Art is more than just a pretty picture

Art is more than just a pretty picture

I find that a lot of people nowadays don't realise or see the underlying messages in art. It doesn't have to be in drawing it can be through words too. For example take a look on the picture above

Some say it's just a man in handcuffs

Others may say (the more geeky ones) it's the rock man from fantastic four being taken to jail

What I see may be a broken or shattered, if you will ,person. A person that shows themselves to the world and expresses themselves in a way others deem as disturbing or unusual. The handcuffs represent the constant set back and feeling like you're a prisoner because that creativity cannot expand without someone judging you.

That's what I see and I would know since I created this picture.

I feel like if more people start to appreciate art from a different view they would be able to see the world differently. When I read books I don't read the words I read in between and it is almost as though I can feel the emotion of the character or better yet of the author and what he or she tried to show you. In the simplest drawings I can see emotion. I can associate emotion with anything as simples as a watch or tree.

Don't confuse this though. This isn't me being a creep this is me seeing the world for what it is and it's a beautiful masterpiece. From the small pimples or freckles on my friends faces to the scratches on the wooden floors it is all art to me and I want more people to see it that way.

What I'm trying to put across is seeing the emotion more. The emotional value to a picture or object. And art is vast. You don't have to just stare at paintings you could read or listen to music or look at human and animals. You could watch the nature from the sky to the core and see all the shades of colour that makes it what it is.

I want, you, to start small. Maybe find a leaf and examine it. Really examine it. Find the shades of green on it. Place it against a light source and watch as the veins attack the leaves. After you see the beauty of it try finding it an emotion. Does it look sad? Maybe it has a few bite marks from the insects on it and thay gives it a sad appearance.

You don't have to start with staring at leaves all day obviously. You could start reading a book and make it your mission to find what the author means in a deeper way.

Trust me with this you'd be able to view the world in a whole different way.


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  • I like your take - In all things whether a work of art, a book, a tv show, a movie, a piece of fiction or even a piece of fact. What makes all these things great is that each person who experiences it will come away with a different interpretation. So that is why with object X some will like/love it and others will dislike/hate it.
    What is important is that while the object may splinter opinion, it must not shatter the community. We can have discussion, exchange of views and constructive interaction.
    I can see where you are coming from but I honestly don't care what the viewer of the object is getting , or at what level he/she is feeling it, what is important to me is that they felt something.
    What disappoints me is if it disintegrates into a negative experience - I have learned that negativity is no good for me, if I lose my temper I walk away all worked up with a splitting headache, totally tensed up, what is the point of that, what good is it doing me. So I prefer to view everything from a positive and constructive viewpoint for my own mental health.

    • I'm not saying you should view everything as negativity. I was just giving an example that's random. Obviously you can view objects with a positive outlook

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    • Haha it's alright really. The purpose of my take that I wrote wasn't for people to see art the way I do because art is seen different to each individual. I was simply giving examples of what my thought would be Eg if i saw a leaf that's been bitten by bugs

    • Yeah I think it worked as a take on that level

  • I like art and try to give it more just a quick look


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