Writing challenge!

For this writing challenge, tell this man's story (in the picture below). It's your writing so you decide if it will be a story, a poem...or whatever you like it to be. And you can use as many words as you like.

Writing challenge!

This is NOT a contest. There is no winner, there are no losers, there is no prize. But you have a reward, once you complete the task. And your reward will be writing itself and the poem/short story, which you will have written.

Have fun writing!

Please write your response in the comments.


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What Girls Said 1

  • The sun was warm on his back, the wind lightly teasing the grasses, as he sat watching cars meander down the rutted path to the river, kicking up stones as they went. He smiled a little at a flash of blue as an old Volkswagen came into sight and leaned into the dog's solid warmth, remembering another blue car pulling off into the hazy summer distance.


What Guys Said 1

  • As he hugged man's best friend, his mind wandered to his own best friend who is lost in an accident last year. The smile on his face became rueful and is eyes shiny with sadness.


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