The Life of A Gamer and What it Entails


Gaming! What a wonderful world of diverse weaponry and heroic characters! Pow!

The Life of A Gamer and What it Entails

Hello, this myTake comes from my experience of gaming, with about seven years on my belt. I am creating this to clarify to you new parents, and people who are genuinely curious, about the physical effects of gaming, how gaming affects others in my life and lastly, the misconceptions of gaming.

In this article, I will somewhat generalize children that play video games, as well as growing teens, like myself. I can't necessarily speak for older adult gamers because of my lack of experience being older than I am... My intention is not to bash anyone for pursuing the hobby of gaming. Also, I will speak both on behalf of gamers, and against them in some instances. Yes this is biased.

About me

I am eighteen years young, and just nearly finishing high school. I am a very motivated person, I enjoy working out and fixing my self image. As mentioned before, I do like to play video games, and I am, what some may classify as a hardcore gamer. My gaming life began when I was merely a child of eleven years, when I had first begun playing online computer games. I enjoyed simple point-click adventures like "Swords and Sandals II," for instance, but that was not enough to fill my void of an intrigued mind. Perhaps, like a 'gateway drug,' computer games sparked my curiosity, and soon I found myself trying new platforms of gaming. Throughout my last seven years, I've played on these platforms (in consecutive order):

Online games (old laptop) > Play Station 2 > Xbox 360 > Laptop gaming > PC Desktop gaming (serious, competitive). I was also addicted to some of the freemium games on my mobile device during these times.

Through these generations of consoles, I've endured mainly all of the larger title games; such as the Black Ops series, the Halo Series, Team Fortress Two, Counter Strike: Global Offense, and many many more of the newer ones. I define myself as a 'hardcore gamer' because ever since I can remember, I have found time to play video games every waking hour that I can, for multitudinous hours on end. I would play games, ranging from two or more hours a day to many more hours over the weekends. I am, and always have been competitive with gaming, among both real friends and online friends. To say the least, I had a strong addiction.

The Life of A Gamer and What it Entails

So what comes about all of this gamer crap? What entails being a gamer? Well, here are some consistencies that have been prevalent in my lifetime, since I first touched the controller of the PS2.

The Addiction Itself

I want to briefly talk about the addiction in video games themselves and why we are so keen to them. Video games are in some way, shape, or form, a drug. They are also an amazing way to de-stress, and instantly relieve your mind of outside-world thoughts. When you are addicted, you are pulled into another universe of excitement, emotion, and comradely. Likewise, this new 'universe' is an incredible high for your senses. When you achieve something new, some hard mission, or an impossible achievement, the hair on the back of your neck stands, your hands shake, you jump out of your seat in excitement. Gaming can invoke some extreme emotions.

The Life of A Gamer and What it Entails

There are also the ones who experience very bipolar emotions like anger vs. emptiness when enduring a video game. I have several friends who break their keyboards in anger (numerous times) as well as some friends that experience extreme depression due to a video game.

All in all, video games are a roller coaster of drama. They are mostly good, but sometimes leaving you with a headache!


Firstly, I would like to discuss the matter of family. I was always a good kid, raised in a middle class family, not much else going for me. My parents bought me my first console when I was young, and I played it to my hearts content. I played it so much, in fact, that I was often cussed out by my father, grounded, sentenced nullification for weeks on end, and the likes.

The Life of A Gamer and What it Entails

As the result of non-stop gaming, I was neither distant, nor extremely close to my family. We still shared intimate moments, such as the holidays, or family get-together's. however, video games didn't disturb that aspect of family.

Social Life

Not so much during the younger years, but definitely during my high-teen years, I will admit, my physical social life is quite stunted due to my gaming habits. Although stunted, its quite different than what you might be expecting. Hanging out with friends has a very different definition for gamers now. I solemnly hang out with friends in real life... but why? Well, all of my friends enjoy gaming, as I do. This means that we hang out virtually. Hanging out in real life can sometimes be boring, or unappealing because we aren't quite sure what to do, but in the cyber world, we are near limitless to whatever we want to do. We can all watch movies, play Cards Against Humanity, or play virtual golf, etc.

The Life of A Gamer and What it Entails

I'm not advocating that this is the ideal way to socialize, but it definitely is an interesting one. It is a complete alternative to being a physical socialite. Interpret this how you may. With the obvious lack of physical exertion, raw emotions, or seeing each other, this is, in fact, not the ideal scenario for socializing.

