The Advantages Of Gaming


1. Increase hand-eye coordination

The Advantages Of Gaming

Researches prove that video games improve your hand-eye coordination. Video games are proven such effective in improving this coordination that they are used by surgeons, as they work hard on making precision movements and quick decisions. Fast-paced games are seen to have better effect on improving the coordination.

2. Reduce stress and depression

The Advantages Of Gaming

This fact is pretty obvious and is even proven that video games reduce stress and depression levels. They help in engaging your mind and help you in not paying attention to whatever things that are cause of your depression in the real-world.

3. Sharpening your decision making skills

The Advantages Of Gaming

Yes, video games have proved out to be increasing your decision making abilities. Many games can relate with your moral dilemmas, forcing you to measure the pros and cons before making your actual decision which will affect you in your game. Even the first-person shooter games can help you in doing so, even if they are just considered to be 'aim and shoot'.

4. Help in improving your cognitive health

The Advantages Of Gaming

By sinking your brains into your favorite games, you can be working on becoming more attentive. It'll also improve your critical thinking and reflexes.

5. Boost your memory

The Advantages Of Gaming

Recent researches have proved that gaming, especially 3-D gaming has helped altering memory of the people. However it is not clear why gaming has helped human memory, but still researches are going on in order to find this out.

The Advantages Of Gaming
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  • ThatPersonOverThere
    Gaming is the ultimate meritocracy.

    I don't give a shit what your gender is.
    I don't give a shit what nation you were born in.
    I don't give a shit what religion you have.
    Political views? Don't care. Skin color? I wouldn't even know unless you made a point to tell me. Age? The least important number.

    What matters is
    1) How proficient are you?
    2) Are you able to communicate effectively?
    3) Are you willing to follow a team based strategy?

    Fuck I'll even take a feminist if she meets those criteria.

    People don't get to blame white privilege when they fail. Either you were up to par, or you weren't.

    I would up with a squad of Mexicans and Portugese. We all got along because in gaming nobody gives a fuck.
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  • ImSoSquishy
    i can't agree with number 2, especially when comes to team based shooting games like on overwatch competitive and getting horrible teammates that keeps running off on their own to get killed and then those idiots point fingers at other people so they don't have to take the blame for losing. it's very stressful having to deal with idiots while trying to have fun and win.
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    • Anonymous

      Then who you told it's mandatory to play online bro? Gaming essentially was made for fun and entertainment and the idea of online gaming came far after that. Play according to your entertainment, whether you prefer it playing offline or online.

    • i never said it's mandatory, i said "when it comes to team based games like overwatch competitive" i didn't say it's mandatory. i play other single player games as well like dying light, rise of tomb raider, batman arkham knight, and etc etc.

    • Anonymous

      But still if online's a headache, fuck it

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    #2 does not work with me. i rage way too much. but i like this take!
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    • Hannah591

      Find a peaceful game like Stardew Valley!

    • pavlove

      @Hannah591 how does that game hold up to harvest moon games? still as good? better?

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  • ScaryCool
    I agree with these to an extent.
    I've played games my whole life, but I still say you shouldn't let yourself get absorbed completely into gaming. I've witnessed tons of gamers who just can NOT interact normally with people online and they carry that offline in some cases.
  • genericname85
    It actually creates depression by giving you loads of instand gratification and a feeling of success, which in the real world you'd have to work much harder for, over time creating exaggerated expectations that the real world will disappoint.
  • monkeynutts
    Everything in moderation. Video games rock my world.
  • ryancg
    That's great and all, but I just enjoy playing video games. However, I would never call myself a "gamer" because I kinda hate the modern gamer.
  • RandyCarter
    Not sure about hand eye coordination in my case. I think I handle my cell phone like a wet bar of soap.
  • JDavid25
    I gotta say I don't agree wit this.. I'm nowhere near a gamer, but I do have a love for the aesthetic of video games, and video games themselves..
  • JesseTheMan
    1. Is fun.
    3. Profit and don't need other reasons
  • lazermazer
    Yeah they’re good upto a limit
  • ChocoLada
    Very good points, I love gaming.
  • ThePetSquirrel
    Video games don't cause violence. Lag does.
  • JustCallMeLeon
    True story.
  • Arsi9
    Informative 😊😊😊
    • Arsi9

      My gamer friends are just awesome and smart

  • Revolver_
    I agree
  • MisterSir
    thank you
  • Anonymous
    the points you made fit my delimma perfectly
    I always play video games at the hardest difficulty & I do see crossovers from the games to my personal life

  • Anonymous
    You forgot one advantage. You will remain a virgin for life.
    • Anonymous

      That's an advantage?

    • Anonymous

      For you it is because you're underage.

    • Anonymous

      True mate