Things I Noticed While Watching Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

*I'll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible.

1.They made Batman look like he does in the Arkham video games.

Things I noticed while watching Batman v Superman:Dawn of justice.

2. Ben Affleck is as perfectly cast in the role of an older, battle-weary Batman as Henry Cavill is as Superman.

3. Wonder Woman is very freaking hot and fights like a Spartan!

4. Lex Luthor now seems socially awkward and more unhinged than the Joker.

5. Even dead, General Zod kicks a lot of ass.

6. Aquaman really hates cameras and he looks a lot like Ronon Dex.

7. The Flash and Cyborg should be cool as hell too.

All in all, I really love this movie and want to watch it again <3

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  • Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor were definitely my favorite parts of this film. It was a little choppy for my taste, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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  • I saw the movie with my little bro. And even though it did have elements that had me scratching my head, I none the less enjoyed it. I set my mind at ease while watching it - I was not as critical as I usually am of movies.

    "1. They made Batman look like he does in the Arkham video games."
    -Haven't played them really but I liked the new look. I think it's more true to the comic books and he doesn't look like he's just wearing an over-designed body-armor with a cape and cowl.

    "2. Ben Affleck is as perfectly cast in the role of an older, battle-weary Batman as Henry Cavill is as Superman."
    -Couldn't agree more about Affleck but Cavill is not perfect as superman. He's not bad per se. Heck, he may be the best Superman yet but he's lacking somethng. Perhaps it's the charisma.. hard to say.

    "3. Wonder Woman is very freaking hot and fights like a Spartan!"
    -Yeah she's good. I also like that they did not overly sexualize her. In fact, they didn't even do it at all.

    "4. Lex Luthor now seems socially awkward and more unhinged than the Joker."
    -Yeah couldn't agree more. He was the only one who was completely out of character. Lex is supposed to be an calculative mastermind, not an deranged mastermind. That and the fact that Lex in the comics took pride in being in good physical HUMAN shape. Unlike Superman - who's strength he considered to be nothing to boast about as it is inhuman and thus not attained through the struggles that a human would go through. This Lex looked too thin.

    "5. Even dead, General Zod kicks a lot of ass."
    -Well yeah in a way. My only complaint of him from the previous movie was that he pretty much immediately adapted to being on Earth vs Superman who had to struggle throughout his entire childhood.

    "6. Aquaman really hates cameras and he looks a lot like Ronon Dex."
    -Well... it is the same actor after all. But you're right. Aquaman was typically a blond blue-eyed man in the comics. The same as Berry Allen the Flash - who was also supposed to have an athletic build, unlike this short wavy haired guy that they chose.

    "7. The Flash and Cyborg should be cool as hell too."
    -Let's hope.


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  • I think Ben was great as Batman. Some people were surprised. Some think he still sucked. Those who think he still sucked are the minority and are full of mostly just DC haters.

    In any case DC has destroyed Marvel in TV shows. Batman the animated series was the greatest superhero cartoon show ever. Smallville was the greatest live action superhero series ever. Arrow. Justice League. Etc. Marvel ain't got shit. What animated Spider-Man? Hahahahaha. Agents of shield? Netflix is all they got. It's fire, but national TV they suck at.

    (Spoilers Below) (Spoilers Below)

    Going back to the movie though I think adding Doomsday was ridiculous. Even how he's made is weird to me. I just wasn't sold on that. They just like threw him in there at the end to kill Superman. The flow of the movie wasn't right either. I don't know if it was the music or the camera. It's like from shot to shot it just wasn't right. It didn't flow right. It was literally like walking from one ride to another in an amusement park. It wasn't cohesive. Then there were parts that should have been longer and other parts that should have been shorter.

    I loved WW in this. Seeing her in action reminds me of the gripes over Catwoman in the Dark Knight Trilogy. Seeing WW in action made all the difference. She's more of a super warrior than just a super hero. I like that. It's different, but exciting and makes much sense. She's an amazon warrior. How could it not make sense? The costume looked great, and she has a freaking sword!!! Gal did good too. She portrayed a warrior who loves to fight. Cunning. Beautiful. I loved her as WW. In fact all the roles were great. Alfred was great. Of course Superman. Amy as Louis. All those roles were good. Only gripe is Lex. Not so sure about this weird, crazy, Lex. It's a different take on him. I almost feel like they are trying to take a bit from the Joker in the Dark Knight Trilogy. I don't like that.

    Overall not bad though. It's a decent movie. Is it great? No. Is it good? Kind of. Again it's not bad, and that's a good thing. It's not as bad as many people may have thought. Some parts of it that I thought would scare me turned out really well.

    Now I've heard Zack will have a new version of Bat Mite in the Justice League film. That would be a big mistake and piss off a lot of people probably. He's gotta put Darkseid in this eventually. He has no choice after all that shit in BVS.

    • Dc squandered a lot of chances to introduce the characters and to start tieing the jl together and making it all cohesive in other movies.
      Now they are starting to do it.

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    • *us (I mean)

    • I liked the fighting from WW, but I feel like they let the cat out the bag too early with it.

  • Henry cavill was a great superman as usual.
    Great casting for lex luthor.
    I didn't hate Ben Afflecks take on batman, but I hated the directors choices for the story which entailed making batman make retarded decisions. Like throwing away the spear.

    Aqua man looked gay as fuck, but we'll see.

    Flash and cyborg did seem interesting.

    Wonder woman was hot, and fought well. But her story seemed very forced and cheesy.

    Such a bad movie lol. But the acting didn't suck. So I can forgive that. I blame the director. Maybe some of the writers as well

    • It happens when they try to rush and cram so much into one movie.

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    • @Joc4Position lol yea. Had they left her character after she returned the files to Bruce she would have been much more enjoyable. The last we should have seen of her is when Bruce saw her picture on the file. Then scrapped the rest to put into the second movie.

    • Exactly dude. They let the cat out the bag too early. She looked good fighting, but I wish they would have saved that for her movie.

  • God I really hated this movie. First of Lex Luthor (I know it's his son which was also dumb) was the biggest faggot I have ever seen, they ruined the hard, confident legend in the comics. The fight was shit the one from the dark knight returns was much better, aquaman looks gay and doomsday was a huge ball of sludgey shit.

  • When I watched the movie I noticed that it sucked. I know a lot of people enjoyed it which is fine but I think that's mostly because of how much they love superman or batman. If you look at the actual plot it was pretty bad as almost every movie critique is saying. I only recommend it if you're really into DC Comics because only the blind love for the characters will save this movie for you.

  • It wasn't a great movie but for people that like the DC universe they'll thoroughly enjoy it. Plus this movie was really just to kick start the justice league and try and mimic the success of the Marvel universe.

    God I hope they can pull it off. My favorite super hero is Spiderman but my favorite universe is definitely the DC universe so I want them to be able to mimic the marvel connected universe formula because that will be so freaking amazing in the DC universe.

  • Great Take, I can hardly wait to watch the movie, mainly because of Wonder Woman ;)

  • Batman's fighting style also reminded me of the Arkham games. Which was neat.