But what about girls? What about your love interests? Doesn't excessive isolation dwarf your speaking skills?

When bringing up the issue of speech impediment, I find that more than not, I can often use my voice when I'm using an application called 'Discord,' which allows me to converse with my friends while we competitively game, play cards, or whatever (via headset). That being said, I still have retained my speaking skills when in the instance of talking to friends, talking to girls, giving speeches, etc. My voice hasn't diminished just because I spend most of my days in front of a computer monitor.

Work Habits

This is a popular misconception among anti-video-game advocates. "My child is not completing their work on time! They are lazy and just play video games!" This is mainly due to the lack of parenting that is instituted within the household.

And it is very true that video games cause the symptoms of laziness, non-motivated, absent mindedness children/teens. I've been there. However, I believe I had a decent amount parenting, which was really the main solution, and here's why.

The Life of A Gamer and What it Entails

I was taught to keep my shit clean, get shit done on time, and to kick life's ass. If you are teaching your children anything less, then you might end up with a game addict of a child who doesn't know their direction in life. That being said, I was always a grade A student in school, never got caught up in drugs (This is ironic in the sense that I play video games to achieve my 'high'... heheh.). Even though I played copious amounts of Halo/Black Ops/CSGO during the week, I would keep my grades up, my parents happy, and a good amount of hours to spend with my games. Surprisingly, video games did not affect my work habits. :)

Physical Fitness & Body

I was never a physical child. My teen years have not been terribly physical either. I played numerous sports for a decade, but I didn't find them very amusing. This had little to do with a video game addiction though. As a result of lack of physical fitness, and consistent gaming, here are some of my bodily conditions:

- Had mild asthma for some several years (gone now)

- Poor back allignment/posture (not severe, but lightly "S" shaped)

- My eyes are most likely going to be fucked up when I'm older. As of now, I rarely experience actual eye troubles. I'm still a 20/20 in vision, but feel like it could worsen very quickly.

- Low stamina

- Diet consists of healthy meals (mainly enforced by my parents)

The Life of A Gamer and What it Entails


I do have hobbies besides gaming! That isn't necessarily true for all game addicts.. but here, its about me. I enjoy puzzle solving (Rubiks cubes, Sudoku puzzles, general analytical puzzles), Virtual art design, music, talking to friends, and compiling videos to create 'frag movies' (in essence... nerd stuff!).

The Life of A Gamer and What it Entails

CS:GO Market Investments

I would just like to talk about this specific incident that I have involved myself in, whilst being a gamer. That is, in all of its glory, the "Steam Market." With gaming comes addiction. One of the options you have in playing CS:GO, is investing real world currency into its 'skins' market, where you can pay real money to dress up your weapon skins in pretty colors, varying in price, from cheap, three cent skins, to an astonishing, fifteen thousand dollar virtual knife. And that's not the most expensive item. You can imagine where I'm going with this.

The Life of A Gamer and What it Entails

I, myself, have invested about eight hundred dollars into the community market of CS:GO. With this, I have collected many weapon skins that I am able to trade around with other players. This is much like real world assets, in that you have the opportunity to make big money on holding onto investments, making profitable trades. You also have the opportunity to lose it all in a few clicks of the mouse...

How scary are CS:GO skins though? There are MANY illegal gambling sites allowing children under twenty one, to gamble (including myself). Just for an example, I have fallen victim of gambling a maximum of a one-hundred and twenty dollar knife, and lost it on a thirty five percent chance.

While many profit from gambling, more people lose their money to it. These types of sites often make pre-teen gamblers addicted to gambling in real life later on. Thankfully, I've stopped myself.

My Future

I've grown up, fond of technology. So, I figured that my future career needed to, INDEED revolve around some sort of technical platform. Since I am fluent with computers, and am an analytical sort of person, I've decided that I know exactly what I want to pursue in college, as well as for the rest of my life. I want to have a career in the field of Cyber Security.

The Life of A Gamer and What it Entails

I have already been accepted to my desired college and plan to enroll in a 4 year course, designed to keep me updated on world trends, and how to deal with foreign cyber entities, whom access all of your restricted data. Keep in mind that this interest of mine was completely sparked off of my interest in video games for the past years. I'm not here to boast about how good my future might be though. My point revolving around this topic is that video games had a positive benefit to my future. It gave me a sense of direction, purpose, and exposed my passion. Again, this isn't the case for all gamers around the globe, I just happen to have a kickass arrangement for my future.

