"Hey, Underoos!" Why Tom Holland is the Best Spiderman Yet

"Hey, Underoos!" Why Tom Holland is the Best Spiderman Yet

I must admit when I heard Spiderman was going to appear in Captain America: Civil War, I was super excited about it. Then I heard there was going to be a new actor playing spiderman and it would be Tom Holland. I knew who he was from The Impossible, but thought "As Spiderman?" But after seeing Both Civil war and Homecoming, I have decided he is the best actor for the job.

Short Spidey Background.

The Comic Book version of Peter Parker was painfully shy until he was bitten by the spider. He then was more confident, but only under the mask, making sarcastic remarks, and being playfully lighthearted in fights and arguments. He was also like that in the 1960s cartoon version that was popular then. Also, he was 15 when he was bitten (not 17/18 like in the other films). Remember these traits as you read.

The other Spidermen (Toby and Andrew)

While there were other older spiderman films I'm sure, I will only be talking about the Actors that played spiderman from 2002 and beyond. Toby Mcguire was the first Spiderman, and was in the best movie, yes the first spiderman was THE best spiderman movie to this day, but that does not make him the best, or even a good Spiderman. I'm going to be hated so much, but I don't care; I did not like Toby Mcguire as Spiderman and didn't really even like him as Peter Parker. As mentioned before, Peter was painfully shy which Toby portrayed well, but he was also whiney, very clingy, and obsessed with MJ (Who didn't deserve his love because she just dated other guys throughout the movies). As Spiderman, he was not as Sarcastic and lighthearted as he was supposed to be, and frankly, I just think Toby Mcguire is not a very good actor. Then we get to Andrew Garfield. He played a much better Spiderman, being sarcastic and very funny. I liked him better than Toby, but his Peter Parker was too Confident, not shy or nerdy enough to be Peter. I don't have as much to say about him because he was close, but still not there. also, he is a much better actor than Toby, In my opinion. I really don't understand why people hate him so much, I thought he did a good job.

Tom Holland as the Young Spiderman

I had said earlier that I was skeptical about Tom taking on the role of the famous web-slinger, one because he was the 3rd "try" in a little over ten years. Second, because he was not really in any movies I could gauge his acting off of except one. But I must say he hit the nail on the head. He's definitely the youngest actor(19/20) and the youngest portrayal being only 15. That's another thing, he really did look the part because of his baby face making him look 15, but he was cut making it look like he had superhuman strength like Spiderman. He acted young and was a smart aleck like in the comics( I'm a huge fan of that trait if you guys couldn't tell :). They couldn't really make Toby or Andrew 15 because of their ages in real life, but I'm glad to see a younger hero as a nice change. Anyway, as Peter, Tom was very intelligent and nerdy, also very shy, awkward and clumsy. But for real, Tom is an amazing actor, he makes every character as if he is the character and that those things are actually happening to him. Most actors can act like that, but can't always make people believe them. If you don't trust me, watch the Impossible, he was amazing.

Final thoughts

Sometimes a great actor can make a bad or just ok movie into something special, and I think that's why I liked Homecoming so much, Tom Holland made it good. I know a lot of people will be telling me that Toby was the best because he was the first, or "Original". Everyone has their own opinion, but I do want to point out that he was the least like the real original Spiderman. Remeber when I said that the first was the best, well it was in my opinion, probably because I grew up with that movie. It was one the first movies I ever watched and I don't remember a time where I don't remember this movie, and I think that's why a lot of people like Toby the best. They grew up with him, he was in 3 spiderman movies (although I really try hard to forget that last one...) and he was first, that is one thing no one can take away from him; he set the standards for the movie Spiderman. But remember first does not always mean the best just means it's special because it's first. Also, I think this new kid deserves more credit, it was hard for him to be the 3rd Spiderman and not only that but he had to make people like him since he will be showing up in the Avenger's movies and other things. I think he's great and hopes he continues to kill it with these movies!

"Hey, Underoos!" Why Tom Holland is the Best Spiderman Yet

But what are your thoughts? I would love to hear them in the comments!

"Hey, Underoos!" Why Tom Holland is the Best Spiderman Yet
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