Beating writer's block

Beating writer's block

It seems I've been pretty inactive what with not messaging anyone and not having any good questions to post lately, so what better way to jump back into the game than with my favorite topic: writing! I have a creative writing class (that I'm so happy to be in) and we're working on short stories right now. I often find myself in a bit of a jam when it comes to short stories. With all of these thoughts (or lack of) in my head, what the hell do I write down?! Well, writers block can usually be overcome with these simple steps!


I've found that playing some meaningful songs really helps get the creativity flowing. If I can't come up with something after maybe three songs, I write one about the song itself! You can take a topic from your favorite song and weave it into a story. This may not be the most thoughtful way of writing as it isn't quite as unique to you, but it makes very good practice and often times you'll find that it becomes something much different than the song it was based off of. Go ahead, give it a try.


I couldn't count of my fingers the amount of times I've gotten the best idea ever while doing some meaningless task, and not being able to write down the idea. Try to push writing out of your mind completely. It may seem a bit counter productive, but it really does work. You can't stress yourself out too much or your mind will stay at a constant blank, which definitely doesn't fix this situation. Just try to keep paper and a pen with you in case you get a great idea while working on something else.


Although the exact opposite of the previous suggestion, brainstorming can also help you out when it comes to writing. If you can't think of a plot beginning, start with character names and descriptions. Who do you want to be your lead, and what will he/she look like? Create some back stories for your characters. Some times these back stories lead to amazing foreshadowing for the future, the part you're supposed to write. If all else fails, find a way to connect your characters' backstories and make that the story itself!

Rest and Relaxation!

Whether it be a jog through the woods or a steaming hot bubble bath, try to get relaxed. Make sure that your mind is clear and you can use all of your senses. A sweet bubble bath mix for smell, the crunch of twigs beneath your feet for sound, the light shining brightly onto your bedroom floor as you nestle up in a pile of warm blankets to combine a few. Try to pick out all five senses, and describe them in detail in your head as if you've been asked by a famous author to tell them what you see. Try to be impressive, even though you're the only one to hear these! I do this on a daily basis and I end up with so many lines that I can add to my stories! It may seem a bit dumb, but it really is helpful to practice your writing skills even if it's just a line or two or descriptions about the world around you.

Try all of these tips together, and remember to stay calm. Remember that writers block doesn't last forever. Hell, I even wrote a poem about my writer's block! Any small idea can blossom into something big if you nurture the thought, and don't give up my fellow writers!

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  • Good take - I have used number 1 a lot pick a quote or a lyric and write about that, it is amazing how it evolves into a lifeform of its own soon enough.

    • It really is, I listen to metal so I can either find super meaningful lyrics or incredibly hateful ones, and hate just seems like the strongest emotion to me. Because hate us so strong, I find so many descriptive phrases to use and the story ends up being totally different than the song, which is amazing

  • I see I commented on this in a previous existence as KDA20 - I have the biggest writer's block at the moment so I will probably try all your tips.

  • I will try this.


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