Keep in mind...

I am here for any of your questions. Feel free to ask me anything. If not, then I hope I offered you some insight!

#Gaming #Addiction

The Life of A Gamer and What it Entails
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Starchild92
    An interesting read. I think that a person may reap other benefits from gaming in addition to the entertainment value itself. For example, as you indicate, the situations good or bad which gaming creates may foster interests and provide direction in one's life.

    While gaming may be nice, I do believe it's important for people to enjoy the outdoors as well, especially for children and teenagers. An healthy mix between indoors and outdoors activities may be suitable for most people, I think.
    Is this still revelant?
    • If I were honest, I would tell you that I think that the negative gains outweigh the positive ones. I would say that I also got extremely lucky that I found something viable that I want to pursue. Video games sort of pidgeon-hole'd me in that respect.

      And yes, as a kid I was definitely not fond of the outdoors. This actually brings up a sad truth that I forgot to mention in the 'Family' section of my article. Specifically, my father is an outdoors-y kind of person, and I have created myself to be nearly the exact opposite person he is. It's actually really sad because we have little to none common interests. He likes bike riding, I don't. He likes Jiu-Jitsu I don't. On and on. We spend little time together besides when he takes our family on vacation. I couldn't tell you 100% that it's because of video games or not, because hell. I could've grown up just not liking those things, but also, video games could've been the result as well.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Prof_Don
    Being a gamer myself, and knowing many gamers, I know better than to stereotype all people that game as anti-social losers in real life.

    I, yourself, as well as many gamers I know... have well-balanced lives. Cheers!

    The only thing that I can honestly say that I suffer with due to my gaming, is not being as caught up with TV and movies, since I spend the majority of my free time gaming, vs watching TV and movies like most people. :-P
    Is this still revelant?
    • Agreed. I'm never a TV sort of person. I'll watch a series like Game of Thrones or something, if something good happens to come about, but yeah, same.

      And for the past several years my life has absolutely not been balanced. I am just starting to get organized now. :)

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  • Gothd011
    I do find the stereotyping amusing. At frist glance, you would never assume I a hardcore gamer. I love gaming but have always loved substance more.
    My parents were strict on movement. As my father said you can sit when you are dead. Never no health problems and still don't. And i still can think outside the box. and still love real life so much more. I hit the gym 6 days a week I have the weekends off but still hit the gym and socialize first.
    I also paint a lot and write all while adulting. and schooling.

    As a gamer, it has never interfered in my goals. And the biggest thing is my parents never allow It to babysit us.

    My nephews are the same. one runs track. and the other play soccer. They have huge social lives and game in between with all the latest shit. But still, pick movies and the lakes with their friends first. because my sister and her husband always say there is not like real life

    Unfortunately, I know much sadder and depress "gamers: than i care to admit. consider a gamer and a hobby and nothing more. I gt a lot of overweight gamer friends as well. once we left high school. many sit up all night eating donuts and crappy and have gained weight it amazing to watch really.

    Maybe it was the parenting. But we were outdoor kids first before we ever got a game system. so maybe it was the establishment into the world first that keeps the balance,

    Now im researching if I should get a steam controller or the Xbox one elite. Which brought me to your question lol.

    hum decisions. I did just upgrade my Fitbit to the ionic.
  • TheWombRaider
    1st off... I want to say very well written Article you have eminence intelligence and potential From a OG Hardcore Gamer from the 80s through the 90s at the from the very very beginning... of the Internet and Online Games Ultima Online *cough 1st and best mmorpg ever of all time pioneers.. through duke nukem, Doom, Quake, Half Life, LAN parties.. Dial up modems...

    To now... The Gaming world and Gaming Community has destroyed and Failed they have not produced any really fun Games Since 1999 when Valve released Half Life Death match the creator of Counter strike... They have taken away sole individuality and Skill away and made it Newb and Care bare Friendly... You can't Kill other players... You can't loot other players... IN FPS Games... Its team oriented and not 1 on 1s... and raw skill and intelligence determines the winner..

