he was using his powers to make money even after that. He only started using it to help people in The Amazing Spider-Man #5.

      Most of the love interests I mentioned actually happened way before the movies but it's true that his character has changed a lot since Stan Lee stopped writing.

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    • For decades, during most of the Stan lee time and a while afterward, almost every Spidey story started with the death of Uncle Ben and how guilty Spidey felt...

    • It's called character development. You can't expect him to stay in high school forever. Personalities change, especially for someone with abilities.

      And yes he keeps saying it's his Uncle Ben's death because it's easier to explain. But all that did was change how he values other people people's lives. It didn't inspire him to do anything about it.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Go CLAR GO! Another fav, well damn I didn't know about the while... unfortunate inappropriate event he went through😞 another great one as usual!


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