Weird music genres that I like

I love music and sometimes I go to the weird part of the internet and I find amazing stuff


Gamers will love this. It's very energetic and gets your heart racing. I really like it.

Bulgarian folklore

You might have heard it in movies at the most emotional part, this is the kind of music that would make you cry.

Bossa nova lounge

Not so weird but not so normal. It's smooth and very relaxing. I can enjoy hours of this music. It's perfect to get a calmly vibe.

Australian aboriginal music

It's unique. That's the best way to describe it. It goes deep into your soul. The digeridoo is what makes this so special.

Psychedelic trance

This isn't for everyone, it's the same rhythm for a long time until it gets stronger, you're not gonna like it if you're not a electronic music fan.

Comedy music

I love comedy, I love music, what's better than laughing and relaxig? I love this type of music.


Amusing, energetic, even funny. Weird sounds and voices make it cool.
The song I posted is not exactly how I described ska, there are smoother kinds too, some jazz and stuff.

Tribal house

If you like electronic music like deep house, you'll probably like this too.
It's a native sound with a modern one combined. One of my favorites.

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  • Those are amazing.

  • Ylvis is freaking awesome.