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Spiderman No Way Home review


Spiderman No Way Home

The first half felt very slow to me. They gave away the entire set up in the trailers and other than that there's not that much else that happens. In Endgame the set up was also pretty slow but there are more different characters and the time past by faster for me until the real action started. The set up could have used more work. But the second half is amazing in this movie it might be even better than Endgame but it has a lot of similarities. The way they make everything fit together so well. The way they mix in these small moments just a few lines but they are so impactful if you know all the backstory. Marvel understands their own characters so well and also understands why other people like them. They nailed everything, every moment that showed something about one of the main characters or gave it more depth, it was perfect. I was amazed and happy :). And they also gave the line with great power comes great responsibility more depth and meaning than before.

Even if someone told you the basics of what happens in the second half and spoiled most of it and you'd imagine what it would be like it's still worth watching because it's just so well done and a lot of it you won't expect.

So first half is about a 6.5 out of ten(I would have scored it better probably if I didn't know anything from the trailers but they gave away so much from this part because they didn't wanna give anything away from the payoff) If you haven't seen any trailers you'll enjoy the first part more. The scond half is 11 out of ten definitely worth watching.

I didn't wanna give much away and I hope everybody that will watch it has a great time :)

Spiderman No Way Home review
Spiderman No Way Home review
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Most Helpful Girl

  • ninjastaar
    I'm watching this ALONE Endgame was bad aaaasss no distraction amazing imagining this movie too with your take I haven't seen trailers thanks for heads up WHOOOO LET GO SPIDERMAN!!!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • AdithyaR
    I absolutely loved the movie, it was amazing seeing the older villains and William Dafoe was so good!
    And I was in tears in "that scene", don't wanna spoil it.
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    • Lynx122

      Glad you liked it :) Yes the actors did really well :)

    • Lynx122

      Do you mean the saving scene?

    • AdithyaR

      The "no good deed" goes unpunished one

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  • DizzyDesii
    Thankfully i didn't watch the trailers. And yes the first 30 mins bored me although i missed the first 10 while standing in the concession line. Im so glad the movie wasn't too predictable aside from knowing what would happen with Green Goblin. I was shocked by Doc Octs turn. Anywyas, i’ll message you the rest of my review
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  • Neosporin
    Great movie. Seeing the surprise actors come in was the best part and also Green Goblin's acting. My favorite scene was the end when Green Goblin trying to torment Peter with his loss. Really heavy
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  • DamnSam
    That's why I don't watch trailers...

    There is often disinformation in it
    Story mostly shown total sideways with fake scenes (aren't in the movie) or a convo you never see again...
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    • DamnSam

      I looked it up for you, trailes for the first avenger movie in 2012, contained scenes from infinity war and endgame, plus a scene with the complete infinity gauntlet which didn't appear in any movie so far... while in that particular movie, they actual don't know yet about the infinity stones

      There I stopped watching trailers bc it's like an ad for a car... a big fat lie

  • CharlyQuinn_
    Personally I loved the approuched they went down, explaining the whole mutliverse thing.
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  • snger4lif
    Okay, i have to say this movie was amazing in how it intertwined 3 franchise of spidermans, answered my questions and gave second chances to many of the 3 spidermans shorts comings in their own unique universes.

    1. The defeat of peter loosing gwen in 2nd "The Amazing Spiderman, was clossure for that peter to be able to save gwen in this

    And the bond between the 3 spiders, the commom struggles they genuinely face, and
    Things that were unique to some spidermans than others.

    This was a greatly, entertaining, and satisfying
    Movie. We can't all agree on everything, but this movie hits well above most marvel
    Movie expectations. 🎬
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  • RedBullRacingLemia
    It was amazing
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  • Luopio27
    I love everything Marvel movies has to offer.
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  • TrillXHippy
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  • emperor90
    I want to see it it looks good
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  • JohnK123
    The best
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  • rowso
    I tried calling Tim