TV Shows I wish existed

To continue on the story...see what happened after the movie ended. Some endings aren't meant to be!

1. The Fifth Element

[It was the first sci-fi movie I really loved. Seeing Corbin and LeeLoo's adventures to come would make me a happy camper!]

TV Shows I wish exhisted

2. Practical Magic

[Sally and Gilly > how I long to see their lives unfold after they escape the curse of their own making.]

TV Shows I wish existed

3. Chloe

[Hopefully, it would turn out she didn't really die in the end - and we follow her nutty, stalkerish adventures further - with new and exciting victims.]

TV Shows I wish existed

4. The Silence of the Lambs

[A prequel, but not that far into the past - which we've all seen. A series that follows Hannibal's teenage and young adult life - more developed and detailed. Juxtapositioning Clarice's life in those same years of her life. With fascinating creepy details.]

TV Shows I wish existed

5. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

[Now a sequal to this movie would be amazing! He would have to be alive - with some obvious scarring from the cannibalistic attacks at the end of the movie...scarred and more determined than ever!]

TV Shows I wish existed

Which movies would you like to see turned into TV shows?


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  • Practical Magic and The Fifth Element are great ideas for a tv show, nice Take...


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  • The silence of the lambs.. I want the series to be so dark it's controversial , but still very excellent, the fifth element, but a little darker version.. u know a twist and perfume for sure.. lol but DARKERRRRR😼😼😼😼!

    • Chloë ehhhh not that great of a plot honestly to me. Like for a show wise... yeah she's crazy but what else? Where's the excitement? Practical magic would be good to but u already know I'm going to say... a dark version lol

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    • Well they had to get certain characters cleared. They couldn't use Clarice. They changed Mason Verger's character some. Just different things.

      Hahaha thanks :).

    • @Joc4Position ahhhh OK I see, yeah I was wondering why she wasn't around thanks lol💋

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  • There was the TV show Hannibal

    But right around the time the time Silence of the Lambs was supposed to come around (after Red Dragon) the show was cancelled. They couldn't get Clarice the character. There were other characters that they could or couldn't get. It was really weird. They had to "play a lot of games" with all that.

    • I know... but it wasn't about Hannibal's teenage and adult life...
      I saw the show - it was boring most of the time.

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    • Oh okay. Well in any case I don't think they should do a TV show for Silence of the Lambs. I think they need to leave that alone. Leave it as a classic. Don't ruin it you know?

      Also, I don't know how good it would be to do a TV show just on his teenage years. Maybe a mini series? Because Hannibal the TV show had a whole lot in it and critics still didn't like it a whole lot apparently.

    • Maybe a mini series would be good. Yeah... =)

  • The Silence of the Lambs is great😃movie


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