5 Photoshop apps that will save your life

1- Facetune (Android/IOS)

5 photoshop apps will save your life...

This app is very good and have a basic using system but it isn't free. Little bit expensive for an app.

2- Youcam perfect (Android/IOS)

This one is very useful and free but I dont like filters and concealar system. Have some problems but very good.

3- Cymera (Android/IOS)

This app has really good filters and beautify system but it has a really bad conceal and whitening system. Good but don't expect very big things.

4- Decopic (Android/IOS)

If you like colorful things and purikura style, you will like this app. This app has colourful stickers and good filters but it hasn't got beautify system. Good app to decorate your photos.

5- Camera360 (Android/IOS)

I am not sure about this one. This app has really good filters but it has a really bad beautify tool. It looks really fake and bad but still worth to use. Good app but don't expect big things.

Thanks for reading myTake. Goodbye!


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  • Thanks for getting all of those together but imma just be happy with my face and I hope others do the same because we don't need apps to "fix" us


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