Three Shows I Would Recommend Getting into on Netflix

My first MyTake. Please go easy on me xD.

People often ask what's good on Netflix, and I always have similar answers. So I thought to myself: OMG. MyTake moment. Lezzgo.

So here are three shows I'd recommend u GAGers getting into.


Three Shows I Would Recommend Getting into on Netflix.

So with this show, many can claim to have seen Lost during its run through TV, but for teenagers, they never got to see it on the television. Lost is by far my favorite show on Netflix. It's a weird show, half drama, half sci-fi. I will NOT reveal anything. Basically, you'd have to watch it to get it. With a big character variety, shifting point of views, and insights to the past, this show has made me satisfied and left me with a big smile on my face.

The Originals

Three Shows I Would Recommend Getting into on Netflix

Many on this site have heard of the Originals, but most prefer the Vampire Diaries. What introduced me to the Vampire Diaries was the Originals. I was done with another show and was looking for a good one, and my dad showed me this. The Originals takes you through the story of a family of vampires–The Originals. The first vampires to walk the earth. They were in New Orleans, and were ready to take on the world. The Originals features some bloodshed (nothing to Tarantino's,) family drama, corruption, and twists at every turn. All towards one goal: protecting the wolf.

The 4400

Three Shows I Would Recommend Getting into on Netflix

I can't believe I'm saying this, but the 4400 was a rather enjoyable show. One of the lesser-known tv-shows of Netflix, the 4400 is a sci-fi, cop-drama, fantasy-whatever. It's rather bizarre, and the soundtrack almost scared me off, at first. But then, as I got more pulled into the show, I started to realize that it was actually a great show. There are many main-characters, many varieties of storytelling, and overall a nice plot.

I chose each of these shows because they were the shows that interested me the most on Netflix. They got me through eighth grade. They were the shows that made my home life interesting. Each of these shows enticed me with something different, and each one I wouldn't mind watching again. In fact, I loved Lost so much, I watched it twice. And I am currently in the process of watching Season 1 of the Originals over again!

Thanks for reading my MyTake! What are your favorite TV shows on Netflix? I'd love to know!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I just got into Lost and I love it! Haven't seen the others.

    I'd recommend Breaking Bad, The Killing, and for the few people who haven't seen it, House. I absolutely love House.


      And I'll probably check those things out. I watched part of the first episode of Breaking Bad. Does it take a while to get hooked?

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    • I got hooked a few episodes in, same way with American horror story. I tried watching AHS several times bc everyone said it was good. I had to force myself through the first few episodes lol.
      (Forgot to recommend that one as well)

    • I'm not gonna spoil ANYTHING in Lost! All is suspense!

Most Helpful Guy

  • I strongly dislike Lost (it did help change tv for the better though)

    Vampire Diaries is better then Originals in my opinion but they are both pretty decent if you don't mind young adult Drama type shows.

    The 4400, meh.. I'm just not that into freak of the week shows.

    Good My Take though this was fun.

    My 3 picks would be,

    Sparticus: War of the Damned



    • Aww, why did u hate Lost?

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    • yeah it's mostly subjective anyway, i know lots of people really liked it.

    • I guess it's just for some and not for others. And unlike others I absolutely LOVED the ending!

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  • Okay what about Arrested Development... way too u popular of a show.
    I don't know if every season is on Netflix but fuck Netflix anyway.

    • I've never seen it so I wouldn't be able to put it on my list. Lol it's a biased list

  • My views -
    Lost is very good but the series did lose its way towards the end.
    The originals? If its anything like the vampire diary's I will avoid it. The vampire diary's was far too girly for me. Too much boo hoo I'm a vampire going on.
    4400 is one I defiantly hav in mind for a future watch.
    Currently I'm plowing my way through 24 and I can defiantly reccomend Grimm.

    • Defiantly? Lol - definitely!

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    • Fraid so buddy. Still u can watch series 9 and 10 on streaming instead!

    • My god! I've been doing it all wrong!

  • Not a fan of lost, but will look into the other two. Anything else good on Netflix? Getting bored of reruns.

  • I tried to watch lost once, I got lost.

  • Narcos, Cosmos and the 100.

  • Great shows, I like them all


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