Weird Songs I Grew Up Loving.

For the purpose of this take, the definition of weird is going to be songs I owned that were alone on a disk or were in a mix, that I liked and listened to over, but were entirely separate in terms of sound and genre than what I would usually listen to.

In no particular order.

-Schnappi. This song had me singing along every time. No, I never knew the words, but I knew the sound of them.

-Boom Boom Boom. We had quite a few burned discs, but this one was on a disc all by it's lonesome. (And yes, for the fifteen and fourteen year olds who already mightn't remember, having a single song on a disc does mean having to go to the effort of finding that one disc, putting it in the CD player, and playing it, then swapping discs after that one song finished. It's not as easy as having five hundred songs on your phone.)

-Who Said. It is actually a little painful to chuck this on the list of weird songs, but according to the definition I put in place, it belongs here. My Mum used to use this song to get me out of bed in the morning for school, it was an effective alarm that got me up and dancing. When I got the CD for myself (which had just this song on it, no other) I played it over and over without break. Annoyed the piss out of my older brother)

-Over My Shoulder. I don't know how I first got this song. It was on my MP4, and didn't have the name of the song or the artist pop up when I played it. Just Track 07. I started going for walks after school at one point, just to get out of the house, and on those walks, I played this song repeatedly. It's always been very calming and soothing to me. And now that I know the lyrics, I can tell a little better why it appeals to me so much.

And that's it. I'd tell you more but I can't remember them, and I don't have my MP4 with me.

I hope you enjoy the music!

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  • Omg I remeber boom boom boom. I haven't heard it in forever


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