    But to me your still a rather young Newbie Gamer over all by how you think about games... If your a true Hardcore Gamer... your thinking of the fastest most efficient way to build the strongest and most powerful character I can be... And by experience alone you know how to do this.. and its not by PLAYING THE GAME AT ALL... Its about making a macro or a script so the Computer does repetitive tasks over and over as fast as possible so... SO it cuts down the character creation time... In many games I have made characters and spent the 1st 2 moths in a town or City Macroing till my skills were their.

    A true Pro Gamer best described sees the Game like the Matrix... He is trying to beat the machine and the set in parameters of the game... and bend them... Which means not playing the game and letting the computer play or Macro... This frees up your time to do shit as you do not need to attend the Computer to play this but just check to make sure the Script or Macro is still running... PM ME i would love to talk to you...

    • Not quite sure what your meaning was behind the bottom 3 paragraphs... but thanks for the compliment anywho.

    • There is no meaning.. Its just a statement or fact... When you start an online game... lets say a mmorpg... What do you usually do 1st or in the game...

  • Markasaurous
    Very interesting man, your child hood was like mine, I used to go outside a lot, but at one point, I just stopped and stayed inside a lot.

    A tip to break the addiction.

    When the screens shut off, nothing is there, no substance, no value gained. Do you know what happens when you reach level 100 in pac man? It starts the level over, like on level 99 or 98 or lvl 1. Same with prestiges in COD, the same thing over and over.

    When I quit, I learned there was a ton more out there to do, so many things unexplored and a lifestyle I much rather preferred. You can have the same, you don't have to continue doing what you are doing because you said you would.

    I play games every now and then, it is good to have fun, but also good in moderation.
    • Great advice, thank you! Right now I am working on getting myself on track. I am starting to care more about my social life, and how I look, how I interact with others. This hiatus from gaming has really done me a number.

    • Has on many others including myself too man! I do play maybe once a week for a few hours at most. Life is far better when you are in more control of what you dedicate your time to!

  • Max_winner1
    Back when I was a kid. That's when the internet was fun. I played a game called quake 2 and quake 3 it was a first person shooter. They had kids in it but because the latency the travel time of bullets would be 100 to 200 ms. I use to be able to take my sniper rifle zoom in as he was moving across the screen and head shot him with the delay. Now I'm a pipe welder with great hand eye coordination.
  • Nik1hil
    all i have to say, is if i had not pursued GAMING or ever developed its addiction for few months. i would have never became as good with computer and laptop as i am now
  • Guy2809
    Very real. Everythin in excess is bad really. Video games are probably one of the worst addictions that can happen. You loose sight of reality and become unnable to socialise. Thankfully, my oarents never allowed me to do videogames more tha an hour a day. Later in my twenties, I am veey disciplined about it.
  • Cryostatic
    This is mildly interesting stuff, I'm just not sure what point you're trying to make with it. Was there an intended purpose, or a goal you had in mind when writing this?
    • Well, my motive for even beginning with this myTake was because I was dealing with some life stress yesterday, I kind of used this article as a way to vent myself.

      And in regard to the topics I brought up, I just figured that since I've been a dedicated gamer for the past years, I should offer my insight on what the life of a gamer is mostly about. As I also mentioned my purpose being, "The physical effects of gaming, how gaming affects others in my life and lastly, the misconceptions of gaming."

      While I do admit, I did minimal revising of my article (regretting that), I did talk about gaming, and the tangents of gaming (like gambling, etc) that happen as a result of my interests and actions. Although, It may have been somewhat unclear when I went on these tangents. Hope I cleared that up.

  • JSmith925
    Yes, and what a complete and utter waste of time and skill on an activity that will never accomplish anything. Gamers ARE Lamers.
    • Gamers are in fact, lamers. I equate gaming to that of the consumption of drugs. I think anyone using drugs are pretty unhealthy, and well, so am I.

    • JSmith925

      Well, considering I you responded to my jibe so gracefully, maybe I need to backtrack a little. I think gaming is fine as long as it doesn't dominate your life to the exclusion of more productive pursuits like education, work, relationships, and so on. If you just like to play a few rounds when you need to unwind, nothing wrong with that.
      As far as health, it is important to get up and move around every hour or so when you are playing. Research has proven that long periods of being sedentary are hard on you and mitigating the risk only requires that get your heart going a little faster periodically.

