A General Education About Gamers and Game Lovers in General

A General Education About Gamers and Game Lovers in General

The Gamer. A title whose value has been argued over since the beginning of gaming history. To some, a medal of pride, worn by those who display their love of gaming on their sleeves. To others, a disgrace, a title fit for children in the bodies of adults who are irresponsible and cannot be relied on for helping the real world around them. Ladies and gentlemen, I stand here to give you an insightful look into the minds of Gamers.

First off, what is a Gamer? Well I'm glad you asked. A Gamer, unbiasedly described, is an individual who plays video games on a regular basis. There are many different subtypes to The Gamer, but today we'll be focusing on the top three. The Professional Gamer. The Casual Gamer. And the Basement Gamer.

What is a Professional Gamer?

A General Education About Gamers and Game Lovers in General

A Professional Gamer is someone who's at the pinnicle of the gaming food chain. Their entire lives have been devoted to gaming in the best way possible, making a job out of it. On average, a Professional Gamer will commit around 18 hours a day to practice and hone their skills, leaving the rest of their time to eat and sleep. They may train from anywhere near 6-7 days a week, 5 if they're especially sure of their skills. To them, gaming is their bread and butter in life.

However, Professional Gamers are often ridiculed for "not having a 'real' job" or "not contributing to society". However, this is false. While they may not make a steady income like other "professionals", the life of a Professional Gamer is harder than most, and extremely stressful. For one, you don't have a reliable source of income. As a solo player, you're on your own and rely mainly on tournament winnings to keep yourself afloat. You have to be good in order to even live. A team has a much easier time with income, but even more stressful. As a team, you have to gain supporters, patrons, and other sources of external income. You must become both a Gamer and a businessperson in order to gain investors to your team, balancing both training and real life issues. Also, while Professional Gamers may not make a huge difference in the world, neither do many movie actors. Many of the things on film won't change how the world thinks, and we openly accept that. They're entertainment, and so are Professional Gamers. So are football players. So are anyone from any professional sport. It's an entertainment industry, and that's what people have yet to understand. What's so wrong on making a living playing something you love?

What is a Casual Gamer?

A General Education About Gamers and Game Lovers in General

What seperates Professional Gamers and Casual Gamers is how hard and how often they play. While a Pro Gamer's life revolves around gaming, a Casual Gamer doesn't usually need to rely on sources of income not from gaming. While Youtubers such as Markiplier and OfficialNerdCubed certainly make a living off of gaming, they don't push themselves to be the best or spend all of their time on games. They usually play for fun. Casual Gamers are the people who may or may not play on a daily basis, but don't make it into an extreme sport. While some try to (Look up: Tryhards), they don't qualify unless they get paid and play serious tournaments. Casual Gamers are the most common you'll find, and are normaly easygoing, if a bit competitive.

What is a Basement Gamer?

You know that guy who knows every hack, glitch, and exploit? That guy who has maxed stats, all the best armor in weapons, every event item known to man, and wrecks you and your friends every time? Who taunts you anytime you see them and you can't do jack about it? Yeah, he's one of those assholes. We hate them too.

And there you have the three main types of Gamers. Now stop harassing us for doing something we love. We aren't hurting anyone or making bad role models. If children were to follow in our footsteps, it would be normal, and I'd be proud to call my kid a Gamer.


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