Learning from the "Loyal" Singer's Mistakes

Learning from the

HUGE DISCLAIMER: I am in no way condoning or supporting using violence against a woman in anyway whatsoever. This is about the perserverence of a man after losing the support and respect of his core fanbase. Learning from the mistakes of others does not condone the mistakes themselves or in anyway suggest they should have occured.

Now then, even with the disclaimer, I'm sure women and men alike will want to throw verbal bottles alike. As I've said, I've never cared what you think nor will I today. (Hey, who knows about the future.) With Chris Brown celebrating ten years in the business with his new album, Royalty, (leaked online) I've found some some things men can draw from his situation and the way it was ultimatly handled.

What Makes Me Special?

A man has to always know his purpose even if others do not. Anyone who has achieved anything great knows that people will not believe you can do it ever. You always have to depend largely on your own sense of direction. You have to stay on the path and keep growing as a man instead of being distracted by the many, many distractions and temptations to keep sinning and be seduced off your path. In this case, it's continuing to make music when literally no one will sponser you anymore a huge source of revenue for any pop artist and continue to dominate the charts despite the majority of people hating you.

It Hurts To Hate?

Chris Brown has displayed a hilariously terrible abilty to be the bigger man in any given situation. Despite potentially having been seeing as the Michael Jackson of the time, Brown has acted like a frustrated child over and over and over....and over and over again. From going off on other big celebrities in his genre like Tamar Braxton to going off on any intervier that dares continue to question about the Rihanna situation, the "Loyal" singer seemed to never care about destroying the very reputation he was building. Yet, he's finally gotten to a point where he realizes that it isn't always worth it. Hopefully, you can figure that out without the massive career damage he had to endure. It's hardly ever worth it to hate others and almost always does more damage to you than to them. Just let learn to let go of 90% of the things people say to you.

Famous Forever?

All of the drama surrounding the R&B singer will eventually go away likely when he dies and what will remember is what he did for hip hop music, for hip hop dance, for the way so many others imitated him. How many looked to him on where R&B was going to go next. How he managed to stay in the most ruthless at the very top for ten straight years. In our own lives, we men can always put our work first, our children, our love for others. When we die all that will be left is what we've built for the benefit of others. So let go of your egos, your desire to figure out why this or that person doesn't like you or does, and Create.

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  • CB is a sad story bro. I remember when he had everything you could want fame wise. Nobody questioned his talent. Little bitty kids of all colors loved him. He in a way at one time was like a black Justin Bieber before Bieber became the one where it's cool to pick on. The "Baby" (the song) Justin Bieber. That's kinda how CB was at one point. He had not only a urban audience but a full, wide, vast audience. He was the star attraction of stuff like the Kids Choice Awards. They'd play his songs on multiple stations. He at one point was thought of to have a MJ like potential (never even close of reaching but that kinda potential in terms of audience).

    CB clearly had anger issues and if I remember correctly haven't you already did a take on him? Anyway, he had some problems. Dealing with such a large audience. I mean again he wasn't a regular R&B singer. He had pop appeal too. Everybody loved him. Little black kids loved him. Little white kids loved him. Sometimes dealing with that fame and having sooo many people in your ears is hard.

    It's sad because all that's destroyed now. There's no getting that back. All we can do now is look and see what was and what could have been. I'm just glad from a personal standpoint that he seems to understand his mistakes.

    Sinning? You're Christian?

    • really well written. I've mentioned him a lot in takes but I don't think I've written one all about him. oh and I was raised Catholic lol but not really practicing

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