  • sp33d
    You should do light exercising. You might as well be a professional gamer, take care of your physical health to stay sharp.
    Computer science and further focus on cryptography is potentially a good bet for you.
    • Agreed! In the past months, I have made it my new hobby to work out consistently. I am much more confident in myself now than I was half a year ago. So that's a plus.

      And professional gaming is interesting itself, but I would see it more as a seasonal thing to be a professional gamer and not so much a career (only the hard hard working streamers can really make $$ I think). Also, just because gaming is your passion doesn't mean you are good enough to be pro (e. g. not making the tryouts for a comp. team when you REALLY wanted to join it). While it is my passion, I don't think pro is for me (at least for now). I would pursue it as a hobby not a career.

    • You can not be a 1 person professional gamer... the games these days are all team based games you need other members who have skills or abilities that you do not in order to win. Like I stated the individual skill related to 1 gamer vs another has not been around since HL DM...

    • sp33d

      The only thing I had in mind was considering how much time he spends behind the computer (playing games), he should counteract the cons of that with exercise. Looks like he got that covered so all's well and good.

      As for pro gaming itself, I have no idea, neither any interest in it. Some people can do it, good for them, I'm happy doing research in statistics :)

  • betaTester
    I think video games influenced my career choice too (not sure if it's positive )
    I mainly play RPGs for the story (which means I played a lot of games, and finished few of them, usually I uninstall games after 30 minutes if I don't find their story interesting). I was super into world building and abstractions so I studied math at uni, I like theoretical physics too (in high school I was in Physics Olympiad team of my country, did well in theoretical problems, sucked at experiments 😂).

    When I think of competitive gamers I think of guys who play strategy games like dota 2 and they were like millionaires at 17, totally forgot about FPS lol
    • Yeah, fps is really something. I planned to play on my college's csgo team this year, so I'll see how I feel about it down the line.

  • BronzedAdonis
    this is pathetic and very self-important
    • Thank you for your observation. I did mention that it was biased, and that this article generalizes anyone who is within, relatively, the same circumstances that I am in.

    • nice worldplay, you're so urbane

  • Emma_240302
  • Spacebears
    Game on
  • Revolver_
    I see
  • Anonymous
    I love it how losers like you always try to present video games as something awesome. They are, but if you are 12. Any adult playing video games is just a fucking loser. I have a friend, who was basically addicted to them, he even played them until he was fucking 20 years old! Then one day he told me he just snapped and deleted them all. Reality hit him, and he realized how much precious time he was wasting ond dumb childish shit, and how unsuccessful he became. If he could snap out of it, I believe any intelligent person can.
    • Yes, I would put video games on a drug-scale degree of an addiction. Anyone who plays video games are indeed losers. Anyone who uses drugs in any age are indeed, also a loser.

      I am well aware of world around me and I've taken a hiatus from gaming for the past month or two. I've been working on my life since then. Thank you for the grain-of-salt criticism though.

    • Prof_Don

      Not all people who play video games are addicts with no success in life. I equate video games to be the same as watching a movie or watching a TV show; pure entertainment in down time.

      Unfortunately there are those people who are WAY too into video games and end up ruining their lives.

    • THIS GUY... The 18 year old Kid... has more skill and intelligence than you... Gaming is a Drug... The best Gamers are Addicts... Perfectionist... But if your a Gamer and a good guy and are nice and dont kill other player talk shit take their loot... YOU SUCK and im going to make you QUIT but if not addicted to Gaming something Else.. you just replace one addiction with another the key is to make it a positive one. The word Newbie as being called and referenced Game from Online Gaming.. and finally entered Mainstream Language.. but lost the real meaning of the WORD... We started Calling People Newbies or Newbs or NOOBS... In Ultima Online between 97 and 2000... This Game is the Game of all Games the 1st pioneerd everything was New.. There had been no Online mmorpg before so their was no data to learn from or predict or stop b4 it happens. 1 Rule... Inside Town you can't kill people Outside town free Game... and the Programmers never saw it coming...

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  • Anonymous
    great mytake!
  • Anonymous
    It's much better than a girlfriend. And this site proves that playing video games increases penis size and gives you laser vision:
    • Nivinxus

      Raise dem DPS, aka, Damage per second, or more commonly known as, digital penis size

    • Hahaha Obvious truth is obvious