6 Types of Gamers

1. Casual Gamer
6 Types of Gamers

Casual Gamer is the type of gamer that plays for fun and casual games like:

Candy Crush, Sims 3, Simulator Games, WWE, NBA, Lego

He/She is Just playing for fun Dosnt get mad or angry when losing and dosnt spend much time on gaming average hours are up to 1-5 hours

2. Party Gamer

Party Gamer is the type of gamer That He plays only Co-op, Local Co-op, Or Online games ONLY!. He/She usually Playes Online Games That almost all gamers play like:

Counter strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, LineAge II and More

Sometimes he can get mad and angry, he /she is good with team communication, Always using Voice Chat, When its about Local Co-op Games They play Games Like:

LittleBigPlanet, Racing Games, FIFA, NBA, PES, WWE, UFC, Mortal Kombat, Tekken and More

A Party Gamer can spend Average up to 3-14 Hours Playing a Day

NOTE: A Party Gamer can only play Online Games or with others, If you put a party gamer to play a singeplayer game or somthing that has not online/coop stages or modes He/she can have a crisis panic for being alone and just closes the game as fastest as he can like he's house gone explode if he dosnt close it fast, TRUE STORY

3. Competitive Gamer

He is the one that usually end up crying or at the Esport, He Usually Plays Games Like

Leauge of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, Call of Duty, Heroes of Storm, Smite or even Rocket Leauge

His/Her main objective is to be the best in this game and maybe one day go to a tournament with be rewards, This player Can Rage more then any type of gamer, cry like he lost he's family from a car accident, and sometimes he dies for playing up to 48 Hour Straight without eating, drinking or going to the toilette or if his/her account gets hacked he can end up commiting suicide or trying to find the guy that did that and stab him, he dosnt care about relationships or sex or masturbation he thinks its a waste of time he needs to get better, he goes outside only for school he's only friends are the ones that play the game he is playing like League of legends

This gamer can spend 2 days straight without sleep playing his/her Game

4. Hardcore Gamer

From my Experience as a Hardocore Gamer
and Friends.

A Hardcore Starts Gaming in the Age of 3-5 Years old, He playes For Living End up Being a QA At a gaming company or a Gaming Designer, He Playes all games Any kind of games He accept any challenge he is good at all games, he is intellegent with good reflections in Games, Solving Puzzle Expert, Mystery Solving, He Can Play All he's day but not as a competitive Gamer he hangs out with friends Sexual Pleasure or having a Relationship But NOTE: he's relationship will be only if she is a gamer To or if its her if he is a gamer To

a Hardcore Gamer is when you dont just play on consoles but from both sides, and have at least 60+ games for each hardware, meaning that a gamers wallet goes empty very fast,
a Hardocore Gamer can know an upcoming game before you even notice its coming out he/she is the one knowing it first, He/She Cosplayes at Gaming Events like Gamescom or E3 with his/her Parthner or friends or even alone he dosnt care. He can get Angry sometimes or mad But Hardly in games
never tell a hardcore gamer that gaming is for nerds or an addiction or say Me or your games he will delete you for ever from hes/she life NOTE: Hardcore Gamers are also Geeks. Which They are not good with school they get bored easily at school, they have bad grades.

5. Mobile Gamer

He/she is the one playing games on a mobile phone the whole time they can spend hours the average hour is uknown. They play some times on console or pc to but they dont enjoy it as much as a mobile game, They usually have Phones like Iphone or samsung galaxy or Tablets so they can run the game smoothly with no lag, Games they Usually Play are like:

Clash of Clans, GTA, Candy Crush, Subway Surf, Tample Run, Fighting Games, and Challenging Games

(Me Personaly Im not into mobile Gaming i dont find it entertaining)

6. Sport Gamer

NOTE:This Specific Type of Gamer is Almost always! a Male

He only. ONLY! Playes Video games that have to do with Sports, Games Like:

FIFA, NBA 2k/Live, UFC, Madden, WWE, and more

He can spend average hours 30min - 7 hours. He can get mad and angry very easy and some times rage quit from the match

What is your type of Gaming? Answer honestly...


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  • Apparently I am type-less!

    My fiance and I fall between casual and hardcore. We take games seriously but we also play for fun! We love almost every type of game, but prefer RPGs, MOBAs, and even MMOs. We've loved Guild Wars 2, WoW, and the final fantasy mmo. We also love dungeon crawlers like diablo 3 and Grim Dawn. And mobas such as Heroes of the Storm and Smite (originally dota 2, but after the other two games came out we never looked back). We also love AAA titles like Tomb Raider (ahh the new one came out on PC today!!! can't wait to play it <3 ), Mad Max, The Witcher, GTA V, etc., etc. I also like to play my little mobile games on my Kindle Fire. The only category we don't usually play is sports, because... booooring! :P (we don't like actual sports, either, so that's probably why we don't like the game verison... the only exception is Rocket League, which is kind of sports like)

    We spend almost all of our free time on the computer together. We play a lot of coop games, but also play single player as well. We only play on PC (pc master race ;) ) But we have a PS3 for Ratchet and Clank series, since that's really the only game we care about that doesn't come to PC... we'll eventually get a ps4... err, maybe, one day.. in the distant future.

    We typically are on the computer playing things for a good 8 hours, sometimes more on our days off.

  • I'm a casual gamer who loves RPGs. I also do not like playing with others on headset: I have to be by myself enjoying my game.


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