A Jimi Hendrix Tribute

A Jimi Hendrix Tribute

I heard a Jimi Hendrix song the other day and it inspired me to do this take about him. Though his life and musical career were short lived, he left quite an impression on people for the time he was here. There will never be another Jimi Hendrix, it's safe to say he's one of kind. His music has been loved by many people and is still loved by people today, so I picked 10 songs to put in this Take. Some you may know and some you may not, the last three songs were my mom's suggestion. And, the last song on the list is a cover of his song by someone else. I couldn't find a video were it was sung by him, so I apologize for that. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this take and the great music that comes with it

Here's to you Jimi :)

1. Purple Haze

2. Fire

3. All Along the Watch Tower

4. Foxy Lady

5. Voodoo Child

6. The Wind Cries Mary

7. Hey Joe

8. Stone Free

9. Red House

10. Third Stone from the Sun

I hope you enjoyed this take and feel free to list a favorite song of his that you like.

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  • damn i love me some hendrix. my favorites would have to be
    1. hey joe
    2. manic depression
    3. up from the skies
    4. drifting
    5. are you experienced
    6. all along the watchtower
    7. 1983 (a merman i should turn to be)/moon, turn the tides... gently gently
    8. burning of the midnight lamp
    9. voodoo child (slight return)
    10. hear my train a comin'
    11. the stars that play with laughing sam's dice

    • Some of those songs I know and are on the list, others I have not heard before. Are they good?

    • absolutely. there is a BBC double cd with some of them i listed as well as many alternate takes of his more known songs. the last one i listed (the stars that play) is a b-side of the burning of the midnight lamp single, and it's loose and fun.

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