Stupid things movie producers do

Taking a violent, action filled movie and adding an unnecessary romantic subplot to appeal to the women.

Stupid things movie producers do

Like Age of Ultron and The Hobbit. This is so unnecessary because women love superhero movies. If they are honestly worried about women not wanting to come to a superhero movie, they should know that since Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth will starring in it will be more than enough. And if movie producers for the Black Widow add an unnecessary romantic subplot, I am going to scream. I won't care if I am in the theatre.

Not following the book.

Stupid things movie producers do

This one is doubly bad because they didn't follow the book and it has an unnecessary subplot. They just took Legolas and said hey you remember him from the LOTR series, we are going to put him in every scene instead of focusing on the dwarves and give him stupid colored contacts.

Having villains that are misunderstood.

Stupid things movie producers do

This is becoming so stereotypical and stupid. For this very reason, the live-action movie, Maleficent was ruined. Maleficent is mean and very sadistic and they ruined her character. If Hollywood producers ever think that having a misunderstood villain is a good idea, just look at Joker. People like Joker because he is not misunderstood. He is truly crazy.

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  • Great take. But honestly who was the best Joker in your opinion:Nicholson or Ledger?


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  • I have to disagree with the first one. Never having seen the movies, a womanly figure in those movies, isn't meant to appeal to women!! It's meant to appeal to MEN. Look at the way they act, look at the way they dress: It's the ultimate male challenge and reward. They are there primarily to please the male audience, and to make a nice trailer with showing some female hot body in minor clothes...

    At least that's the way I see it.

    • Age of Ultron really annoyed me with the romance between Natasha and Bruce because in the first movie she believes love is for children and there is a scene where she is running from Bruce. But in the second movie she acts like she can't be five minutes without him. I love Natasha she is badass plus she loves girly things but can still snap a guys neck. The black widow movie producers had better not mess her up.

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    • I think an origin story will be good. I'm sure that's part of why they planted that seed in Age of Ultron.

  • I see what you did there with mentioning Black Widow. You're referring to the small little hints of romance she has with Cap and Hulk? Yeah I didn't like it either, and I do blame this guy for a large part of it:

    It's not totally his fault, but he does have an ongoing battle with multiple people within Marvel. One of those guys (I forgot his name) handles the Netflix Marvel series. Not only that we've never seen this:

    We've never seen a superhero team up movie like this. A true team of superheros on the big screen. Not like this. Not really before Avengers. So how do you juggle keeping everybody happy? Not only that but a follow up film. A sequel to a superhero team movie. That's new. That's never been done before.

    Joss had his hands full. Not only did he have to listen to Kevin, but also the rest of Marvel and I think despite all of this he did a great job as only he can. The guy's a genius.

    In any case. Enough with the rant. I understand what you're saying, but I also understand that Marvel is dealing with juggling opinions of multiple people and I wonder if other film companies deal with the same issues. I'm sure they do.

    • As far as not following the book it's a love hate relationship I have with that. On one hand yeah okay it really hits the hardcore fans in the gut, but on another hand sometimes they make better films that way. Not always though. I think no matter what typically the book will always be better. That's just how it usually is. Not only that but film adaption is important. Some things that work in books don't work on the big screen. Lastly, if it's exactly like the book why watch the movie? Anything with twist and turns are going to be ruined because you already know what happens.

      Having villains that are misunderstood is a problem. I agree 100%. Some villains naturally are these kinds of characters, so it's understandable. However, it's become a trend. It's interesting that you mention the joker, because I think this started it:

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    • I also hated how in Maleficent, Maleficent had a thing with briar roses father and she turned evil after he betrayed her. Having a woman scorned by love and turning evil as a result is very, very stereotypical. Maleficent was such a let down and I was very excited when the trailer came out.

    • I haven't actually seen the movie, but I have seen the reviews and I knew given the plot and bits and pieces I've seen that they were going for a "misunderstood" Maleficent. Yeah the trailer was good with Lana Del Rey singing that haunting tune.

      The real Maleficent will always be the cartoon one. That's the one I'll always remember. One of the best female villains ever. She wasn't misunderstood. She was evil. Just that.

  • I agree. And in the Lord of the Rings they did the same thing.


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