Shadow in the fire

Shadow in the fire

It was Christmas eve when I saw you

My heart was as cold as the snow, coating the streets outside

We shared a look, of an intensity I never knew

Ah, how lovely you looked in that cream coloured light

The Twenties, a supposedly 'roaring' age

Had left me rather empty, slowly dying

Who knew that you held the key to this wretched cage

Suddenly I felt as free as a bird, with an urge for flying

We danced like it was only you and me

Your gorgeous dress embracing that delicate frame

We moved with a passion you could see

Reflected in the fireplace, in that raging flame

Shadow in the fire

How deceiving is the fire, for it is also a source of pain

It ruins, burns and tears apart, what used to be so strong

Leaving you with tears, scarring you with their stain

It doesn't care how much you long..

Sometimes I do wonder

How different my life could have been

Ah, what use is it to ponder...

To ponder forever on a sin

What I do know, my girl divine

Your scent will be forever in my nose; The most delicious of all flowers

Your words will exist forever in my mind

Christmas... Christmas will always be ours

Shadow in the fire

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