Why I think Frozen isn't overrated

Why I think Frozen isn't overrated

^Really love this fanart

Nowadays it seems that everyone on the internet hates anything just because it's popular to the point where they call it 'overrated' but Frozen is where I draw the line. I've never seen so much hate for something that did so well. My reasons include:

1) The movie had a sincere message

Why I think Frozen isn't overrated

There are probably no siblings who never had an argument at least once in their lives, but once the dust has settled and they decided that their best playmate is actually their sister or brother, order is restored. Anna may not know in the beginning that the reason why Elsa was cut off from everyone else was because her big sister accidentally put her life in danger, but this didn’t stop her from reaching out to Elsa and from setting off to find her after she left the palace and put Arendelle on a state of eternal winter. Regardless of whom you consider family—whether it’s the ones you share a DNA strain with or the ones whom you choose to call kin—Frozen teaches us to look after each other especially when you know that you’re the only ones who can.

2) People are forgetting Frozen's target audience

It's aimed towards kids everyone. It's understandable if you didn't found it interesting. You probably watched The Lion King, Tarzan, Aladdin, etc when you were a kid. Which is why you felt more emotional towards those movies.

3) The animation <3

Similar to Tangled, Frozen employed a unique artistic style that would appeal more towards the newer generation. It shows how Disney has came a long way from the 50's to have such cool (pun intended) animations.

4) The catchy songs

Though this may be a bit subjective, I found the songs quite interesting. Though the only ones where i remembered most of its lyrics where Let It Go and and Making Today a Perfect Day, all songs in it so far have held a special place in my heart. Hey at least it's better than most new generation music you hear today.

5) The word 'overrated' is very subjective

Most people just call everything popular 'overrated' just as a fancy way of saying "I dont like it". I really find the word: "overrated" to be smug and usually just an utterly meaningless term to make someone seem more "opinionated" than others. 'Overrated' is suppose to be an objective term but people always use it subjectively. If it truly was overrated, it''s ratings would be all 10/10. And TLOU is very guilty of this as well.

6) The hate it gets balances it out (This point is merely a joke)

People say it's 'overrated' because many people like it that much. Guess what? The hate it gets from you guys means it's not overrated anymore! Am I right?

That's all I can think of. If you have anything you disagree, feel free to criticise. But make sure you give relevant and legitmate reasons on why you think otherwise. I won't respond to any opinions that I find irrelevant.


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  • The reason I don't like it is because one song ruined it for me.

    I really cannot take hearing 'Let It Go'. It drives me mad. All because it was played so much. It was nice in the beginning, and I would have willingly watched the film had I not heard that one song so much. Others tell me to skip that bit, but sadly, the entire thing ruined all of it, no matter how good the other songs were or how profound and deep the message was.

    In my eyes, it isn't overrated, I'm sure it's quite good, but it certainly is 'over-played', particularly that song.

    But that's my opinion. Nice MyTake in defence of it. :)

  • I love frozen a lot. I guess it's the fact that it's so well-liked and people got tired of it.


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