Three Apps and Websites You Should Have in Your Life

Looking for some new websites and apps to check out for 2016? Well here are three apps/websites centered on health/fitness, personal growth/travel, and improving your language skills. :)

Link to Fitness

Link to Fitness is a platform online that provides a simple and convenient way to achieve a fitness goal ANYWHERE and ANYTIME with your favorite online personal trainer.

Link to Fitness is an app/website that connects users to personal trainers. What I like about Link to Fitness is that you are able to get access to some of the best trainers in the world along with exciting new fitness programs. You are even allowed to sync all your tracking devices onto the platform where it will then be analyzed and explained to you by a professional personal trainer.

Three Apps and Websites You Should Have in Your Life

Another great aspect about this platform are the one of a kind workouts in every genre (i.e. yoga, running, climbing, weight training, and more) that allows members to access fresh new material, ideas and workouts created by their certified personal trainer or trainers from around the world. On the flip side certified trainers will be able to minimize the financial impact of cancelled appointments or no shows while expanding their client base to clients everywhere digitally.

They currently have a kickstarter campaign going on that shares even more information on what the company offers. They have some great informative videos I cannot unfortunately share but I would encourage you to check it out nonetheless.


BucketListly is a bucket list community that sets out to help everyone unlock achievements in real life and inspire others to do the same.

There are quite a few bucketlist apps/websites around the web. Three in particular caught my attention but I always came back to BucketListly. What I liked about BucketListly was its simplicity, ease of use, and for it being a place to list and record my life/travel stories. It also allows you to illustrate what you learned in the hopes of someday helping someone else who may need the same information. BucketListly was created by Pete R. who believe it or not designed and developed the website from scratch. He's currently out traveling but continues to communicate with the many members on BucketListly.

So what can you do with BucketListly? You can create a bucket list for all goals you want to unlock in life. Start a discussion and get advices, tips, and tricks from users who have run into the same. Share your biggest moments with imagery and location updates. Once you complete a goal you receive an "achievement unlocked" update and site badge that you can share with friends on BucketListly or other social networks.


We care about every language, not just those where there is money to be made.

With access to over 100 languages Transparent is my ideal language app/website. The app is great for on the go practice while the website is best suited for more in depth practice with additional access to more practice material.

I actually get free access to this app/website from my local library. So I suggest anyone interested in it to check out if your school, library, or organization offers free access to the site before creating an account. In the meantime checkout their free language resource page.

Thanks for reading! <3

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Transparent seems awesome and will definitely grab that one :) I would like to add Good Rx. It's an app that finds the lowest prescription costs to local pharmacies, whether it be cvs, walmart, walgreens, etc..

    • Yes! Definitely check it out! I love Transparent. I'm currently using it to learn Spanish and Japanese. Also thanks for the share. I'll definitely check out Good Rx!

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    • @redeyemindtricks I may not even need them at that point, I'm in a lot less pain than I was. Just helps me get through the last few hours at work. I'm on my feet all day. Anyway, at that point I will know whether I'm approved for HIP (the name of the coverage) or not.

    • K. Good luck. (:

Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. You still have to pay the personal fitness trainers. They are not slaves or volunteers. They are professionals, meaning they will charge you for the service. I'd rather exercise at the school gym (which is included in my tuition) than get a personal trainer. Most people at the gym exercise in gym clothes by themselves, without the help of a trainer, probably because it costs extra, and it's just not worth it if you just want to maintain your fitness.

    2. I don't travel.

    3. My library website has Mango Languages, which just goes over a set of lines with you to study and memorize and recite. It also has movies. You seem to be luckier. Your resource seems to have the capability to take self-assessments and review vocabulary terms.

    • Yeah I never mentioned LinkToFitness was free. Of course you'd have to pay the fitness trainer. It's an alternative for those who are a bit more serious about they're fitness routine.

      Bucketlistly isn't just a travel bucketlist. You can also list life and sel growth goals as well.

      Is this your school library or county library (assuming you live in the U. S.)? My school has Rosetta Stone and as of last week I found out my County switched to Rosetta Stone as well. But I still have access to Transparent for the moment.

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    • However, you do have a point when it comes to people who don't have the time and energy to teach themselves. They may just want simple directions or guidance or morale support.

      Lastly, I am tired of arguing. I don't know why you keep responding to my posts, but if you do, I will until I say the final word.

    • No your nitpicking. You want to make it seem like I said people are "less serious" about exercising unless they get a CPT. I never wrote that. As I said before if I had written "if you want to get serious" instead of "more serious" I could see your point but I did not write that. It's more then disagreeing when you start making assumptions about my original statement and try finding a hidden negative meaning behind it.

      So your father learned computer programming for no real reason then to create a little program he uses in research. Interesting.

      In the end you just restated what I've been writing all this time. Also in regards to your lastly statement you do realize this is myTake? Of course I'm going to respond when a user posts.

      Ah, so you're one of those users...

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What Guys Said 4

  • Gonna try BucketListly :)

  • What if I've already been to Lugano? :P

  • I'm going to keep a few of these apps in mind.

    I would love to hone my English and learn some Russian.

    • Awesome! I was planning on doing another myTake on language apps because I currently use three different ones. Duolingo is pretty good and free. They don't have as many language options as Transparent or Rosetta Stone but it has English and Russian which are the two languages that you're interested in. :)

    • Thank you for the suggestions. I will be sure to check them out :)

  • Does this count as commercializing?


What Girls Said 1

  • The fitness one definitely speaks to me.